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Baylor defeats Kansas, 41-14

  • 2:30 p.m., Nov. 3, 2012
  • Floyd Casey Stadium, Waco, TX

FINAL: Baylor dominates second half in 41-14 victory over Kansas

The Kansas football team surrendered 21 unanswered points in the second half, falling to Baylor, 41-14, on Saturday afternoon at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco, Texas.

KU trailed just 20-14 at halftime before a 45-minute lightning delay pushed back the start of the second half.

The Jayhawks didn't show much fight after that. Michael Cummings threw two third-quarter interceptions, while Baylor scored TDs on three of its first five drives of the second half.

Running back James Sims led KU once again, posting 126 rushing yards on 21 carries. Sims became the first KU back to rush for at least 100 yards in five straight games since Laverne Smith in 1974.

KU quarterback Michael Cummings completed 9 of 19 passes for 81 yards with the two picks. Dayne Crist replaced him in the fourth quarter and went 2-for-7 for 15 yards.

BU (4-4, 1-4 Big 12) finished with 666 yards on 91 offensive plays.

KU (1-8, 0-6) will play at Texas Tech at 11 a.m. on Nov. 10.

Box score

Charlie Weis postgame press conference

Game Balls & Gassers

Game Balls

James Sims rushed for 126 yards, 58 coming on a first-quarter touchdown run.

Kale Pick ripped an interception out of the hands of defender for a 37-yard reception, a big play in second-quarter touchdown drive. Had 56 of KU’s 96 receiving yards.


Receiver Chris Omigie got his hands on a long pass thrown by Michael Cummings, but couldn’t hold onto it, bobbled it and it was intercepted.

Linebacker Jake Love was called for offsides, nullifying Greg “Lockdown” Brown’s interception.


First Quarter

12:24 - Terrance Williams 11 pass from Nick Florence. Aaron Jones kick. Baylor chose to receive the opening kickoff and the Bears' first drive showed way. BU marched down the field at will on the Jayhawks for an 11-play, 84-yard drive that took 2:36 and featured six plays that went for first downs. KU appeared to have the drive stopped when Greg Brown intercepted a pass from Florence, but linebacker Jake Love was offsides on the play, wiping out the turnover. (BU 7, KU 0).

10:09 - Lache Seastrunk 68 pass from Nick Florence. Jones kick. The Baylor defense forced a three-and-out on KU's first offensive possession and then added to its lead on the first play of their second drive when Florence found Seastrunk streaking down the seam. (BU 14, KU 0).

7:44 - James Sims 58 run. Nick Prolago kick. KU's defense forced Baylor into a three-and-out and the Jayhawks' offense responded with a big-time run from Sims on the first play of KU's third possession. The Jayhawks benefited from a 15-yard kick-catch interference penalty on the punt return. (BU 14, KU 7).

3:57 - Aaron Jones 35 field goal. Call it a victory for the KU defense. Not only did the Jayhawks force the Bears to settle for a field goal on this drive but they also made them use 11 plays to travel 58 yards in 3:47. Baylor kept its drive alive with a fourth-and-one run from quarterback Nick Florence around the Bears' 40. The spot on the run was reviewed and upheld and seven plays later Jones knocked his kick through the uprights. (BU 17, KU 7).

Second Quarter

5:46 - Michael Cummings 22 run. Prolago kick. After another stop by the KU defense, the offense drove 81 yards in six plays and 2:49. Cummings hit wide receiver Kale Pick with a 37-yard pass to get the drive going and also ran for 31 yards on the drive. Sims and Brandon Bourbon accounted for the other yardage, including a three-yard run from Bourbon on third and one just inside BU territory. (BU 17, KU 14).

1:02 - Jones 22 field goal. The KU defense responded to a nice drive from the offense by forcing Baylor to grind out a long drive that resulted in just three points. Baylor struggled down the field 62 yards in 17 plays and 4:44. KU's red-zone defense continued to shine, holding the Bears out of the end zone on six plays inside the KU 10. (BU 20, KU 14).

Third Quarter

10:59 - Bryce Petty 1 run. Jones kick. The Baylor defense picked up a big fourth-down stop near midfield on KU's first drive of the second half and then marched 55 yards in four plays and 1:01 to reclaim a two-score lead. The big play on the drive came when Florence hit Williams for a 43-yard pass that set the Bears up with a first and goal. Two plays later, Petty muscled his way into the end zone. (BU 27, KU 14).

10:59 - Florence 7 run. Jones kick. After an interception from defensive back Ahmad Dixon, the Bears marched 40 yards in six plays and 2:15 to take a commanding lead. The drive featured a seven-yard gain by Glasco Martin on fourth-and-one and took place entirely on the ground. (BU 34, KU 14).

Fourth Quarter

9:41 - Tevin Reese 40 pass from Florence. Jones kick. (BU 41, KU 14).

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Kent Wells in reply to Duane Rice

Is that when you get your Erin Andrews keyhole video?

