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Kansas State defeats Kansas, 59-21

  • 11 a.m., Oct. 22, 2011
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Kansas State blasts Kansas, 59-21

The Kansas football team was overmatched for the second year in a row against in-state rival Kansas State, falling 59-21 to the Wildcats on Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium.

After punting on its first possession, KSU scored touchdowns on its next four drives. The Wildcats also added a field goal on their final possession after completing a 48-yard pass with nine seconds left in the half.

Things actually got uglier for KU in the second half.

Tyler Lockett returned the opening kickoff of the second half 97 yards for a score, and following a fumble by Tony Pierson, Collin Klein added a 1-yard touchdown run.

After another KU fumble, this one by quarterback Jordan Webb, Klein completed a 19-yard TD pass to Lockett to make it 52-14 with 10:33 left in the third quarter.

Klein set his career high for passing yards, finishing 12 of 19 for 195 yards with a passing touchdown. He also rushed 13 times for 92 yards and four TDs, which tied him for the second-most in a game in KSU history.

Webb led KU's offense, completing 21 of 28 passes for 169 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions.

KU (2-5) will travel to face Texas at 6 p.m. on Oct. 29.

Turner Gill postgame press conference audio

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Larry Evans

Alberg,,you are like Gill...clueless.

Kenneth Terry

Turner Gill postgame comments... Watch the tape and correct our mistakes and be ready to compete next week


Unfortunately, I think we are stuck with this for next year also.


Bill Snyder says the score is not definitive or reflective of the KU football team. Class act or coach speak?

Larry Evans

Snyder,,just told Gill that he hopes to see him on the field after a beating each year.

Rockchalknation in reply to Hihawk

Wow. You just can't get off this site. Get a life and go back to your tractor.

Alex Berger in reply to Larry Evans

Uh false. Your opinion is worthless.

Andy Smith

20 returning staters with terrible experience


What do you think Snyder says to TG? "Man, you guys played really well. I wish you the best of luck, and am thrilled KU can't buy you out for a couple of years. Keep up the good work, you are making my job so much easier."

Rob4lb in reply to Peter56321

But instead of owing $8M, you only owe $6M.

Kansas State 59
Kansas 21

Jessenewell staff

KU falls to 2-5.


Well, we sure showed them. I hate this staff.

Larry Evans in reply to Alex Berger

Alberg,,you don't know jack about football.

Ramsey76 in reply to Hihawk

Could be worse. We could be spending like Obama.


I see Zenger standing over there with pink slips, wonder if that means anything?

Peter56321 in reply to Rob4lb

Oh, absolutely. Even next year, though, our options will be the same.

Rob4lb in reply to Peter56321

I agree, but unless some booster donates a bunch of money, I think he is here for another year

Christopher Hauser in reply to Peter56321

Yes, and the team acted like they had just won the game.

Larry Evans

Yeah,,a score against the second team.. Something for Gill to harp about.

Dan Harris in reply to Aznhawk

NO I would take Leach in a nano second!

00:01 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas State 59
Kansas 21

Jessenewell staff

Mundine with the TD.

Alex Berger in reply to Micky Baker

Two flaws with your logic on us having a good defense next year with any "good coach" First, Mangino had some great defensive players left over. CB Gordon, LB Reid were All Big XII and got shots in the NFL. Second, back then the spread offense was not near as prevalent. Now with the spread defenses are stretched out more and it leads to teams without a defensive line that is able to put pressure on the QB, like KU, in deep trouble. This team has deeper flaws than our HC. Also, remember we have 20 returning starters next year.

Peter56321 in reply to Jaminrawk

I think it's sarcasm.

Andy Smith

Oh boy, that Chuck Long can really dial up special plays.

Peter56321 in reply to Rob4lb

Yep. But keeping Gill is clearly not the answer. And no proven head coach would touch this cancer. It's really our only shot.

Dan Harris in reply to Hihawk

Obama has spent more money in 3 years then Bush did in 8 years so nice try libby!


Why are the celebrating that meaningless TD? How embarassing.


me = unhappy.


Leach and Leavitt have great records, but does anyone consider their scandals/actions brought upon their former universities?

Jessenewell staff

Touchdown, Jimmay Mundine.

Larry Evans

I can see why Osborne demoted him from assistant coach.

Andy Smith

Gill manages time outs well in worthless moments


I am going to be unhappy if they score here. I want the offense to look like what it was -- bad.


Everyone talks about Leach or Leavitt, I don't see the administration would hire either. I think Leach may end up at UCLA.

Larry Evans

kick a field goal ,Gill.

Rob4lb in reply to Peter56321

And that is always a gamble.

Peter56321 in reply to Rob4lb

Definitely not a head coach anywhere. Our best hope is an assistant at a successful program.


Andy Smith in reply to Doug Fisher

Why not 100? Then Gill would br gone


Hey. We just may get a meaningless touchdown at the end of the game. That will be like something.


Glad Mundine doesn't get to play much with the first team. He gets open and stuff.


I think you have to ask the question: If Gill is fired, who would want to coach here?

Larry Evans

Kansasbb,,i agree ,,but i think Gill will always think he is a great coach,,even if he never wins a game again as a head coach. He is just too cocky acting on the sideline for me for such a horrid program.

