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Iowa State defeats Kansas, 51-23

  • 6 p.m., Nov. 17, 2012
  • Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: KU has no answer for Iowa State offense in 51-23 loss

The Kansas football team struggled with stopping Iowa State's offense all night, as the Cyclones pulled away early in a 51-23 victory on Saturday night at Memorial Stadium.

Most of ISU's offensive success came with third-string quarterback Sam Richardson in the game. The freshman, who hadn't thrown a pass all season, checked in midway through the first quarter and finished 23-for-27 passing for 250 yards and four touchdowns. He also added a rushing TD.

The Cyclones (6-5, 3-5 Big 12) posted a season-high 51 points after not scoring more than 37 in any other Big 12 game.

KU running back James Sims had his string of six straight 100-yard rushing games snapped, finishing with 20 carries for 81 yards.

Dayne Crist gave KU a lift in a reserve role, completing 9 of 20 passes for 156 yards with a touchdown and interception.

KU (1-10, 0-8) will finish its season with a game at West Virginia on Dec. 1.

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Ben Heeney arrives at a play and it’s over. He stands up the man with the football and there is no getting past him. Credited with 13 tackles and made most of them left a bruise. It’s what he does.

Tony Pierson took a handoff from James Sims in the wildcat formation, then kept the ball when he had the option to hand off to Dayne Crist, who had lined up at wide receiver. Pierson then sprinted up the middle for a 55-yard touchdown, the highlight of KU’s day. Pierson also scored on a 37-yard touchdown reception and ran down Iowa State defensive back Jacques Washington and saved two points after Washington intercepted a Michael Cummings pass on a two-point conversion attempt.


Chris Omigie can get open better than most, but the rules stipulate you cannot run with something you cannot catch. Multiple drops of Dayne Crist passes made Crist look worse on paper than he did on the field.

The entire defense, from a front that couldn’t put any heat on an inexperience quarterback to the defensive backs that couldn’t stay with receivers and bit on pump fakes.


First Quarter

10:18 - Edwin Arceo 47 field goal. After the Cyclones' opening drive of the game stalled inside the KU 10 yard line when quarterback Steele Jantz fumbled, the Cyclones' defense forced a fumble on KU's first possession and were able to salvage three points out of the opening turnover exchange. Iowa State's first scoring drive covered -2 yards in four plays and took 1:10. (ISU 3, KU 0).

4:37 - Taylor Cox 2 run. Nick Prolago kick. The Jayhawks did what the Jayhawks do best on their first scoring drive of the night, running 10 times but just for 25 yards. The two biggest plays on the drive came through the air, though, as Michael Cummings hit Taylor Cox for a long gain and then James Sims on the next play. It was initially ruled that Sims had score, but review overturned the call. On the next play, Cox crossed the goal line to cap the 75-yard, 11-play drive that took 5:56. (KU 7, ISU 3).

:36 - Jeff Woody 11 run. Arceo kick. After an illegal block penalty on the kickoff backed the Cyclones up at the KU 11, back-up quarterback Sam Richardson marched the Cyclones 89 yards in 10 plays, most coming on the ground. Woody finished the drive with two strong runs in the red zone and Richardson also completed a 23-yard pass to Josh Lenz to put the Cyclones into KU territory. (ISU 10, KU 7).

Second Quarter

14:50 - Tony Pierson 55 run. Prolago kick. Pierson's 202-yard game against Texas Tech last week was a career high. The sophomore picked up more than a quarter of that total on a touchdown run that started as a Wildcat snap to Sims, featured a potential reverse pitch to Dayne Crist, who was lined up at wide receiver, and plenty of Pierson speed. Sims also ran twice for 23 yards on the 78-yard drive that took just 42 seconds and three plays. (KU 14, ISU 10).

11:23 - Albert Gary 11 pass from Sam Richardson. Arceo kick. The ISU defense forced a KU punt and took over at the Jayhawks' 39 yard line. After the first two plays went nowhere, Woody converted a third-down run and Richardson found Gary in the corner of the end zone on a play in which the Jayhawks lined up offsides. (ISU 17, KU 14).

8:41 - Aaron Horne 30 pass from Richardson. Arceo kick. Iowa State forced another KU fumble and, this time, scored seven instead of three on the drive that followed. The big play of the drive was a third-down pass from Richardson that appeared to be short of the first down but was spotted well ahead of the mark. KU coach Charlie Weis challenged the spot but the call stood. Two plays later, ISU jumped ahead by double digits on the scoreboard. (ISU 24, KU 14).

3:33 - Richardson 1 run. Arceo kick. After another drop by KU wide receiver Chris Omigie gave the Cyclones the ball back, running back Jeff Woody struck again, ripping off a 43-yard run that set up the touchdown. The drive covered 80 yards in nine plays and took 3:02. (ISU 31, KU 14).

1:01 - Ernst Brun 20 pass from Richardson. Arceo kick. Iowa State matched its season-high point total on a six-play, 51-yard drive that took 1:50 and featured very little resistence from the KU defense. (ISU 38, KU 14).

