Iowa State defeats Kansas, 72-64

  • 1 p.m., Jan. 28, 2012
  • Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA

FINAL: Iowa State hands KU first conference loss in 72-64 triumph

Iowa State's Royce White posted 18 points, nine rebounds and five assists, leading Iowa State to a 72-64 victory over Kansas on Saturday afternoon at Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa.

The Cyclones (15-6, 5-3 Big 12) dominated KU on the glass, outrebounding the Jayhawks, 36-23.

Tyshawn Taylor posted a double-double with 16 points and 10 assists. Thomas Robinson added 13 points to go with seven rebounds and five turnovers.

KU (17-4, 7-1) will play host to Oklahoma at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Box score

Bill Self audio

• Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson audio

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Sam Constance

Come on KU fans. This is not the end of the world. ISU is likely an NCAA tourney team and we had some bad luck. We weren't going undefeated in the Big 12 this year.

Lajayhawk in reply to formerly jhwkfan162515

Seriously, dude, can't you keep from cussing on here? Jesse's gonna ban you if you aren't careful.

formerly jhwkfan162515 in reply to Mike Kendall

Nope, seven in a row. Check the media guide.


Thats shows you how much more of a coach Bill Self is compared to Ol' Roy. Stuck with his boys til the end knowing they were going to storm the court. Sad thing is you can't blame them, they've literally never been there before.

Mike Kendall in reply to formerly jhwkfan162515

I believe it was five in a row before today.


Ty should have kept driving.


34 free throws for the Cyclones to16 for the Jayhawks was the difference of this game. How in the world is it possible to be that lopsided?

Bville Hawk in reply to formerly jhwkfan162515

Uh, oh. F bomb

formerly jhwkfan162515 in reply to Brian Powell

Until today, we won seven straight in their house.

Mike Kendall in reply to Brian Powell

We have won the last five times. This time, ISU finally won.

formerly jhwkfan162515

Time to put the boys in pads and football helmets the next few practices. Make them rebound like the rebounded in the K-State game.


Conner Teahan is a liability on both sides of the court now.

Brian Powell

what happened? I was watching for the tweets,and didn't see one past 25-17 score :(

we never seem to win at ISU. I seem to remember more losses there than any other place in the B12


Come tournament time, all five starters are going to have to play 38 minutes a game. maybe 35 for the bigs and 38 for the guards.

Sam Constance in reply to Jesse Newell

That's not very nice of them. You'd think that they would be more appreciative of the FOUR second half fouls

Brian Haase in reply to formerly jhwkfan162515

ha, touche!

Mike Kendall in reply to fansincewilt

Makes you wonder how we will do at Stillwater.

formerly jhwkfan162515 in reply to Brian Haase

How can you get over losing to Iowa State so quickly??? IOWA STATE IS EVIL INCARNATE! I HATE IOWA STATE!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Piehler

34 trips to the line for ISU.


We are very fortunate that Missouri got upset by the Cowboys.

formerly jhwkfan162515 in reply to Manginorh00lz


Mike Kendall in reply to Jesse Newell

Yeah, someone will get hurt one of these days. That is why I hate storming the court.

Brian Haase

meh, i'm over it.... ROCK CHALK

Kansas 64
Iowa State 72

Jesse Newell

One official was lucky to get out of that mob with his life.

KU drops to 7-1 in the conference.


Conner is a waste of space out there, cant hit the 3 and cant play defense.

Sam Constance in reply to formerly jhwkfan162515

Several of those 'soft' inside plays we're the result of KU getting hammered with no whistle. I have a hard time labeling that 'soft'.

Mike Kendall in reply to formerly jhwkfan162515

Have to agree. Learn from this---get better.


That was not a very good team that played today. I really didn't think either team was that good.

Manginorh00lz in reply to formerly jhwkfan162515

Actually, I blame the players. I wasn't playing, so I am innocent.

formerly jhwkfan162515 in reply to Sam Constance

Don't blame the refs. KU was soft inside today. Pure and simple. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

formerly jhwkfan162515

shawn baker

It was a floor stormer


I'm having NCAA Tourney flashbacks.

Sam Constance in reply to Ann Oneill

Don't forget the asshats in stripes. I knew this was gonna be bad when we got a bench warning for absolutely nothing.

Mike Kendall

Hope Jesse didn't get buried under the mass of humanity!


KU played like they were playing against a mid-major team. They played scared.

Brian Haase in reply to Bengland

i think you're on to something....


