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West Virginia defeats Kansas, 59-10

  • 1:30 p.m., Dec. 1, 2012
  • Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium, Morgantown, WV

FINAL: West Virginia trounces KU, 59-10

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith completed 23 of 24 passes for 407 yards in his final home game, leading the Mountaineers to a 59-10 romp over Kansas on Saturday afternoon in Morgantown, W. Va.

WVU receiver Tavon Austin also added 187 combined rushing and receiving yards, as the Mountaineers racked up 650 yards total and didn't punt until their second-to-last possession with 1:46 left in the fourth quarter.

Dayne Crist started at quarterback for KU but was ineffective, completing 1 of 5 passes for 41 yards. He was replaced in the second quarter by Michael Cummings, who was 6-for-11 for 76 yards.

James Sims led KU in rushing, posting 18 carries for 57 yards with a TD.

KU (1-11, 0-9 Big 12) ends its season after failing to win a conference game for the second straight season.

Box score

KU coach Charlie Weis postgame audio


First Quarter

12:14 - Andrew Buie 2 run. Tyler Bitancurt kick. In an attempt to keep the ball out of the hands of all-world return man Tavon Austin, Kansas squibbed the opening kickoff and West Virginia started at its own 32. Eight plays and 68 yards later, the Mountaineers took the early lead, capping a drive that spanned 2:46 and featured a 45-yard bomb from quarterback Geno Smith to receiver Steadman Bailey on the game's first offensive play. (WVU 7, KU 0).

2:08 - Shawne Alston 2 run. Bitancurt kick. The Mountaineers' second scoring drive of the day was awfully similar to their first, as it covered 77 yards in nine plays and 4:07 but also featured a long pass from Smith. This one, a 50-yard bomb to J.D. Woods set WVU up at the Kansas 30 yard line and came when KU senior Greg Brown fell down in coverage just before the ball arrived. (WVU 14, KU 0).

Second Quarter

11:34 - Steadman Bailey 8 pass from Geno Smith. Bitancurt kick. The Mountaineers looked more like themselves on their third scoring drive, striking quickly with a five-play, 61-yard march that took just 1:41. Smith hit Bailey three times for 23 yards and Tavon Austin kicked it all off with an explosive 31-yard run. (WVU 21, KU 0).

7:05 - James Sims 1 run. Nick Prolago kick. KU's first scoring drive of the day featured eight runs and one pass, but that pass, a bomb from Michael Cummings to tailback Tony Pierson, set the Jayhawks up with a first-and-10 at the WVU 16. Three plays later, Sims plowed in from a yard out to put KU on the board. The long pass to Pierson was challenged by West Virginia, but replay officials ruled that Pierson was in the field of play when he caught the ball. (WVU 21, KU 7).

3:29 - Alston 1 run. Bitancurt kick. Another methodical WVU drive that featured another long pass gave the home team its fourth TD of the first half. This pass, a 44-yarder from Smith to Austin, came on third-and-three in West Virginia territory. . (WVU 28, KU 7).

0:24 - J.D. Woods 8 pass from Smith. Bitancurt kick. The Jayhawks had a chance to salt away the first-half game clock, but knocked just 54 seconds off after a three-and-out, leaving WVU with 2:34 and plenty of time to march down the field for its fifth TD of the first half. The drive covered 65 yards and six plays and took 2:11. (WVU 35, KU 7).

Third Quarter

9:11 - Tyler Bitancurt 30 field goal. West Virginia's touchdown streak came to an end on the Mountaineers' first drive of the second half, which was aided by a late pass interference call on JaCorey Shepherd on a deep ball intended for Bailey. The 15-yard penalty moved WVU into KU territory, and, four plays later, the Mountaineers settled for three. (WVU 38, KU 7).

6:02 - Bailey 16 pass from Smith. Bitancurt kick. West Virginia's quick-strike offense showed up again on this drive, as the Mountaineers moved 74 yards in just three plays and 54 seconds. The big play on the drive came from tailback Andrew Buie, who caught a screen pass from Smith and raced by the entire KU defense before Greg Brown pushed him out inside the 20. (WVU 45, KU 7).

1:31 - Austin 1 run. Bitancurt kick. Although Austin rarely got loose during this one, he did finally factor into the scoring, carrying the load on the final two snaps of this seven-play, 82-yard drive that took 2:23. (WVU 52, KU 7).

