Missouri defeats Kansas, 74-71

  • 8 p.m., Feb. 4, 2012
  • Mizzou Arena, Columbia, MO

FINAL: Missouri scores game's final 11 points, rallies for 74-71 win over KU

The Missouri Tigers scored the game's final 11 points, rallying to beat Kansas, 74-71, on Saturday night at Mizzou Arena in Columbia, Mo.

KU had one last chance to tie it at the buzzer, but a desperation three by Elijah Johnson only hit backboard.

Marcus Denmon led Missouri with 29 points on 10-for-16 shooting.

KU was led by Thomas Robinson, who posted 25 points and 13 rebounds. Nineteen of his 25 points came in the second half.

Tyshawn Taylor added 21 points for KU.

KU (18-5, 8-2 Big 12) will travel to Baylor for a 6 p.m. game Wednesday.

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Our two leading scorers had 21 and 25, combining for 46 of our 71 points and you blame this loss on them..... ?


THis comes in as a choke, but we just need to win. We are in a 3 way tie for first


Wow I guess it makes sense that most of the calls in the last 3 minutes went for MO. Lets all just surrender now. I bet all you people who say that MO won this game fairly will be carrying a white blanket to the KU MO in Lawrence. After all why stick up for ur team when it so much easier to surrender.


Thank you TT. You were amazing all night. At the end of the day I'm happy with him being our PG. Tough loss, but the sky is not falling. Beat Baylor and the Big 12 is ours to lose.


Good game hawks! played a great game and proved that we're better than mu. not better than mu + bad calls

Dave Cook in reply to Rockchalk1990

wrong... the bad call changed momentum..Mu did not win fairly..sorry.

James McGuire in reply to Rockchalk1990

MU made more plays when it mattered, but you can't deny that the refs impacted the game.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Kenshinu

Christian Moody 2.0


Our big players DID step up.

Robinson made a nasty move in the paint to score two, putting KU up 10... oh wait, that was erased by a god-awful KU foul.

Taylor draws a foul while being ridden to the ground, goes to the line to put KU back up 10 (or up 12)... oh, wait, that was a no-call turnover.

Sorry, but the refs completely changed the complexion of that game.

Brian Powell

20 fouls to 10?? cmon. you KNOW that didn't happen.

And the two big calls at the end of the game, charges against TT and Trbo, were obvious flops.

But yes, TT turned it over, yes another team hit ridiculous 3s against us,but cmon - who calls an OFFENSIVE foul like that at the end of a game when the team with the ball is DOWN? They wouldn't even call a DEFENSIVE foul in that situation!


I'm just glad KU never has to visit that trash again!!! Time for an EPIC beatdown in AFH.


Oh and TAYLOR driving against 2 guys instead of getting the ball to KUs ONLY All-American!!!


Kenshinu is right


It was a good game. We will beat them when they come here. TT had a great game.


Wrong Sgt

David Howell

Sorry, Hawks didn't deserve to win. -0- pts. in last 3:39 with mental mistake after mental mistake and at the end we can't even get a good shot off. Hate to say it but Tyshawn's misktakes in 2nd half outweighed his good points. Great FT shooting !

Mike Kendall

Jesse--- Thanks again! Glad U had a great view this time. Travel safe.

Daniel Kennamore

Once again, TT single-handily loses the game for us. Absolutely inexcusable to give him the ball on our last possession.


Oh, and TAYLOR missing 2 free throws!!!!!!!!

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Akl6593

Up 8 points with 1:30 left...meets the definition of "choke" in most books.


Taylor killed us down the stretch


good game except ku couldnt sneeze without getting a foul tonight


Those douches will lose by 25 at the Phog. The refs can kiss my a**.


TT is not a true Point Guard....he is a #2 shooting guard, we need to quit giving him the ball in late game situations....


Just signed in. Watched the Hawks give the game away. Or should I say Taylor!


That was total BS!!!! Seriously, and investigation needs to happen bad.


Big 12 needs to get their refs under control...MU is SeC


Refs had nothing to do with it.....we had the lead but TAYLOR had to get all AND1 and try to split 3 defenders, which ultimately led to Mizzou taking the lead on a 3

Brian Conrad


Rockchalk1990 in reply to Marchphog88

Blaming the refs makes us sound like a bunch of whiny little punks! They beat us when it mattered.