Dynamitehawk in reply to Kent Wells

Likewise, Mr Porn star.


I drank too much Kool-Aid this off season and renewed my 6 season tickets. I won't make that mistake next year. With 3/5 of our offensive line being seniors, our only strength (running) won't be a strength next year.

Micky Baker in reply to Kent Wells

No, but I do see that they're terrible. Jordan would have been better here. We would have been better with him because of his experience with our receivers.

Kent Wells in reply to Dynamitehawk

And I know your name and what you do. I'm telling.

Duane Rice

Monday will make me feel better.

Dynamitehawk in reply to 1_jaydoc_1



Rock Chalk.

Kent Wells in reply to Micky Baker

Did you see the score of the Colorado game today?

Mangino_maniac in reply to Aircapjay

Because Crist thought it was still the first half.

Dynamitehawk in reply to Kent Wells

hid :)

Kent Wells in reply to Jesse Newell

Duuh, the game is over. Notre Dame scored a touchdown and the BCS is back to Defcon 5.

Sam Constance

I kind of want there to be 4 undefeated teams from major conferences at the end of the season.

That would probably be the biggest indictment of the BCS system there could possibly be.

I know we are already past the current system (or will be soon), but the new answer isn't much better, imho.

Cody Riedy

This team has been in every game this year except OU, second half today, and second half at K-State. That seems like a pretty big improvement over last year. This season has been disappointing because the coaching staff has actually put this team in a position to win games - that seems like a pretty big improvement.


Why do you throw the ball away on the last play?

Kent Wells in reply to Dynamitehawk

Too much weer. You're talking all crazy. But you might be able to translate an AcesWild message....

Micky Baker

There are only two options at QB after Jordan Webb left. I bet he regrets it too.

Kansas 14
Baylor 41

Jesse Newell

A Crist incomplete pass ends the game.

Dynamitehawk in reply to Kent Wells

Charlie his Simms in his pants!


Oregon 21 U$C 3, early 2nd qtr

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Micky Baker

So I'm not sure what you are getting at?

Micky Baker in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

Okay. I'll remember you just said that.

Jesse Newell

KU takes timeout. Fans don't like it.

Sam Constance in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

I love to hear that. Mangino was a decent coach (he was VERY good if you only look at the metric of turning a program around, rather than sustaining success), but he was not the answer.

If you remove his Orange Bowl year, he really has no claim to fame.


Oregon 14 U$C 3, start of 2nd qtr


We are seeing right now why Crist doesn't play. He just can't throw the ball close to any receivers.


Cripes living in Kansas City sucks except for KU b-ball. KU sucks at football, Chiefs suck at football, Royals suck at baseball. I've got 4 months of joy and 8 months of hell.

Dynamitehawk in reply to Micky Baker

He sure did. I think we are going to be great soon. <- Weer talking.

Kent Wells in reply to Micky Baker

Internet spats are a bit pointless. Sort of like wrestling with a pig. The pig likes it and you get dirty. Besides, us Texas people are better than that....

Sam Constance

Hopefully Notre Dame will be penalized by the voters for needing 3 OTs to beat a mediocre team if the season ends up with three undefeated teams (ND, KSU, Bama).

But it's Notre Dame, so we all know that isn't happening.

Micky Baker in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

Can I make a suggestion? Read the articles throughout the week. Baty only has 2 years of eligibility. Do you want to waste that? Heaps can't play this year.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Micky Baker

And even though people don't like to hear it, so did Mangino after the orange bowl year.


I guess it's just the second team finishing up since it is cox as the main back right now.

Micky Baker

I get people are frustrated, but Turner Gill messed up this program real bad.

Kgphoto in reply to Dynamitehawk

YES!! Peace out!


This move back to Crist is sort a weird. Not like he needs experience in trash time. Makes me wonder about the competition this week for he start.

Sam Constance

Aside from being tired of watching us get taken behind the woodshed in this game, I'm tired of watching Baylor defensive players make obvious personal fouls right in front of officials and the officials taking the "well, this game is all but over anyway, so I'm not going to flag that" attitude.

Micky Baker in reply to Micky Baker

Everyone knew that even if we were greatly improved from a year ago, we'd probably still only win a couple. We've been really close to winning 5 games. Last year, we weren't close to winning any conference game except for against Baylor at home.

Kent Wells in reply to Dynamitehawk

I don't normally drink weer, but when I do I prefer....

Duane Rice

notre dame wins

Mangino_maniac in reply to Cody Riedy

Ummm... beating Rice & UNI for starters.

Dynamitehawk in reply to Duane Rice


1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Mulder07

I don't get it. How does kstate winning help us field a competitive 8 v 8 team?

Cody Riedy

I get that this season is disappointing; everyone is tired of losing, but what exactly did some of you expect? Every dump school in this country things that they should be national title contenders - apparently though, it's not that easy because everyone is trying.