0:00 - Nick Prolago 25 field goal. Dayne Crist, who had come in for a few snaps throughout the game, started this drive and marched the Jayhawks 72 yards in eight plays and 1:01 to put points on the board before the half. Crist looked like a quarterback with nothing to lose throughout the drive, zipping the ball all over the place, including twice to tight end Jimmay Mundine. (ISU 38, KU 17).

Third Quarter

1:35 - Arceo 51 field goal. The Cyclones' offense did not do much in the third quarter, but they did enough to keep a comfortable lead and reached their season-high in points with this bomb from Arceo. The scoring drive covered 44 yards and took 10 plays and 4:05. (ISU 41, KU 17).

Fourth Quarter

14:19 - Tony Pierson 37 pass from Dayne Crist. Two-point conversion failed. With KU coach Charlie Weis continuing to play both quarterbacks, Crist led a six-play, 72-yard drive that took 2:10 and featured a perfect touch pass to Pierson streaking down the left side of the field. As he released the ball, Crist took a shot from the ISU defense, but he put enough on it to get it to Pierson, who caught it inside the five and then juked and jabbed his way into the end zone. (ISU 41, KU 23).

12:12 - Josh Lenz 14 pass from Richardson. Arceo kick. Up by three scores with less than a quarter to play, Iowa State continued to air it out, this time scoring in just 2:01 on a drive that covered 64 yards in six plays. (ISU 48, KU 23). 8:19 - Arceo 47 field goal. Iowa State's kicker added to a career night with another long-distance bomb. Arceo made all three of his field goal attempts, drilled every extra point and continually bombed kickoffs into the end zone. This drive covered 29 yards in six plays and 2:12. (ISU 51, KU 23).

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on Gameday they said most of Oregons assistants had been there 20 years.


And we had a lot of recruits there! Gawd.


See you all for the Wash St game. Rock Chalk.


Despite tonight or the season in general, im not discouraged about the future of KUFB. Im not saying Weis is the long term answer, but I do believe he is the 3-5 year answer

David Meredith in reply to James McGuire

yeah a Boone Pickens helps.... but we will get good the same time as Indiana, Kentucky or any other bball first school...

James McGuire in reply to Duane Rice

Have a good one.

James McGuire in reply to Jayhawk2181

If we can find someone willing to donate hundreds of millions of dollars every few years, yes.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Jayhawk2181

we definitely bought a good coaching staff, the team just takes longer to craft


Oregon misses a 42-yard FG... still 14-7.

Cody Riedy

I wonder what the coaches said to each other...they talked a bit longer than coaches usually do.


you would think they would open a Whataburger in Lawrence as much as its advertised during basketball season.

David Meredith in reply to Boouk

I do too....

Duane Rice

Well folks goodnight. Ku sports is going to kick us off because the game is over.


yes, thanks Jesse for all your coverage and putting up with all our angst

James McGuire in reply to Jayhawk2181

They went to the Rose bowl in the mid 90s.


we need some Nike money...


by that reasoning our fanbase should be able to buy a decent football team, right?


Thanks for running the chat Jesse... rough night for the team in black.


I feel for our Seniors

James McGuire in reply to Jayhawk2181

They had some good years in decades past. Always been middle of the pack. The last five years or so, they have been really good consistently.

90shawk in reply to Jayhawk2181

Nope, there tradition is whatever Nike says it is

David Meredith in reply to Jayhawk2181

Nike money

Iowa State 51
Kansas 23

Jesse Newell

KU falls to 1-10.

Duane Rice in reply to Jayhawk2181

no. Nike bought them.

Boouk in reply to Jayhawk2181

When they hired Kelly

Rockinchalkinla in reply to Jayhawk2181

No a deep wallet

741hawk in reply to Duane Rice

That's amazing. Go figure.

David Meredith

I think Beshears and Patterson fit more into Gill's type of offense. And the big WR's just don't have it... though I like Turzilli.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to 741hawk

zilli has a future as well as tre. The rest are garbage, but you only need a couple more to make the offense click if you have the right QB

Lajayhawk in reply to 741hawk

AWFUL. Pick is ok... just ok. But almost everyone else should just be cut.... Omigie should be publicly shamed...


remind me, when exactly did Oregon become a perennial power? do they have a long football tradition


What happened to Turzili?

Duane Rice

Whats sad about this senior class is that its the recruiting class coming off our orange bowl win.


There's actually too much good football on right now... lol

Boouk in reply to Cody Riedy

He's red-shirting this year

741hawk in reply to Lajayhawk

Every game this year I thought less and less of the WRs. I think "nothing" of them now. They ARE terrible.

90shawk in reply to Cody Riedy

Did we redshirt Baty? I hope so

Lawkan in reply to Cody Riedy

yes and I think he has 3 years left

Lajayhawk in reply to Rockinchalkinla



Stanford fumbles at their own 40, Oregon recovers

Lajayhawk in reply to 90shawk

YES. Thank you. Someone who finally understands that we have NO WRs.

