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Kansas defeats Kansas State, 67-49

  • 7 p.m., Jan. 4, 2012
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Jayhawks use late second-half surge to pull away from Kansas State, 67-49

Travis Releford posted his first career double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds, leading the Kansas men's basketball team to a 67-49 victory over No. 23 Kansas State on Wednesday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

KU held KSU to 32-percent shooting (18 of 57) while also limiting two of the Wildcats' greatest strengths: offensive rebounds and free throws.

KSU finished with just 12 offensive boards — its second-lowest total this season — and a 16 free throws — a season low.

Thomas Robinson added his own double-double with 15 points and 14 rebounds. Tyshawn Taylor notched 13 points to go with three assists and eight turnovers.

KU (11-3) will play at Oklahoma at 1 p.m. Saturday.

KU coach Bill Self press conference

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MVP to Releford.

Kent Wells in reply to Waywardjay

Reid Gettys announces like you use punctuation! Sorry, wayward. Had to!

Marchphog88 in reply to Aviebs51

He does. A lot.

Or so I assume


desperately pleading for calls against Kansas.


If Releford can put up this kind of performance or effort in every game, KU will be the team to beat in March and April.

Kent Wells in reply to Stupidmichael

Oh, come on! Just get on the bandwagon for one game!


releford looked like the guy i saw before his injury last year. been waiting for him to show up again.

Cshjhawk in reply to Stupidmichael

The dude played tough the whole game!


that was atrocious announcing.


Can't wait to hear Gottlieb explain this one on The Program next week

Brian Powell

rock chalk


Some of Releford's stats came in garbage time, but I'd agree that he deserves the #1 ranking.

Nh_jhawk in reply to Lawkan

Or anyone on the bench


looked like Martin said something to Self and Self with some sympathy said I know.....probably apologizing for how they played....

Duane Rice

Jack Harry can suck it


Good defense hawks. Just need to work on the O, but hopefully we'll improve!

Kent Wells

Fourty nine!

Statement made XII



Kansas State 49
Kansas 67

Jesse Newell

KU closes out the 18-point victory.


Demoralizing for the kitties I'm sure. Rock chalk jayhawk!!!!


Holding a top 25 team to 49 points is impressive


NAIL A 3!!!!

Kent Wells

I think I'm votiing for Releford as the POTG!

Brian Powell

if TT could finish more consistently, he'd be unstoppable. he has a sick first move.. like the Iverson hesitation crossover. that's my favorite.

and I saw a stutter-dribble tonight too

Kent Wells

Releford doing it defensively and still having energy to score and rebound. Awesome. And if my memory is right, this is 43-2 (or 3)...

Jhawk06 in reply to Ozman05

Your wish has been granted


2 double doubles? outstanding.


Mizzou doesn't have anyone over 6'6".


on que


Up by 15+, back down to three, now back to up to 15+. Thanks KU. Thanks for shortening my life span


nevermind...there it is!


lets start the chant a bit earllyyyyyy.....Rooooooocccccckkkkkkkk CCCCCChhhhhhaaaaaaaalllllllllllkkkkkkkkkk......


I wish you could just lock Taylor in at 4 turnovers every game. I'd take that in a second.


surprised that the chant hasn't started yet


remember in The Longest Yard when Frank Martin made out with Tracy Morgan?

Kent Wells in reply to Dynamitehawk

Absolutely NOT! Laughing at the aggies has been a hobby of mine since about 1979. I don't see any need to improve an aggie.


No way he can keep tabs on the. Baseline if he's looking at the ceiling

Brian Powell

Releford gets the game ball, for sure


Releford padding the stats!

Jesse Newell

Ten rebounds for Releford.


if releford could play both sides of the ball most nights like he's doing tonight, i'd be less worried about playing missouri.


Stepped on the line. Wrong official watching for contact

Kesmithstl1 in reply to Stupidmichael

sure looked like it


sure looked like he stepped out....

Brian Powell

show the replay-- he stepped on the baseline there


Williams had half a foot out of bounds. B/S


We should be able to do a better job defensively on them than our football team did, they gave up 59.

Kent Wells

Shut up Gettys. We know, we know.

Jesse Newell

Releford with great D again on McGruder.