Njhawk in reply to Jayhawkinatl


Brian Conrad

And y should have been under goal good fft shooter rebound and TT would not have to drive so deep

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Oklahawk58

Agreed, but that charge call on TRob was ridiculous!!!! Would have put us up by 10.

Wissoxfan83 in reply to Baldjedi

We tried they called an awful call on him


We were up 8 and it disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Refs go kill yourselves.


Our big players have to step up. I don't think there is any way to coach that. It just has to be there. We are pretty good but suspect at prime time.

Marchphog88 in reply to Lurkerhawk

Anyone who says "don't blame the refs" wasn't watching.

The refs LITERALLY took points off the board.


I don't think we choked and I don't think it is all Taylors fault


Always sux to lose to Meth U

Mike Kendall

Well, Feb. 25th, baby! See ya in the Phog!


We'll still win the Big 12.


MO was fortunate to make their desperate 3's. Like our game. We played strong. We were the better team.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Baldjedi



I'm not one to blame the refs, but that was just plain bad. Sure, we didn't hit our shots at the end, but we shouldn't have to overcome bad officiating.


The refs sucked but Ku lost it. It was choke. But give MU some credit they made incredible shots


Eleven freakin' straight points by Mizzou!!!


How did we not go To Robinson in then end? seriously?


Can't wait till Taylor graduates and takes his sub-par decision making skills out of Lawrence!!!!

Kye Clark

Taylor having Duke flashbacks. Just inexcusable!

Mike Kendall

Thank God, fans didn't rush the floor!

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Lurkerhawk

Agreed...we majorly choked!!!

Mandie Eutsler

nuts and bolts, we got screwed!


This wasn't the refs fault, they made plays when it mattered and we didn't


We had it and blew it!

Tyson Ailshie

This game proves nothing


Self can't complain without getting in trouble, but we still choked


Suspect calls!


Jesus...blew an 8 point lead with 1:30 left!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a colossal choke!!!!!!!


don't blame it on the refs.


We have to be big at the end of games to go somewhere. We choked against Duke and choked here. This is not a good sign for the end of our season. I would like to see us win a big game at the end.

Dave Cook

bs game..BS game!! KU owned them all the way!


Worst final three minutes

Kansas 71
Missouri 74

Jesse Newell

Johnson misses a three at the buzzer.

MU ends the game on an 11-0 run.

Micky Baker

Mizzou got the homer calls, only way they won. THEY ARE PUNKS!

Mike Kendall

I thought I saw Haith slip some money to the refs!


Refs will have no accountability, as always

Bwag in reply to Marchphog88



Hope we can beat KSU...




now it's over


Refs wearing tiger stripes today.

Micky Baker

Johnson was fouled there too!


That was the Mario play - but EJ's not Mario.


That was our shot at the end to tie?


Damn refs

Kye Clark

God damnit what was he looking for? Unacceptable!


Damn you Tyshawn!


dixon will miss!! TT will shoot 3. KU wins by 1


20-10 fouls disparity

Marchphog88 in reply to Gabriel Engeland

No. MU defender over-played and Taylor DREW contact when the MU defender leaned back into Taylor's path.

That was a terrible call.


Refs gave the game to fizzou

Micky Baker

That was two gifts that they gave Missouri.

Mike Kendall

I said on the Cram Session------"I hope that we get some breaks from the officials." Of course, that didn't happen.

Jesse Newell

Dixon is 3-for-5 from the line today.


serious home cooking

Bwag in reply to Theend



Don't forget this is a rebuilding year...


Better be ready for a court storming.


i wish Chalmer is here.

Rolland Remmert

TT just trying to do to much....on to Lawrence.

Kye Clark

Taylor almost invisible this half, except when he was killing us these last 2 minutes


its still not over


I can be fine losing to Misery.

I cannot accept watching these incompetent, azzhat zebras single-handedly win the game for these f***ing slavers.

Gabriel Engeland

I hate it, but that was on TT

00:09 left in Second Half
Kansas 71
Missouri 72

Jesse Newell

MU to shoot two.

Tyson Ailshie

Never seen officiating this one-sided. Not even in the NBA

Kent Wells

That was good defense dammit.


shut up dick!


Biggest load of $hit ever


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