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Kentucky defeats Kansas, 67-59

  • 8:23 p.m., April 2, 2012
  • New Orleans,

FINAL: Late rally comes up short as KU falls to Kentucky, 67-59, in title game

Kentucky's Doron Lamb scored 22 points and Anthony Davis added six blocks, 16 rebounds, five assists and three steals as Kentucky held off Kansas for a 67-59 victory in the national championship game Monday night at the Superdome in New Orleans.

Kentucky's 11 blocks set a new championship game record, while Davis' six blocks tied the individual NCAA championship game record.

KU made just 17 of 51 two-pointers (33 percent).

Kentucky led by as many as 18 in the first half before KU trimmed the halftime deficit to 41-27.

KU cut the lead to 62-57 with 1:37 left on a pair of free throws by Thomas Robinson but couldn't come any closer.

Tyshawn Taylor led KU with 19 points on 8-for-17 shooting with three assists and five turnovers. Robinson added 18 points and 17 rebounds, making just six of 17 shots.

Both Robinson and Taylor were named to the Final Four All-Tournament Team. Davis was named the Most Outstanding Player.

KU ends its season with a 32-7 record.

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Jeff Kilgore in reply to Highelitemajor

Not at all. When did the jump shooting ever look good?


Proud of this team...always will be.


please go to the nba coach calipari so i can go back to hating coach k the most.


We had a great year. Went WAY further in the seasontournament than I ever thought. I love my Hawks and I'm proud as hell of them. HCBS should get coach of the year. But....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...could we get a guy who can consistently shoot next year?

Bwag in reply to Timothy Todd

Except it doesn't work like that


Helluva year. Rock Chalks

Jeff Kilgore

Funny, the statistics of this game is really about how we played the entire tournament. UK was shut down in the second half, we just couldn't score.


It sure seemed like we were getting mugged under our basket.


I don't understand everyone here. Did you just see what we gave away? Did you not see a national title right there on a silver platter?

George Powell

This was a great to team to watch, just a little to deep of a hole to dig out of this time.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Everrisinghawk

Whatever, turd!!!!


Rock Chalk Jayhawk. I love this team.

Lonnie Ross Dillon

Even though we lost, TRob should be the MOP. 18 pts and 17 rebounds. And if you believe CBS stats, Withey now has the NCAA tournament block record.

Jeff Moore

Well bought championship for Kentucky. Like everything else about Kentucky - best players and refs money could buy.


Great year"

Dave Cook

Rock Chalk! Still best team in my book!


Way to finish out the game, 'hawks!!!! Proud of you!!!!

Everrisinghawk in reply to Jayhawkinatl

go eff yourself


Thanks for a great year Jesse!

Brian Powell

Imagine what HCBS could do with all that talent :P


Fun year, everyone. Until the next go 'round ... Rock Chalk!

Cshjhawk in reply to 1975jayhawk

just thinking that!


Thanks, 'hawks. Great year. Hold your heads high.

Vajay in reply to Lindhawk

Not cool. Show a little class if you have any.

Stoops in reply to Lindhawk



Hope folks greet them at the airport tomorrow.


I'm so dam proud of this team no matter the outcome of this game. This team made me a believer until the very end. What a memorable season!


great season. see you next year!


.....and in 2 years Caliprick will be vacated of the wins and the championship and hightail it out of KY

Timothy Todd

By guys. See you labor day weekend. Rock chalk!


one hell of a run guys! thanks for the ride!


By By UK won't see the same team next year. Their a bunch of chumps with no heart. Players that stay more than one year have heart! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU!!!!!


No surprise, boys. Give it up for the kids.......what great effort. Nobody was beating KY this year......just the way it goes.


I am proud of our guys. We played one of the worst halfs all year and still had the heart to make it a game. Nobody will ever be able to say that they just quit. I'm proud of you!

Lonnie Ross Dillon

Went down fighting....I'm damn proud of these guys!


Can't imagine how many deformed babies are going to be born in 9 months

Christopher Hauser

CBS is loving every moment of this

Brian Powell in reply to Gabriel Engeland

you can, but then you can't pick it back up again (like a pass.. you can't pass to yourself)


Suck it up TRob!!!!! No crying in b-ball.