Balkurog in reply to Cshjhawk

Definitely. Keep TT calmer and under more control and let him pick his spots to a greater extent.


43-25 rebounding. Very surprised


If KSU is going to be our rival, should we fund a KU Med project to fund a process to insert a probe to give knowledge/not wanting to b@ng your sister gene, into KSU freshman?

Balkurog in reply to Wissoxfan83

Agree, except by his senior year Sherron seemed to loose a half-step in speed. TT uses speed; Sherron used strength.


Great answer by the Jayhawks.

Cshjhawk in reply to Balkurog

Split the point betwen the two?

Jim Dickerson in reply to Marchphog88

it's a new move called a jump-walk

03:48 left in Second Half
Kansas State 45
Kansas 61

Jesse Newell

KSU with seven points in the last 7:57.

Balkurog in reply to Jhawk06

Perhaps not. EJ can run the point and distribute to the wing. TT doesn't need to lead the team to be effective.

Aviebs51 in reply to Marchphog88

its a great nba jump stop...he woulda been elgible for another step afterwards....

Jhawk06 in reply to Jhawk06

Damn ipad

Dubsix in reply to Marchphog88

lols, my thoughts exactly


I love that he tried to act like that was a jump-stop


Spradling not exactly D-Wade in transition


Releford is coming close to a double double.

Jhawk06 in reply to Balkurog

Ut he shouldn't be the PG

Kent Wells in reply to Nh_jhawk



Self's message to Withey about grabbing rebounds seems to have sunk in.

Duane Rice

Killer crossover


Being tough is great if you're casting for the next John Wayne movie.. who really gives a rat's ass in college bball

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Balkurog

Sherron? Seemed like he did that all the time.


completely agree....he has an NBA game...

Marchphog88 in reply to Aviebs51

He also broke Spradlin's ankles

Brian Powell

LOL TT just took out two Kstaters like he was bowling in the Union

Kent Wells in reply to Jim Dickerson

But it might involve a night in the local jail. And think about the applications, John Madden! Dick Vitale!


My response to the commentators. Unfortunately, basketball is less about "toughness" and more about decisions.


Just sayin. No other KU guard in recent memory gets to the rim and draws the foul like TT did on that last play.


EJ playing good D though


Anyone know why we look at assist to turnover ratio? Seems steal to turnover would make more sense. Tit for tat.

Jhawk06 in reply to Jesse Newell


Wissoxfan83 in reply to Stupidmichael

Every one of ya'll!!

Nh_jhawk in reply to Kent Wells

I think nikola tesla invented the death ray for just such a purpose.

04:48 left in Second Half
Kansas State 43
Kansas 60

Jesse Newell

Taylor makes both.

Kent Wells

Hey, Taylor didn't turn it over and then got to the line! YAHOO! Can I get a Rock Chalk, fellow posters!?!

Duane Rice

Still need to run an offence


e.j. is m.i.a. tonight.

Stupidmichael in reply to Wissoxfan83

Who's biased?


Great play by Taylor.

Bret Eckert

com on hawks whoop whoop


We're not the best free throw shooters, but at least nobody is like Henriquez. I don't know how he's still playing if he shoots like that.

Bret Eckert

com on we gotta get r heads in the game

Jesse Newell

Releford playing tough D on Samuels with Robinson out. Great job in the post.

Jim Dickerson in reply to Kent Wells

duct tape would work

Kent Wells in reply to Duane Rice

As long as that doen't involve me dressing up like Little Bo Peep and tidying up around your home. That's cool. I'll put that movie on the list!


hack-a-jordan strategy? Jordan was good from the FT line. Maybe he should have said hack-a-shaq


The nice thing about Jesse's live coverage is who cares what the announcers say? I don't even listen to them. I get to read about 20-30 very biased game commentators all at once!

Marchphog88 in reply to Jesse Newell



That is one truthful ball.

It's the GW of basketballs


Reid Gettys is going to ask Henriquez-Roberts to become Henriquez Roberts Gettys after the game!

Jesse Newell

Henriquez is staring down this rim like it's his mortal enemy during free throws.

Kent Wells

Is there someone out there, perhaps an Electical Engineer, willing to work on a chip that can sort of just delete one persons voice from a broadcast. It would have to be pretty simple. Right? We need that technology.


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