Kansas defeats Kansas State, 59-53

  • 8 p.m., Feb. 13, 2012
  • Bramlage Coliseum, Manhattan, KS

FINAL: KU hangs on for 59-53 victory over Kansas State

Jeff Withey finished one block shy of a triple-double, helping the Kansas men's basketball team to a 59-53 victory over Kansas State on Monday night in Manhattan.

Withey posted 18 points, 11 rebounds and nine blocks.

Tyshawn Taylor added 20 points, five rebounds and five assists to go with three turnovers.

KSU cut the lead to 55-51 with 1:15 to go, but the Wildcats came away empty on three straight possessions.

Thomas Robinson added 10 points, nine rebounds and two assists to go with five turnovers.

Jamar Samuels led KSU with 20 points and 12 rebounds. He also went 4-for-6 from three after entering the game just 8-for-35 from the three-point line.

KU (21-5) will play host to Texas Tech at 8 p.m. Saturday.

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Is our defense that good?

Or is KSU's offense that bad?

They shot 30% FG.

And we smacked them down with 40% FG.

What in god's name has basketball come to?

I decided to wait until the game ended to say this: it would have been a better game without the refs. They were disgraces to their stripes. The refs ought to be reviewed and put on probation. It was just one extended joke.

Duane Rice in reply to Ted Adams

Do you think they will put ku's name on the court like they do coaches


TMI, pitthawk!!

Mike Kendall

Jesse, sorry you lost your prediction!

Ted Adams

Tonight it was MR. WITHEY'S neighborhood! Nice job. 8 on 5 and we STILL own your building. Allen Fieldhouse West. KSU can name it when they finally figure out how to beat us there. 22-2 in KSU's building. Frickin' fantastic!

Alex Berger in reply to Jaybate

Does it cure dorkishness?

Duane Rice

if the game is close at the end there is a blueprint on how to beat us. Who cares! we win.

Pitthawk34 in reply to Danr

He loves purple, i heard he wears a purple g string.

Matt Lacey in reply to Danr

Lack of sleep or surplus of drinks.

Mike Kendall

Defense will carry us a long way, by the way!


Question: Are the ESPN SC anchors taking dork medicine?

Alex Berger in reply to Danr

Old age?


sometimes, you gotta win ugly. and we did it


Big question of the night. What happened to Bobby Knight. ?

Kent Wells

Jesse: Get to feeling better!


Sweet W

Alex Berger in reply to Jeff Coffman

A lot of no call hacking on both ends


We have lost our way.


AFH West.

Darin Bradley

even w/ the home cookin we get the W.


We won but a ton of concerns. 2 more huge road games. At least we held court.

Jeff Coffman

That is one ugly score...In the 50s...what's sad is I didn't think it was great defense...poor offense

Jaybate in reply to David Davison

Yep, if someone wants to drag you down a manhole, you have to fight them down there. We did and won.

Mike Kendall

Jesse---thanks! Get out of the Doom while you can!!!!!!!!

Alex Berger

Overcame home court advantage, our own sloppy play, and AWFUL refs.

Kye Clark

Ugly! But it's all about survival on the road. No style points from the East German judge to worry about


Evil almost triumphs

Jeff Coffman

Yes!!! 2000 posts... a new record...I think


Rock chalk!!!

Matt Lacey

ATL and KIPs posts should not have been next to each other. LMAO


Sweep! Goodnight all.

Travis Warner

Rock Chalk Victory!

Litlmikeyb in reply to Kip_mcsmithers


Jeff Coffman

I'm at 1999 post will we get 2000


Thank God that Spradling forgot that he is white on that back door lob.

Jeremy Wilhelm

Time to drag my butt into bed :-)


Farm animals watch out tonight....


i'll take it. rockchalk!

David Davison

Win is a win though, and in the end, the win is what matters.

Jaybate in reply to Kooky

It needs more starter production, too.


They've dropped 22 out of 24 against us in Bramlege. Octagon of Doom?

Nick Thompson

Didn't love this...but a win's a win

Mike Kendall

Whew! It will be a hella of day at work---work with a lot of K-Staters!!!!!!!!!


Holy Rowe is someone's daughter. Someone's really large, homely daughter.


Jesse was wrong!

Kansas 59
Kansas State 53

Jesse Newell

Taylor pumps his jersey to the KSU fans after the buzzer.

KU's defense comes through for a huge road win.


At what point does coach Self address the horrible play in the last three minute of the last several games?

Duane Rice

do you hear that

James McGuire

It was ugly, but its another win.

Matt Lacey

They need to move the cameras at Bramlage so we can't see Martin's bald spot.

Jeff Coffman

wow...that is 3 losses at home for the kitties


Yikes. Big win, though. Can't complain too much.


We TRIED to give that away.


Thank you Tim tebow.

Darin Bradley

Rock Chalk



Joe Satterwhite


Tyson Ailshie in reply to Rodriguez33


Duane Rice in reply to Kooky

thats a little pointless at this time of year


We dodged a bullet!

Jerry Becker



That was ugly.

Benjamin Piehler

Gotta play better in Stilwater!

Tyson Ailshie

I sure hope T Rob's ok


Rock Chalk..... somehow


Next week this will only show up as a W and a season sweep of the kitties. Next!

Kent Wells in reply to Dynamitehawk

Yo yo yo San Diego!


win again

Alex Berger

Conner got some points!




1st bench points?


this has to be over with these

James McGuire

Is the drop off the new shot fake?


This team needs some more bench production.

Jeff Coffman

Why isn't Withey in to get his 10th block

Tyson Ailshie

These officials are embarrassing themselves

Duane Rice in reply to Kent Wells

she can barley talk anyway




YO YO YO Rock Chalk

Ann Oneill

Why is Withey out of the game?

Matt Lacey

Why did they take Withey the best FT shooter out?




KU has gotten blazing hot and almost broken 40% FG...almost.

Duane Rice

I dont care how it looks just win.

Nick Thompson

that guy!

Kent Wells

Cue up the fat chick. Not Holly Rowe by the way. The singing one. And what the hell was that?

Chuckberry32 in reply to Litlmikeyb


Benjamin Piehler

"This year's team has got to get used to winning ugly." -Bill Self

Jeremy Wilhelm in reply to Hawkfromhays

If we lose, then sure, else, you're still pulling a chicken little.

Jeff Coffman

K-State going for 4 loses in a row and now 3 home losses this season...if the score holds

Tyson Ailshie in reply to Bwag

Bob Knight needs to tone it down. A little too much pontificating


I love TROB but he has not shown it this game.

Lonnie Ross Dillon in reply to Jesse Newell

He looked like he banged his knee with the collision with Jeff Withey

Brad Swisher in reply to Hawkfromhays

We're still winning on the road, pipe down

James McGuire in reply to Lajayhawk

Let's hope that gets solved in the next four weeks.

Litlmikeyb in reply to Chuckberry32

Can't "work" on late game free throws. It's in his head now.


the book on us is going to be foul TT at the end

Darin Bradley in reply to Bret Eckert

Are you NUTS?? We wouldn't be in this game without TT

Mike Kendall in reply to Jesse Newell



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