Kansas 59
Kentucky 67

Jesse Newell


We had our chances and no one quit. Proud as hell of this team.

Jim Dickerson in reply to Kenshinu

you sir are a prime example of lookiing stupid


well, bring on perry ellis.


I don't think I've ever been prouder to be a jayhawk. This team exceeded every expectation I had and then some. What a season.


damn. wish we would have beaten the spread.

Timothy Todd

This has been a great season. We will hang the banner when Calipari gets nailed. And we'll be back next year. Rock chalk! This team has no reason to hang their heads!

00:00 left in Second Half
Kansas 59
Kentucky 67

Jesse Newell

Kentucky takes the national title.


It's too bad we won't be able to say we won this after their title is vacated


Great Season. Great Team. Keep your heads up Jayhawks!



Rolland Remmert

Nothing to be ashamed about


Rock chalk!

Christopher Hauser in reply to Jesse Newell

Sorry Jesse that Calapari comment was not supposed to be a reply to you


I will sleep well tonight knowing that at least Kansas did it legitimately.

Matt Lacey

i hate david stern and the nba


I'm thankful we had a chance - thanks guys!



James McGuire

Damn. What a season though.


What's the over under on the title being vacated?

Matt Lacey

Jesse, see if you can get digits from Rachel Bachman the Wall Street Journal college reporter. She writes well and looks cute.

Gabriel Engeland

Rock Chalk!

Sawman3333 in reply to Christopher Hauser

They'll end up having it taken away!


This was a fantastic season. Even though this is incredibly disappointing, it isn't surprising. Calipari is such a snake. I hate this crap


One hell of a season guys. Thanks for the ride Jayhawks. Can't wait until next year. Rock Chalk!


Fun season. Just gonna enjoy these last few.

Christopher Hauser in reply to Jesse Newell

What an injustice for this ahole Calapari to get a title


This was an unbelievable season. I LOVE this team. They have more heart than almost any team I can remember. I couldn't be more proud of these Jayhawks.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

Mark Hopkins

Great season! See ya next year.


Great season - you did us proud guys. I've had a blast this season!


Reminiscent of the block in 2003


They gave us a chance


we made a game of it. UK just too good.

Gabriel Engeland in reply to John White

Looked like he got the ball down before he hit. Can't you do that?

Kenshinu in reply to Kusportsnut

Yes, how dare I hole grown men accountable for playing well below what they are capable of, and letting minors make them look stupid in front of a national audience.

James McGuire in reply to Lajayhawk

I bet he mentions this exact moment more than a few times next year too.

Matt Lacey in reply to Lajayhawk

LOL. Thanks for the grin during grim times.


Winnable game. We just didn't make shots.


it's been a fun season guys

John White in reply to Gabriel Engeland

Definitely a travel, sorry. Up and down.

Matt Lacey

At least Brow doesn't get a block for that.


Somewhere Bob Knight is saying, "See!"


Why are we not shooting

Jesse Newell

Davis again. Hakim Warrick-like.


Don't be disappointed Hawk Fans people thought we wouldn't get this far and we proved them wrong. RockChalkJayHawk GO KU Hawk Fan 4EVER


Ow. That coulda gone better.

Gabriel Engeland

NOT a travel.


dang he made that too


jeebus. stupid.




Also, I'm sure these refs are from Missouri

Kusportsnut in reply to Kenshinu

Please never get on this site again. You are a disgrace to our fan base.


What an effort! No quit. Championship game.

Matt Lacey

Jesse, it's time to ban Kenshinu

Ljmhawk in reply to Kenshinu

lol you sir are an idiot

Timothy Todd

Excellent 2nd half. We will be so good next year.

Brian Powell

we had every chance. dunks, layups, FTs, turns...

we had a big opportunity to come back. from down 18! wow.

at least we made it interesting for a minute :)


Can't wait to see what Travis, EJ and Withey do next year!!!


Don't feed the troll.

Njhawk in reply to Jayhawkinatl

We played like freshmen. Did not show mental maturity.


Thank you for a great year Ghost!


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