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Texas Tech defeats Kansas, 41-34

  • 11 a.m., Nov. 10, 2012
  • Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock, TX

FINAL: KU falls to Texas Tech, 41-34, in double overtime

The Kansas football team rallied from a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit to tie it, but No. 22 Texas Tech's offense came through when it mattered most in a 41-34, double-overtime victory over KU on Saturday at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.

After TTU's Ryan Bustin missed a 41-yard field goal that would have won the game at the end of regulation, the two teams traded TDs in the first OT before Darrin Moore caught a three-yard TD pass in the second OT.

KU couldn't answer, rushing for one yard on three running plays before a desperation pass was knocked down in the end zone on fourth down.

The Jayhawks (1-9, 0-7 Big 12) lost despite rushing for 390 yards. That included 16 carries for 202 yards from Tony Pierson and 30 carries for 127 yards from James Sims, who had three combined touchdowns.

The junior Sims also set a new KU record, posting his sixth straight 100-yard rushing game.

Michael Cummings finished 6-for-15 passing for 29 yards and two TDs.

KU will play host to Iowa State at 6 p.m. on Nov. 17.

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• Tony Pierson rushed for a career-high 202 yards on 16 carries, more than half of the yardage coming on two carries, one for 69 yards, another for 49 yards.

James Sims set a school record with a sixth-consecutive 100-yard rushing game, turning 30 carries into 129 yards and two touchdowns. He scored a third touchdown on a five-yard reception.


• Tyler Patmon had his man covered in the back of the end zone and continued to look directly at the man instead of seeing the ball on a play in which he could have gotten a hand on it or even intercepted. It went for a touchdown. It was one of several key plays on which Patmon was burned.

The wide receivers as a unit combined for one catch and two yards. Ten games into the season, no wide receiver has caught a touchdown pass.


First Quarter

11:40 - Jakeem Grant 9 pass from Seth Doege. Ryan Bustin kick. After receiving the opening kickoff, Doege ripped off six straight completions and later converted a fourth-and-seven situation to get the Red Raiders on the board in a hurry. The game's first scoring drive covered 75 yards in 11 plays and 3:20. (TTU 7, KU 0).

7:48 - James Sims 6 run. Nick Prolago kick. KU answered Tech's opening drive of nearly all passes with a drive of all runs. Sims carried six times for 48 yards and Tony Pierson added a key 13-yard pick-up on third down. The drive covered 63 yards in eight plays and 3:52. (TTU 7, KU 7).

Second Quarter

14:55 - Tyson Williams 16 pass from Doege. Bustin kick. After back-to-back punts on drives two and three, Tech broke through for another touchdown when Doege found Williams standing in the back of the end zone. As he waited for the ball to come to him, KU's Tyler Patmon stood with his back to the play and did nothing as the ball landed in Williams' arms. The drive covered 54 yards in five plays and 1:53. (TTU 14, KU 7).

12:20 - Darrin Moore 6 pass from Doege. Bustin kick. Three more plays, three more passes for Texas Tech, which added to its lead with a three-play, 57-yard drive that took just 1:03 and ended with another Doege touchdown pass. (TTU 21, KU 7).

5:30 - Brandon Bourbon 10 pass from Michael Cummings. Prolago kick. An interception by Bradley McDougald set the Jayhawks up at the Tech 39 yard line. Five plays later, Cummings hit Bourbon in the flat on a rollout. The drive featured three runs by Tony Pierson, a key personal foul penalty on the Red Raiders and went 39 yards in five plays and 1:37. (TTU 21, KU 14).

0:03 - Nick Prolago 22 field goal. KU's defense held strong again and the offense responded with an 11-play, 74-yard drive that took 3:41 and featured a 49-yard run from Tony Pierson to set up the score. KU took three shots to the end zone in the final five plays of the first half, but two to Tre' Parmalee fell incomplete and a pass to Sims at the 2 was a little behind him and dropped. (TTU 21, KU 17).

Third Quarter

0:28 - Ryan Bustin 29 field goal. Despite giving up points on Texas Tech's final drive of the third quarter, the KU defense did just enough to stay in it, holding the Red Raiders to a field goal after facing first and goal at the eight yard line. The key play on the drive was a 29-yard wide receiver pass from Austin Zouzalik to Doege. Doege appeared to fumble on the play, but the review showed his knee was down before the ball came out. The drive covered 71 yards in nine plays and 3:03. (TTU 24, KU 17).

Fourth Quarter

10:12 - Bustin 27 field goal. The Red Raiders opened up a two-score lead with a 12-play, 59-yard drive that took 3:45 but again fell short of the end zone. The drive, which featured five quick throws from Doege resembled Tech's opening scroing drive of the day until the Red Raiders got into the red zone and the KU defense stiffened. (TTU 27, KU 17).

8:59 - James Sims 3 run. Prolago kick. KU responded to its first double-digit deficit since the first quarter with a three-play, 72-yard scoring drive that featured a 69-yard sprint from Pierson on the first play of the drive. Earlier in the day, Pierson ripped off a 49-yard run. (TTU 27, KU 24).