Fourth Quarter

9:01 - Nick Prolago 32 field goal. KU methodically took the ball down the field on this 15-play, 60-yard drive, as no play on the drive was longer than eight yards. Prolago snuck his kick inside the left upright for his fifth straight made field goal this year. (WVU 52, KU 10).

5:13 - Dustin Garrison 26 run. WVU senior quarterback Geno Smith received one final ovation at home, as he was checked out of the game during this drive. The Mountaineers went 84 yards on eight plays, with Garrison cutting his TD run back to the left side on his 26-yard score. (WVU 59, KU 10).

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Lajayhawk in reply to Micky Baker

His senior year, you mean? I was a freshman that year. I was at basically all of those games. Can't really remember how he did in each one specifically, though.

Micky Baker

In 1995, KU had two 1000 yard rushers, LT. Levin and Henley, but the star of the Aloha Bowl was Eric Vann that year.


It's Jake Heaps' team now.

Micky Baker in reply to Lajayhawk

Henley started out fast that year averaging over 200 yards a game for the first 3 including one game against TCU that year I believe. I think they only played 11 regular season games then too.


better passing game with a better defense would lead to more carries.

Lajayhawk in reply to Lawkan

Yeah it is. It'll be dependent on a lot of things. A better passing game means fewer carries, but should also mean more yards per carry for him.

Micky Baker in reply to Lawkan

Single season record, not career rushing yards record.

Lajayhawk in reply to Micky Baker

I calculated it below. 1360 to actually break it.


At least we had our chances at conference wins this year.

Lajayhawk in reply to Lawkan

Cornish had 1457 his senior year.

Micky Baker

Sims will need about 1300 yards next year to break the record.

Lawkan in reply to Lajayhawk

yeah just saying its doable.

Jesse Newell in reply to Mike Nicco

Hawkinson and McDougald both have good shots.

Brian Haase

rock chalk. can't wait till next year!

Kansas 10
West Virginia 59

Jesse Newell

KU ends its season 1-11 and fails to win a conference game for the second straight year.


Take me hoooooome country roooooooads

Brian Haase in reply to Lajayhawk

i think we'll know by the end of the 3rd game next year, he's gonna need to rack up the yards in those games

Lajayhawk in reply to Lawkan

Season record, yes. I'm talking career record. Henley has that.

Mike Nicco

Hey Jessie. Any chance of seeing somebody play on Sundays next year? Thanks.


Cornish had 1400+ I think thats the record.

Lajayhawk in reply to Brian Haase

It is, but he'll have to be the featured back, and I'm sure Pierson will get a lot of carries too...

Lajayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

Dang, 1359 is a lot. Henley's best year was his senior year, and he rushed for 1349.....

Brian Haase in reply to Lajayhawk

it's doable!

Lajayhawk in reply to Lajayhawk

Oh, wait, I had the wrong number for Henley. June finished KU with 3841, according to That means Sims needs 1359 if he finishes today with 57 to tie him.

Kent Wells

Thanks, Jesse. On to hoops!

Jesse Newell in reply to Lajayhawk

He had 2,425 before the game and added 57 today.

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

I like to watch.....


Patterson seemed like he was going to be a star when he came in. What a disappointment.


A WVU punt!


UGA has thrown two ill-advised deep floater passes that Bama has intercepted in the first half. Bama now driving late in the half.


Jesse, correct me if I'm wrong, but I put Sims at almost 2500 career yards now, which means he needs slightly under 1,000 yards to pass June Henley. Definitely a possibility he'll end up our all-time leading rusher...

Marc Frey

FSN just dropped the game in WI

Micky Baker in reply to Lawkan

OSU maybe, but not TCU.

Duane Rice

All I want for x-mass a qb for both my teams.

Jesse Newell in reply to Newtonhawk

Thanks. I'll be sure to pass on the word to Tait, who told me online that he went down to the field for the final minutes of the season.


Looks like it will happen - a whole season with 0 receiver TDs. Amazing

Brian Haase in reply to Brian Haase

next year**

  • From where we were to were to where we are---I'm excited to see what happens next year. Thanks Jesse!

  • I agree. HUGE thanks to Jesse and Tait for doing everything football for this site. You guys have made this team actually worth watching every week. Keep it up guys and keep on keeping one with this great site!

  • i'm guessing 1200 next year, factoring in that we might be able to throw the ball every year, he'll have more receiving yards next year

  • Well the league should be much easier next year. KSU, WVU, and Baylor won't be the same. OSU and TCU are probably the only two teams that will be much better.