Duane Rice in reply to Dynamitehawk

weed or beer

Jesse Newell

Jones misses the field goal wide left.


Baylor came in this second half like a team that knows this is really their only shot to win a conference game this year and it showed.

Sam Constance in reply to Mangino_maniac

Yes, because looking at a single game is a perfectly reasonable way to generalize an entire season.

Dynamitehawk in reply to Kent Wells

I'm stepping outside to sample some of Colorado's finest.

Micky Baker in reply to Kent Wells

Really man? You want me to drop it?

Kent Wells in reply to Kent Wells

OK, well, the game is outside, and raining. But the TV is inside (I hope).


I'm not a Kansas State fan, but I'd prefer that K-State wins tonight because our team can't field a competive 8v8 team.

Kent Wells in reply to Micky Baker

I'm confused. Why would you step outside, the game is inside? Ha ha

Jesse Newell

Florence checks out for BU.

Mangino_maniac in reply to Brian Haase


Sam Constance in reply to Mangino_maniac

No they aren't. Unless by "results" you mean the incredibly narrow metric that is the final outcome of games.

Brian Haase in reply to Mangino_maniac

sadly, i think it still is ha


640 yards... 34 first downs.... this is soooooo much better than the past two years.

Micky Baker

I get told to shut up, then he says, "You wanna step outside". And I'm the bad guy. I wasn't trying to bait him. He was trying to bait me.

Kent Wells

What did I miss? I made dinner and all of a sudden it is a free for all!

Micky Baker in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

Then use it. I won't lose any sleep.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Micky Baker

The ban-hammer is being primed.

Kent Wells in reply to Duane Rice

Nice. And you suck too. (pathetic attempt to fit in after my cover is blown)

Brian Haase in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

might take a miracle but OSU has the offensive firepower to get it done

Duane Rice in reply to Kent Wells

Teachers pet:)


Here's hoping that purple Kansas loses tonight. That will take the edge off.

Micky Baker in reply to Jesse Newell

Don't tell it to me Jesse. Don't play favorites. This is why I don't like you.

Brian Haase in reply to Jesse Newell

big Jesse steppin' in! sit down fella's. homie don't play dat

Kent Wells in reply to Jesse Newell

Thank you.

Duane Rice

triple ot in ND


We are in full give up mode. Nothing pisses me off more than when our team simply gives up.

Jesse Newell in reply to Micky Baker

Enough guys.

Micky Baker in reply to Benjamin Piehler

1000% more wisdom than you pothead.

Brian Haase in reply to Saguaro_jayhawk

no, it's terrible, they are both playing badly

Micky Baker in reply to Kgphoto

Stop drinking dude. You have been out of line so many times.

Benjamin Piehler in reply to Micky Baker

Ignore the rants of 1973... No nuggets of wisdom to be found there

Kent Wells

Y'all are some mean drunks


Sorry wasn't meaning to reply to anyone.

Saguaro_jayhawk in reply to Brian Haase

Not particularly well played either. Tied at 23 start of 3rd OT.

Kgphoto in reply to Micky Baker

Okay '73. Take a nap or something.

Duane Rice in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

That is what i was saying. I will enjoy the turnaround but till then i will enjoy the ride. You sound like you just want to argue.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Brian Haase

I think you're done.

Micky Baker in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

You're right.

Brian Haase in reply to Micky Baker

really dude?

Micky Baker in reply to Kgphoto

Do you beat your wife?


I would like to know if any of KU's wide receivers actually started for their high school teams....Our receivers as a group wouldn't even excel at the special olympics!!

Mangino_maniac in reply to Sam Constance

'Things' may be different.... the results are the same.

Brian Haase

this ND game is intense

Micky Baker in reply to Kgphoto

Seriously? Threatening? I don't think you'd like that outcome either. You should be removed from the boards for that crap. They removed me for a whole lot less last season.

Sam Constance

Anyone who thinks things are the same as the last two years isn't paying attention.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Duane Rice

If the record is what matters than you had better not watch this team for at least 3-4 more years. That's how long it will take to try and undo what Derp did here. Me? I would rather watch the games objectively and look for forward momentum.

Duane Rice in reply to Mangino_maniac

most of those are not elligable to play till next year.

Jesse Newell

Don't know why Pick stopped running on that pass.

Micky Baker in reply to Kgphoto

When you stop saying "Shut up", and grow some thick skin..


KU = cure for whichever D1 team it plays in football.

Jesse Newell

Baylor has 80 plays for 613 yards.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Cody Riedy

It was shocking.

Kgphoto in reply to Micky Baker

Oh, I'll MAN UP! You wanna step outside buddy? LOL stop with that garbage.

Oh! Oh! Looky there. Your boy couldn't unglue the ball from his hand. Big surprise.

Mangino_maniac in reply to Duane Rice

Over 25 are Charlie's players.

Duane Rice in reply to Mangino_maniac

these are still Gills players.


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