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Kansas defeats San Jose State, 70-57

  • 8 p.m., Nov. 26, 2012
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Jeff Withey's triple-double leads KU to 70-57 victory over San Jose State

By Matt Tait

Senior Jeff Withey recorded a triple-double, and the Kansas University men's basketball team needed every bit of the center's 16 points, 12 rebounds and 12 blocks to hold off San Jose State, 70-57.

Withey got into all aspects of the game early in this one. By halftime, he had six points, four rebounds and six blocks, and he picked up the triple-double with an emphatic block of SJSU's Xavier Jones with just under eight minutes to play in the second half.

While Withey was recording stats at will, the Jayhawks were adding to an eight-point halftime lead that was trimmed to six in the opening seconds of the second half. KU responded with an 18-0 run to push its lead to 24, but then went ice cold and watched James Kinney (30 points) and the Spartans rip off a 16-0 run to get back within eight with 5:16 remaining.

KU (5-1) got some much-needed points at the free throw line and SJSU (2-3) cooled off as the two raced to the finish line.

Here's a quick look back at some of the action.

The game turned when: Kansas responded to a three-pointer from SJSU guard D.J. Brown with 4:13 to play in the first half with a 9-1 run that more than doubled the Jayhawks' lead, from 31-24 to 40-25, in less than three minutes. That gave the Jayhawks a little separation and an 18-0 run to open the second half gave them a more comfortable margin.

Offensive highlight: This one came right at the end, as Ben McLemore picked up a lead pass after another block by Withey and rocked home a windmill jam that brought the house down. Until that point, the other big rim-rattler of the night came right off the bat as Elijah Johnson controlled the opening tip from Jeff Withey and quickly threw a lob over the top to a high-flying McLemore to give KU a stylish 2-0 lead at the 19:49 mark of the first half.

Defensive highlight: This one was not so much a single highlight as it was a collection of them. Withey showed he was ready to block some shots early on, as he had six blocks in the first half and four in the game's first 10 minutes.

Key stat: In the first half, KU held the Spartans to just 31-percent shooting. That number included a 3-for-9 clip from three-point land, though, and the Jayhawks actually blocked more SJSU two-point field goal attempts (eight) than the Spartans made (seven) in the game's opening 20 minutes.

Up next: The Jayhawks will return to Kansas City, Mo., site of their recent CBE Classic title, on Friday to take on Oregon State at 7 p.m. at Sprint Center.

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Why we quit attacking through Travis I do not understand.

Attack Kinney with Travis. Post Kinney up. That was a mistake on Self's part IMHO, but he was determined to be SJSU within the scheme. It would not have been manly enough to beat them by going straight to Travis. :-)

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Arp6708

Real men work through it. Babies transfer in that situation.

Kent Wells in reply to Jaycon11

Good point....


Kinney hung 30 on us.


There's going to be hell to pay for letting him have that kind of night.

Jaycon11 in reply to Kent Wells

Sucked is a loss.


hope Ellis doesnt get any ideas of transfer, not getting much PT and gets his butt rip every few mins

Joshua Hatcher

If Bill says anything to open his postgame interview other than a vomit I'm going to be surprised.

Jaycon11 in reply to Darin Bradley

Playing fast will take work.

Jaybate in reply to Lajayhawk

Its always good to say it.


Kent Wells

Well, this one sucked...

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

I am not. Nope. No way. As long as SJSU +27.5 is > KU I am all good!

Joshua Hatcher in reply to Lajayhawk

We played a second half? You mean the game is over?


They don't ask how, they ask how many.

Lajayhawk in reply to Kent Wells

you calling me out on a point??

Darin Bradley

not sure playing fast is our best option. good win. rock chalk.


Pretty good job, considering we shot 22% from trey.

EJ built some confidence tonight.


Still guess I gotta say it...



All that matters is the W

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

That's 13 Eminem!

Lajayhawk in reply to Joshua Hatcher

Oh, he should do it. I'm just not that excited about it after that crapfest of a half.

Duane Rice

That game was like a runny fart!

Brad Swisher

Withey was an eraser tonight



Joshua Hatcher in reply to Lajayhawk

I think he did it for the crowd more than anything.


Oh... BTW... scroll down and you'll see I said we'd win by 12 with about 10 minutes left...


Looks like Withey was Withit

Kansas 70

Jesse Newell

McLemore caps the win with his dunk for the night.