Thanks Jesse, see you next time

Ann Oneill

Poor game all around. Coaches, players, everyone.

Benjamin Piehler

I'm gonna go listen to bill on the radio, cya guys.


Biggest win of their season.

Bengland in reply to Brian Haase

Because there isn't an 8pt play in basketball.


We have a very real chance of going 1 and 3 in the next 4 games counting today


The entire cast of deliverance is on the floor.

Mike Kendall

Sports Center moment, unfortunately.

formerly jhwkfan162515


Brian Haase

wow.... why did WE just dribble it out????

Mike Kendall

Jesse, don't let us lose at Mizzou. Thanks again, for your work! Travel safe!


Why is Teahan shooting?


Surprisingly, the 3PointShooterWhoCantMakeA3han misses again.

Ann Oneill

There is absolutely NO REASON Teahan should play on the road.


Please let someone other than Teahan shoot the 3's.


I'm so sick of watching Teahan dick around on D and do NOTHING on offense.

Bengland in reply to Lajayhawk


Sam Constance

Go f*ck yourselves zebras


Rush the floor!


looks like i picked the wrong week to quit drinking.

Brian Haase

teahan has lost it completely....

Dylans in reply to Jesse Newell

I like your score better than the real one.

Brian Haase in reply to Lajayhawk

yea, i was expecting more at baylor or mizzou, but we do always seem to struggle in Ames for some reason

Sam Constance in reply to Brian Haase

That's [expletive] criminal


This game puts us back into perspective. We just do not have a bench.

Sam Constance

Because we STILL aren't in the bonus. ISU has been for 8 minutes

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Haase

We always have trouble in Ames. I thought this could be a loss.

Ann Oneill in reply to Brian Haase

I wasn't too surprised. We always struggle at ISU.


We might lose but I like how we're finishing this. Executing fairly well.


They need to change the backcourt rule. ISU gets to inbound with a fresh 10 seconds in the back court. We were close to a 10 second call.

Brian Haase in reply to Sam Constance



I'm gonna go pound some ha ha and think about this one.

fansincewilt in reply to Sam Constance


Brian Haase

lets be honest, we weren't going to go undefeated in conference play this year, but i didn't expect this to be one of our losses

Sam Constance

Anyone know how many 2nd half fouls ISU was called for?

00:29 left in Second Half
Kansas 69
Iowa State 64

Jesse Newell

KU making this interesting.


Taylor with a Double Double


Terrible coaching job late. We needed to put in Wesley or young to foul and put white on the free throw line.

Ann Oneill in reply to Mouseclicker

LOL good question

Benjamin Piehler

Our road performance has been flat all year, with the exception of Maui. Hopefully this is a turning point.


Wow. That was a hell of a move by Enigma

Brian Haase in reply to Lajayhawk

huge liability on D i agree


I think White might intimidate our big guys. I hope we don't get this team in the tournament.


Question: Why are we still setting up plays for Teahan to hit a 3?

Ann Oneill

EJ having a sucky day today.


TRob played pretty bad, and rebounding was atrocious. Just atrocious.

Plus, I'm not sure you can even play NeverHitA3han anymore. He can't play defense. If he's not hitting shots, there's no point having him on the floor.

Jarod Kilgore

We didn't lose this because it was a road game. Crowd wasn't a factor, and ISU played poorly most of the time.

Benjamin Piehler

Good luck getting out of there, Jesse


This game had upset written all over it since we beat them last.

Mike Kendall

I guess if there is a silver lining----we're still in 1st.


Tough to win games when the fouls are really lopsided against you even if it is your fault.


It reminds me of a game against mid-major school.


We knew we were going to lose a few games. This is one of them! We'll still win the league. NBD.

Brian Haase

i picked a bad day to not get on here earlier!


this is the rare game where weaknesses on ku are obvious to even the announcers.


10 - 4 on the foul calls this half.


Happy weekend hawks - this is going to be a turning point. Jesse safe travels back, and thanks again for a good board session.

Dave Cook

time to storm the court and possibly endanger the safety of the players... low class!

Mandie Eutsler

good night all. still a fun game

Lajayhawk in reply to Jaycon11

Hahaha. Yes. Yes you can.

Mouseclicker in reply to Cshjhawk

And our lack of rebounding. And our awful 3 point shooting. And turnovers...


game. Poor defensive rebounding and Teahan killed addition to our normally anemic offensive sets.

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Dave Cook

They didn't cost us this game in my opinion.


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