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Kansas defeats Texas A&M, 83-66

  • 2 p.m., March 8, 2012
  • Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO

FINAL: Elijah Johnson has career day, leads KU to 83-66 win over Texas A&M

Elijah Johnson scored a career-high 26 points on 8-for-11 shooting, leading the Kansas men's basketball team to an 83-66 victory over Texas A&M in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament on Thursday at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Johnson knocked down five of seven three-pointers to go with four assists, two steals, three rebounds and just one turnover.

Thomas Robinson contributed 19 points and 10 rebounds, while Tyshawn Taylor added 16 points with four assists and four turnovers.

Jeff Withey was the only other Jayhawk in double figures with 11 points. He also notched six rebounds and four blocks.

After making just four three-pointers in each of its two previous games against A&M, KU made 10 of 15 threes Thursday (67 percent).

The win advances KU to Friday's semifinals, where it will face fourth-seeded Baylor at 6:30 p.m.

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Tony Bandle

I wonder if Scarlett Johannson uses her butt to seal a defender???!!!

Marcus Balzer

I've always wondered...for the kid who has to dribble out the ball in a blowout like today...does he get charged w/ a turnover?

James McGuire in reply to Jaybate

Thanks. That it has, and only time will tell if it has been for the better.

Vancouverhawk in reply to Thad Daugherty

Yes, looks like point shaving.


Hate to see teams dropping out but glad to be getting two new ones next year.

Brooksmd in reply to Thad Daugherty

What did it say?


EJ is a stud and he's smart too.

Jim Dickerson

good job Jesse. Will look for u tomarrow

Thad Daugherty

anyone see the Auburn scroller?


Good riddance


SEC licking their chops just waiting on these guys.


The Aggies will move onto the KY Wildcats...HAHAHA


Havn't been able to watch it here at work, but dang EJ looks like he is lighting it up


Thanks Jesse - fun way to waste an afternoon at work!

Jaybate in reply to James McGuire

That was a beautifully subtle response.

Frankly, though, algorithmic science has saved all of us from parametric statistical assumption. Make up models and pretend. :-)

Thad Daugherty

ah demain everyone


...and so ends the illustrious era of Aggie Big 12 basketball...

RCJH !!!!!

James McGuire

Alright, I won't have to skip work tomorrow to watch.

Texas A&M 66
Kansas 83

Jesse Newell

KU advances to face fourth-seeded Baylor at 6:30 p.m. Friday.


Alrighty then. See everyone tomorrow. Thanks Jesse.


What time will we be gathering tomorrow to do this again?


Rock Chalk

Phoghorn in reply to Orangedog87


Orangedog87 in reply to Phoghorn

Yes, it is the Knight Burger combo

Brooksmd in reply to Jesse Newell

Yeah, everything caught up at once on the refresh. Thanks.


Here we go clock, here we go...let's get this thing over with and get rested up.

James McGuire

Does Wesley have any fouls? I know he hasn't been on the floor much, but it seems he's gotten a little better at that.


Love hearing the chant!

Jesse Newell in reply to Brooksmd

Got it.



Orangedog87 in reply to Jesse Newell

Jesse, thanks . All these comments makes this fun....

Thad Daugherty

No offense to JJ but does anyone else think he looks like TinTin?

Bcravenjhawkfan in reply to Jace FitzGibbon

Did you ever see Ann Margret's legs back in the day? Take your breath away.

Thad Daugherty

That was cool of Thaarpe

James McGuire

Awesome seeing JJ in there.

Thad Daugherty in reply to Orangedog87

Yeah Bob was having trouble spiiting out the shot stats

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

19 points, 10 boards and 4 assists. The old standard great game for TRob....


What did I miss? I just had to fax 36 pages #cuttingedgeoftechnology

Phoghorn in reply to Orangedog87

KU games specifically?


Time for the bench to finish this one up.


I wish I could watch KU games with the sound on but more and more I turn the sound off...really sad for a top BB program

Marcus Balzer

Let the creepiness begin. Thank God for that commercial break.


No injuries guys...let 'em score, but don't get ran over.

Thad Daugherty in reply to Jesse Newell

Thanks Jesse!

Jaybate in reply to Dynamitehawk

Nor hair treatments.

James McGuire in reply to Jace FitzGibbon

Yes. And I wouldn't be surprised if that leads them to talking about the dancers again.


Naadir is not winning brownie points here. But Self is determined to get him some minutes inspite of himself.


TRob get his double Jesse?