Rockinchalkinla in reply to Lajayhawk

81 rushing they said

Cody Riedy

Since he was a JUCO transfer, Turner Baty didn't have to sit out a year, so he can still use a redshirt for this year, right?

Boouk in reply to 90shawk

And our secondary with both safety's and Greg Brown graduating.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to 741hawk

This teams ability to score 20+ game when the opposing defense knows we are running the ball has been pretty spectacular to be honest. Even a mediocre passing game would make a world of difference. It's a QBs game and we have no QB.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

How many yards does Sims have today? He hasn't hit 100 yet has he?

90shawk in reply to Jayhawk2181

Very true. Heaps can be all that is said about him but if we dont have the receivers, he'll look like Crist

Jayhawk2181 in reply to Seth Nesmith

but we have to have a line to protect him and receivers that catch the ball too

741hawk in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

like your positive outlook. Not sure myself

90shawk in reply to Seth Nesmith

Just hope our O-line isnt the issue next year

Cody Riedy

Fitting for this group of seniors sadly - giving up a record offensive night to their opponent. Most points ISU scored against KU.

Seth Nesmith in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

If heaps is the real deal we have a good chance next year to win 6.


With a good QB and a couple of downfield threats our offense will be good for 51 pts on a given night too. It's coming.

Armen Kurdian

KSU intercept near Baylor goal line

Jesse Newell in reply to Lawkan

Tyler Hunt.

Mark Hopkins

Missery Toast!

Boouk in reply to Cody Riedy

That'd be a good game

Micky Baker

Not only that, they had him wrapped around the neck.




who is 49?


just wow, gotta be kidding me

Rockinchalkinla in reply to Jayhawk2181




James McGuire

And Oregon takes the lead.

Lajayhawk in reply to Duane Rice



TD Oregon! Should be up 14-7 shortly

Lajayhawk in reply to 90shawk

If that happens, I may never watch college football again..... sigh.... yes, I will, and that's why it would SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Meredith in reply to Cody Riedy


1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Cody Riedy


Duane Rice in reply to Lajayhawk


Cody Riedy

Sims has got 81 yards...they should let him pad his stats and keep his 100 yard game streak going.

Mark Hopkins

The Cuse is leading with 20 sec left.

James McGuire in reply to James McGuire

I root for both because I am from Oregon.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Jayhawk2181

I really think he is really the 4th best option. We are sooo deep at RB.

James McGuire in reply to 741hawk

Not having gone to either school, I root for both. Unless my sisters are around, they both went to OSU.


Missouri is going to lose at home and thereby watch their bowl hopes vanish... Scott Peterman anyone?

Armen Kurdian

I'm actually pulling for KSU, not out of love, but I'm sick of SEC or PAC-10 teams getting there, and Bill Snyder is a good coach. And just like every year KSU has a chance, they're effing it up.

90shawk in reply to Lajayhawk

Awesome. Remember the lesser of 2 evils? We get them both now, lol

Lajayhawk in reply to Duane Rice

What channel is that on?


whatever happened to Bourbon... was he in the doghouse or just too crowded in the backfield

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to 90shawk

I don't disagree but I am just saying its a real possibility if KSU loses tonight

Lajayhawk in reply to Duane Rice


James McGuire in reply to Duane Rice

Me too. My dad usually gets tickets through work, but I am always in Kansas.

Cody Riedy

Really, it's pretty amazing that K-State has managed to put together a strong football program and KU has maintained a great basketball program - we live in a tiny state population wise and then divide our resources between to major Div 1 athletic programs.

90shawk in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

Pathetic how the media pushes his Heisman candidacy after one game. Yes, they beat Bama, but how that equate to Heisman status when he wasnt being talked about before, its ridiculous

741hawk in reply to James McGuire

we love The Ducks!

Duane Rice



Oregon is moving the ball. 1st and 10 at midfield.

Duane Rice in reply to James McGuire

I would like to get to that game some year.

Jesse Newell in reply to Boouk

Not done. Just looking up some numbers for the recap.

Lajayhawk in reply to 90shawk

Sigh... it's gonna be ND vs. SEC.... FML....


Specifically Jonny Football will start getting a look being the guy to who took down Bama.

Cody Riedy in reply to Lawkan

KU and Colorado should schedule a special bowl game - one game to double your wins!


Oregon getting all they can handle

Lajayhawk in reply to 1_jaydoc_1

I agree. A rivalry is helpful for national publicity purposes. Just saying that you can't force it to be more than it is.... if that makes any sense...

Micky Baker in reply to Boouk


James McGuire in reply to 741hawk

Family goes to Civil War every year. Should be a great game this year. I have hopes for the Beavs ruining it for Oregon.


You done Jesse? This game is way more entertaining than last week's in Lubbuck.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Lajayhawk

No, i agree. I just think if it was a little more heated it would be good for KU.

Mark Hopkins

Looks like KSU in big trouble tonight.


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