  • Hey thanks. I appreciate it. I have a lot of fun on here.

  • How much are we paying in total coaching salaries for these kind of results? ( go ahead and include what we are paying in buyout money to last year's staff )

  • You guys are still at it. On my way to a holiday party. Going to get drunk and make an ass out of myself. Rock chalk next saturday

  • Thanks again for the work you put in. KU- Will be better next year. I could see KU beating WVU and quite a few more teams next year. Thanks!

  • Agreed

  • Hey Jesse, thanks for running these chats all season. You've been a terrific host for every gameday and you've answered every stupid question I asked. You're very good at what you do here.

  • Love the dude. He's a beast. I actually said his Freshman year that he'd be KU's all-time leading rusher. He'll need a great year, next year, but it's not out of the realm of possibilities. Too bad he lost those three games. Might have had 1500 yards...

  • I think having Heaps will help Charlie with recruiting for next year. Not that I've given up on this game.

  • Thanks. And I'm here for all your San Fernando porn concerns... apparently....

  • 1000 yards rushing in 8 games though...

  • Sims isn't going to get to 100 yards rushing today, either. Stinks.

  • Bama just tied it up... this is gonna be a good game

  • TD Bama, 7-7

  • And never feel bad asking questions. That's what I'm here for.

  • Ooooohhhh. That makes more sense. Ha.

  • I just mean if people ask questions about things on the field.

  • hahaha... sorry, I made myself laugh out loud on that one...

  • 05:13 left in Fourth Quarter
    West Virginia 59
    Kansas 10

    Dustin Garrison with the 26-yard touchdown run.

  • You don't like being watched, then?

  • A little sensitive!!!

  • Huh. I would think being on site makes it harder to answer questions. I always feel bad asking, haha.

  • Will WV punt this game? I am sure back in the 80s, OU and NU had games against us when they never punted. But wonder about WV.

  • Does that get you excited?

  • Quite a bit different. Easier to get distracted. Harder to answer questions.

  • Saved the worst game for last it would seem

  • Remember this, we need to score 150 on WV in basketball in both places. Let them cry about it.

  • ha! that was quick

  • Brick wall just fell down.

  • BOOM. Sack. Take that, WVU offense. Brick wall, we are.

  • Smith 22-23 passing

  • So, what's it like covering a game from your couch? Is it a lot different? Or pretty much the same?

  • 7-0 Georgia, five minutes or so til halftime.

  • 52? So some just watch apparently???

  • What's the score?

  • I guess WV thinks they have this sewn up, yanking Smith.

  • Yeah, whatever. Geno Smith is ok.

    (and before someone jumps down my throat, that was a joke)

  • This reminds me of KU's game against Texas a few years back during Colt McCoy's last game.

  • Here, here!

  • Hahaha. That's what I'm here for. Vicariously, my friend. :-)

  • Srill want to watch the game, even if we are losing. But UK lost in hoops and Missery football did not make a bowl, so not all is lost.

  • I'm still here, watching the Bama / Georgia game as we put this KU season to merciful sleep.

  • Hmm Geno Smith still in the game

  • But I don't kiss and tell....

  • FOr wells, "I got her IP Address"

  • Wow. That's actually more than I thought. LOL.

  • 52 of us. About one-sixth of what we get normally.

  • Yeah, I know. I was altering it to fit Wells circumstances.

  • Jesse - funny is funny brother! And that was funny.

  • Nope, it was "I got her number... How 'bout them apples".

  • Amen to that

  • He could've pulled out the Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting and said, "well I got her email. How 'bout them apples?"

  • Those still on here, I have to say this, that when things do get turned around you will all deserve it more than those that are fair weather fans.

  • For all of us still here, I wish I could buy us a round! My toast, "It appears our 'rock bottom' had a trap door... Cheers all, see ya' round the boards!"

  • 09:01 left in Fourth Quarter
    West Virginia 52
    Kansas 10

    Nick Prolago makes the 32-yard field goal.

  • Ha. I only said it because I knew you'd be a good sport about it.

  • Is this the same WVU team that lost 5 in a row

  • Wow. They read that option like a 35 year old woman with a copy of 50 Shades of Gray.

  • Besides, I'm on here for the witty banter with all these sexually frustrated English teachers..

  • Is there like 8 of us on the blog at this point?

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