0:41 - Prolago 32 field goal. After stopping the Red Raiders on a fourth-and-three inside the red zone, KU's offense tied the game with a nine-play, 75-yard march that took 4:11 and featured a fourth-down run from quarterback Michael Cummings that picked up 44 yards and set up the game-tying kick. Sims also ran for 30 yards on the drive. (TTU 27, KU 27).


15:00 - Sims 5 pass from Cummings. Prolago kick. After Texas Tech's attempt at a game-winning field goal in regulation sailed wide, the Jayhawks struck first in overtime. Pierson, who finished with more than 200 yards rushing, set up the score with an 18-yard option run. The drive covered 25 yards yards in four plays. (KU 34, TTU 27).

15:00 - Eric Stephens 1 run. Bustin kick. KU forced the Red Raiders into a third-and-long situation on their first drive, but Doege hit Eric Stephens with a 24-yard pass to the one yard line to set up Stephens' TD run on the direct snap. The drive covered 25 yars in four plays. (KU 34, TTU 34).

Double Overtime

15:00 - Darrin Moore 3 pass from Stephens. Bustin kick. Tech got the first crack at points in the second overtime and marched to a touchdown in four plays. Stephens again took the direct snap and, after faking the run, flipped a pass over the top of the defense to Moore. (TTU 41, KU 34).

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Jeff Kilgore in reply to Cody Riedy

Not 507.

Jeff Kilgore

Part of playing D is believing you can do it. If you smash the WR in the chops every third or fourth play, they start thinking about it. You have to at least try to be physical.

90shawk in reply to Lajayhawk

I was almost thinking put in Doherty to replace him, couldn't get worse was my thought. Oh wait, nah. LOL

Cody Riedy

Our is not "good," but they've been "good enough" to give this team chances to win.

Phogtimeku2010 in reply to Mulder07

I don't know how you can say that if you see how much our defense has improved over last year. I think Dave Campo knows what he's doing. Our team was ranked last in defense, we don't have the personnel to play man.

Micky Baker

This defense is way better than last year's, BY FAR. Not even a close comparison.

Katie Bieber

If Bill Snyder is our coach, we're 5-5 right now. K-State wins every close game and we lose every close game. No difference in effort. We earned that game. Why didn't we win?

Cody Riedy in reply to Jeff Kilgore

Some of you need to look at the box scores in Big 12 games - teams routinely score lots of points and put up lots of yards in this league - more than any other.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Benjamin Piehler

They won in OT, damn it.

Micky Baker in reply to Doug Fisher

Yeah, I know that. That isn't a newsflash. Time to pull your head out of wherever it is.

Lajayhawk in reply to 90shawk

No, I'm with ya, totally. He sucked truckballs. Campo just had no other options to replace him with.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Atljaybird

507 passing yards. That's horrible.

Doug Fisher in reply to Micky Baker

Our W-L record doesn't show for it. It's been worse every year since the Orange Bowl.

Benjamin Piehler in reply to Mulder07

Lets go root against Missouri

Lajayhawk in reply to Mulder07

Man to man? So we could lose by 70 every game? Do you have ANY idea what you are talking about?


Thought our D played a heck of a game today. Just came up short. Great effort. Don't understand anyone dissing Campo and the defense today.


We just don't have the athletes at DB.

90shawk in reply to Lajayhawk

Yeah, the talent is very slim, but his play was poor all day. He just shot us in the foot throughout

Phil Leister

Mulder you just don't get it

Jeff Kilgore

I appreciate being more competitive, for sure. But it's a fool's afternoon to believe a team has a chance when you give up 507.

David Meredith

This team is on the right track. I hate losing but I see the progress. Add in Heaps and a passing game next year, they are moving forward.

Cody Riedy

Tech averages 38.4 pts a game, it took them two OTs to pass that.

90shawk in reply to Mulder07

We don't have the secondary to play man to man bro

Micky Baker in reply to Doug Fisher

I'm not delusional at all. This was not even possible a year ago. Nobody expected OT today. Allow 27 points to Tech in Lubbock? You thought it was going to be over by half time. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Jeff Kilgore

Let them score on the deep ball and we'll score 70 points. Maybe we wear them out running for 99 yard touchdowns.

Lajayhawk in reply to 90shawk

Patmon is the best we have, and that should tell you about what talent Campo has to work with.


Look, we're all tired of losing, but you have to have patience!

Cody Riedy

Our D is not the (biggest) problem - Teams score a lot in the Big 12; our D has actually held several teams under their average.


It's Dave Campo's awful defensive schemes that let teams run up and down the field on us all day. If he didn't have a giant MANGINA we'd play man to man defense.

Jeff Kilgore

Well, if you can't get physical at the point of attack, ever, you don't stand a chance of winning. That's just how it is.

Phil Leister in reply to Doug Fisher

Everyone's tired of losing man. Obviously. But you've gotta be practical about things.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jeff Kilgore

Yes, because they stink. If they get closer, they get blown by on every pass.