Lonnie Ross Dillon

T-Rob has his Double-double (19/10)

Thad Daugherty in reply to Lajayhawk


Dynamitehawk in reply to Jaybate

While John Calipari is alive, statistics cannot be trusted.

Jace FitzGibbon

anyone else awkwarded out by brent talking about womens legs?

02:43 left in Second Half
Texas A&M 61
Kansas 81

Jesse Newell

Robinson up to 19 points, 10 rebounds.


Looked like TRob was half way to the Savoy Hotel for a nice after game steak!

Thad Daugherty in reply to Thad Daugherty

bueller bueller?


Send aTm packing off to the SEC like the losers they have been for years. Adios Aggies. Dont let the door hit ya.....


Tharpe could use 4 min of playing time; give someone a rest

Bcravenjhawkfan in reply to Thad Daugherty

I like to all the guys smiling, even when things are close.

James McGuire in reply to Jaybate

You're right. Certain assumptions have to be met in order for statistical analysis to having any meaning at all. I am inclined to accept those assumptions so that all of the data I generate as a scientist can be interpreted in a meaningful manner.




Yikes. TRob going hard after a ball out of bounds in a game that's already decided.... could have turned out bad.....

Sleepy33 in reply to Lajayhawk

Jedi unibrow?

Lajayhawk in reply to James McGuire

He doesn't have to. He just waves his hand in front of sportswriters and says, "this isn't the POY you are looking for," and everyone stops talking about TRob.

Thad Daugherty

Its always nice to see Self smiling

Marcus Balzer

I think Taylor is still feeling the side affects of the 'bug' he had earlier.

James McGuire

Can Davis hit those shots?

05:00 left in Second Half
Texas A&M 57
Kansas 79

Jesse Newell

Billy Kennedy can't be happy with that defense.

Rolland Remmert

Up by 17 and still no one coming off the bench....bill must be making a sure they really understand the fact that aTm has been able to come back

Thad Daugherty

How many points does TRob have?

James McGuire

2 for 2 from three point land?


Who's cooking pancakes?


TRob 2 for 2 from deep!


That one was just for fun, TRob

Jaybate in reply to James McGuire

in turns of a totally random universe with independence, probability does not change.

But do you think the universe is totally random and fully independent?

That's the key question underlying all statistical analysis.


Robinson stats so far?


Don't get sloppy!


Stupid aTm scoring too many points.

Jesse Newell

Good seal by Withey by using his butt to shield the defender.


Beautiful FT!


That is 5 fouls!

James McGuire in reply to James McGuire

As for their shooting tomorrow: I think they will shoot closer to their averages.

Jesse Newell

Self telling Travis that one of the post players was wide open over the top if he'd have thrown it to him.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

Exactly :-)

James McGuire in reply to Jesse Newell

Statistically speaking, your odds don't change in roulette, so you can bet however you want.

Jaybate in reply to Jesse Newell

Yes, if I'm feeling lucky. No if not. After having studied mathematical runs, pure superstition is the only thing to rely on at a certain point. :-)

Jesse Newell in reply to Lajayhawk

Yep. And the same that it won't.

Thad Daugherty in reply to Jaybate

in the famous words of Apollo Creed....

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

Odds are exactly the same that it will.......

Marcus Balzer

Blowouts have to be the worst thing for us. We lose any sort of focus and we use our bench which past Teahan and bits and pieces of Young is worthless.

Thanks for that Jesse. I always seem to remember Middleton having good games against us throughout his career.

Jesse Newell in reply to Parishawk

Kind of like roulette. If the ball lands on black four times in a row, do you bet black?


Does A and M make the NCAA tourney this year with a healthy K.M.?

Jaybate in reply to Parishawk

no, tomorrow, we have to earn one.


They just said "John Carter" four times in 10 seconds....

Brooksmd in reply to Orangedog87

Yeah, let them follow MU and ATM to the SEC.

Jesse Newell in reply to Marcus Balzer

Middleton with 22 points on 8-for-13 shooting. He's topped 20 points three times this year, and twice against KU.


Question for Jesse and all of you: EJ and TT shot great from 3 today. They're playing on the same court tomorrow. Will this great shooting continue?

Phoghorn in reply to Brooksmd

Thanks - now I can watch again.


Muss and Knight....can we fost these guys on some other conference

Marcus Balzer

Middleton's eyes must light up when he sees KU on the schedule.

07:45 left in Second Half
Texas A&M 55
Kansas 69

Jesse Newell

This game not quite over.


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