I'd be more pumped with that dunk if we hadn't crapped all over ourselves for about 14 minutes this half.

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

SJSU had been tough, even in the losses...



Wissoxfan83 in reply to Runningbeakers84

Nah back home now

Brian Powell

nice finish for a sloppy game! g'night all,


that's how you end it ben

Lajayhawk in reply to Kent Wells

Nice win.... for you, I mean.

00:34 left in Second Half
Kansas 68

Jesse Newell

Johnson makes both free throws.


How many minutes has Perry played? Like 8?

Kent Wells

Time to go cash in. Later fellas. I hope Friday is like the first 6-7 minutes of the second half. And I think SDSU should foul but whatever!


Nine points from the bench. Not good.

Marshan3q in reply to Seth Nesmith

i hope you're right

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaybate

Money shot.

Jesse Newell

That was KU's first field goal since the 11:42 mark.


Way 2 GOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!




ty johnson

Darin Bradley

nicely done

Marshan3q in reply to Wissoxfan83

tied for #1 the game we lost to Bucknell in the second round a few years ago

Brian Powell in reply to Jesse Newell

it was travis reaching in on the arm, replay looked like he clipped him on the way up

Runningbeakers84 in reply to Wissoxfan83

Still in Wi?

Lajayhawk in reply to Stupidmichael


Seth Nesmith in reply to Marshan3q

no, because they NEVER finish a season

Darin Bradley

need to score here

Jeremy Wilhelm in reply to Jesse Newell

Announcers disagree after watching replay - I don't think so either

Stupidmichael in reply to Lajayhawk

Nah. Guy jumped into him. Withey went up straight.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

82 attempts away from breaking 100 points...

Kent Wells in reply to Dynamitehawk



Las Nepotistas.


Just got home from daughters soccer match. How does this one rank in the annuls of KU hoopdom?

Jesse Newell in reply to Joe Satterwhite

I thought so too. SJSU bench was calling for it.


we else is in fear Mizzou might pass us in the polls at some point this year

Darin Bradley

this is ugly

Jesse Newell

Kinney up to 30 points on 11-for-25 shooting.


Getting bailed out by T-DUBs blocks...

Joe Satterwhite

Withey should've been called on a foul there

01:43 left in Second Half
Kansas 64

Jesse Newell

KU has one timeout left.

Marcus Balzer

Its getting tight in here



Brian Powell

our half-court offense just doesn't even exist at his point..


Kinney is a player.

Dynamitehawk in reply to Kent Wells

Nice. If you tell a hot chick that you own a cellular telephone, nod at her like you own a private island I will buy you a 12 pack of boulevard for Christmas.

Jesse Newell

Hmm ... didn't see that foul. It's five on Cunningham, though.

Brad Swisher

Kinney, wow.


When nothing else works, go to the big guy.

Kent Wells

I'm starting to see Lindsey Hunter


o baby we in trouble

Kent Wells in reply to Brian Powell

Higgins ran to the Texas AD and high fived him after that call


Wow. That was a money shot.



Jesse Newell

Kinney with his 20th point this half.

Joshua Hatcher

Someone get Bill Self the vomit bucket.

Marshan3q in reply to Brian Powell

haha yeah... i was just thinking that

Lajayhawk in reply to Kent Wells

I got it. Couldn't type fast enough...

Kent Wells

I'd like to see Peters take the money shot

Brian Powell

fastest makeup call EVER. haha


Higgins sucks

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

I beat you to that one. No one got it.


KY with the money shot? ..........



Brian Powell

wow, higgins is horrible.

Lajayhawk in reply to Danr


Jaybate in reply to Lajayhawk



KY saving KU the last couple minutes

Kent Wells

So, I am sitting in the MGM sports book. 200 people in here watching MNF. With that last dumb butt play I stood up and yelled ARRGHPBTTTH! I felt the eyes. MNF was on commercial,

Lajayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

Well, maybe not anymore with the new county measure B....


Have we shot any free throws this half?


Ben's back. He'll take the shot. But EJ is who needs to.

Jaycon11 in reply to Lajayhawk


Lajayhawk in reply to Jaybate

Do we need to take them to the San Fernando Valley? Lots of money shots there...

Jaybate in reply to Kent Wells

Suit up and I'll pass it to you.


Las Nepotistas will be on the court at :57

Jaycon11 in reply to Jesse Newell

...and the enemy has scored them in the last 8 minutes...


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