Micky Baker in reply to Jeff Kilgore

Yeah we do. But then if they get beat over the top...what then?

Doug Fisher in reply to Micky Baker

Tired of losing and you should be too or your just delusional.

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Lajayhawk

Is this why there are no DBs within five yards of the WRs?


The one thing I'll put on Campo is not yanking Patmon off that field by his ear.

Oklahawk58 in reply to Jeff Kilgore

It's either that or get burned deep every play. We just don't have the personnel.

Lajayhawk in reply to Mulder07

Fire Dave Campo?? WTF is wrong with you? He's kept us competitive with NO talent on defense. We barely field a high school team defensively.


Very proud of our team, but so tired of losing


Proud of the guys. This late in a poor season and still fighting

Jeff Kilgore

I'm not calling for Campo's head in any way. Playing so far off the ball is killing us in every ball game.


Without Campo we would have been blown out


That one really hurt

Micky Baker in reply to Phil Leister


Oklahawk58 in reply to Mulder07

Seriously? Have you no appreciation of how much better our defense is?

Jeff Kilgore in reply to Mulder07

Our DBs are so far off the ball, the receivers are just playing catch.

Phil Leister in reply to Mulder07

Ha. You sir are an idiot


Thanks Jesse, good chat here today.

Micky Baker in reply to Mulder07

Fire Dave Campo? Seriously? You need to go away.

Lajayhawk in reply to 90shawk

Don't get me wrong, I'm really angry. But it is nice to see us not collapse in the second half.


Please fire Dave Campo after this season. I hate his defensive schemes and play calling.

Cody Riedy

When I step away for awhile, I'll be able to rationally appreciate what we achieved today, but right now, I'm just tired of losing, coming so close and losing. I can't imagine how the players feel.

Brian Haase

thanks again Jesse... hope you get some sleep!

Micky Baker

I really wish more KU fans would learn more about the game, then...

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Haase

Yeah, even with the great effort, it's still a kick in the junk. Gonna be pissed about this one all day.

90shawk in reply to Lajayhawk

I get what you're saying. But i'm tired of telling myself this

Jeff Kilgore

As long as your defensive back play five to 10 yards off the receiver, you are never, ever going to win. 507 yards. Yeah, I know that TT is a good passing team, but the lack of coverage by our team is very disheartening. Are our DBs that incapable? Yes, we're improving, but with any kind of D, that should have been a win.

Kansas 34
TT 41

Jesse Newell

KU falls in double overtime.


Bad teams find ways to lose those close ones. This team is not quite ready to win at the Big XII level.

Micky Baker in reply to Doug Fisher

Just go away. Seriously, you don't have any appreciation for how improved this team is.


They deserved to win this game for how far they've come. But when you have that kind of opportunity to hold them with 2 downs at their 25 yd line, you have to keep them out of the endzone.

Brian Haase in reply to Lajayhawk

yea, great effort and there is improvement but dang, wish we could get over that hump and get the W

Armen Kurdian

How many times is this going to happen to this team this year?


Proud of the guys. This late in a poor season and still fighting


Proud? I don't feel proud. We are now 1 - 9....


We played a solid for 4 quarters and an overtime on the road against a top 25 team, though. Have to appreciate that.

Doug Fisher

Can KU ever win another game? Seriously, this crap is really, really, old now. I don't care if we are playing better...WIN some damn games!!!

Brian Haase

we HAVE to beat ISU


There are no moral victories, but KU played well and should be proud heading into the ISU game.

Cody Riedy

so close, yet so far away

Micky Baker in reply to Mulder07

You're alma mater stabbing you?


Needed a Todd Reesing make it happen play there.


These disappointments are gonna kill me. I really wanted this game.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Kooky

Or how about KU fights their way back from 14 down and Tech escapes with a win?

Brian Haase

i'm sick of not winning...... why can't we win!?!?!

Marcus Balzer

That one will sting for awhile


We'll great game. Let's go get a win with ISU.


Unreal. My alma mater stabbing me just doens't end.


Illegal shift. Really


Good game, regardless the outcome.

Micky Baker

How can you get an illegal shift penalty on that?

Dan Spurgin



Man. This team just deserves to win a game.

Benjamin Piehler



Fought hard, but KU finds another way to lose


good effort Jayhawks, even though the record doesn't indicate it we are improving

Brian Haase

game.... holding

Duane Rice


David Meredith in reply to Bwag

Got to pass


Lets go


What's the call?

Brian Haase in reply to Micky Baker

just thinking the same thing

Marcus Balzer

Went to the well one to many times


Will Weis go to Crist here?

Cody Riedy

Those kinds of plays are great when they work, but when they don't, I think - i hate run plays that go backwards and/or lateral for several seconds before going forward

Micky Baker

Why run that to the short side?

Brian Haase

this is it....

Eric Williams

why no play action?


How do you figure they are giving up?


1 play to go 9?


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