Dan Harris

That's it! I have not bashed Gill up to this point but I have seen enough. This team is NEVER prepared, un-diciplined, lacking emotion and plays like a bunch of pu##ies! I am officially joining apher(never thought I would say that!) on the band wagon for firing T Gill!! I don't flipping care how much money is left on his contract because it will pale in compaeison to how much$ this program will lose when NO ONE goes to the remaining games. Tell Gill not to bother even going to yhe locker room, fire him on the sideline right after the game and put a call into M Leach TODAY!!!

Micky Baker in reply to Jaminrawk

Thats easy. Show the new coach the talent that he would have to work with. A good coach could turn this into a 6-6 or 7-5 team next year. Bowl Eligible. Mangino had the team Bowl Eligible in his second season. And he took not so athletic guys and turned them into one of the best defenses in the country. That can't be argued given 2004 and 2005 seasons. If they allow Gill to stay, more damage will be done. You can't allow it to be worse than it is now. You have to have an AD that is willing to make decisions that are good for the program. If they don't fire Gill now, it will be much harder to hire a good coach two years down the road.

Doug Fisher

Wishes K-State for another TD to make the score 60+

Hihawk in reply to Buckleyhawk

Worse, I think it has happened.


It's $8.5 million this year or $5-6 million next year. It's probably worth the extra coin to start over right way -- this is dreadful.

Andy Smith

Bring back Terry Allen

Grisgris in reply to Baldjedi

I think we just paid that up front.

Observant in reply to Andy Smith

overpaid and worthless is better description, but he take the money laughing all the way to the bank.

Eric Williams

Why isn't Mundine playing with 1st team in Steward's spot?

Buckleyhawk in reply to Peter56321

HA that is an awesome idea.

I really honestly didn't think I would ever see KU as bad as it was in the T Allen years. it might be worse.


Oh okay, are we still paying Mangino? I would say it is safer to fire Shealy and Gill is going to be here another year.

Aznhawk in reply to Larry Evans

I dont see another choice unless the University wants to be in debt like the U.S.A.

Jessenewell staff in reply to Larry Evans

Yep. It's pretty simple. No buyouts.


Great, K state fans just took over the student section.

Jaminrawk in reply to Andy Smith

it would be nice. But if you're employer offered you $6 million and you were obviously not getting another head coaching job for a very long time, would you take less?


4 years. No less. It doesn't matter if we get be 1,000-0 every game this year.

Gill gets his 4 years. Quit being babies.

Peter56321 in reply to Buckleyhawk

Yes! It could be a countdown like the National Debt clock. Always showing how much money is owed to HCTG. Then we could start raising the funds and another clock will show how much has been raised toward buying out his contract. When the numbers match, we all drink champagne.


Why is it that KU is throwing money away like Bush did?

Larry Evans in reply to Aznhawk

Aznhawk,,what are u saying just keep seeing the same pitiful football for the next 3-4 years?

Andy Smith

If Gill is an honorable man, he'll walk away with a couple of million knowing he unable to succeed at this level. If not, he's just another overpaid coach stealing money.


I think itll take about 10 mil to get rid of Gill and his staff out of here.

@Jaminrawk - I agree.


Meacham gets in with 3 minutes left. Waste.


They should use KU's share of the Nebraska/Colorado/A&M/Missouri buyout money to send Turner packing.

Jaminrawk in reply to Aznhawk

Don't forget hiring a new staff and convincing them it's a good job even though they just fired two coaches in three years. $$$


If that is correct what it would take to buy out Gill's contract, Lew Perkins should be hunted down and burned at the stake.


Does Gill really have a shot to coach us again next season??? I think he's gone!

Doug Fisher

Hoping they get past 60 on us at this point!

Buckleyhawk in reply to Peter56321


Maybe LJW should just button it up on the banner until there is no more HC in front of TG at KU.

Larry Evans in reply to Jessenewell

Newell,,have you read Gill's contract?

Jessenewell staff in reply to Aznhawk

Not positive about Mangino, but I think that might be taken care of.

Aznhawk in reply to Jessenewell

Jesse, I also think that KU still owes Mangino and Lew right? If that is the case then KU is going to be WAY NEGATIVE in their bank account to have to pay Lew, Mangino, Gill and all of his assistants if they were to get the boot.

Peter56321 in reply to Jessenewell

I'm pretty sure you answer this question every game. I think you should just start posting it after every time the opponent scores.

741hawk in reply to Packywacky88

Packywack88 We've been tellin' you since mid-season last year. Handwriting was on the wall. That said, Glad to have you on-board.

Jaminrawk in reply to Yakihawk

That was the post of the day.

03:10 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas State 59
Kansas 14

Jessenewell staff

KU will get the ball one more time.

Larry Evans

Gill will say how he liked how the team played in the last part of the 4th QT against the Cats reserves.

Jessenewell staff in reply to Baldjedi

No buyout for Gill. If he was fired after the year, KU would owe him $6 million, plus another $2.5 million or so for the assistants still here.


I was on hold w/ comcast for 40 mins. to make sure my cable was hooked up before this game, feel like a numbnutz.


I've been a Gill supporter, but this is out of control. Mike Leach, Robin Leach....hell, anyone could do better than this. No 11 players can play this bad without inspiration from their coach.

Peter56321 in reply to Bee Bee

Direct deposit.

Bee Bee

How do the KU coaches take their checks with a straight face? Must wear a mask, because they are stealing money!


Feel badly for the players, many of whom could have gone to good programs with good coaching. Seems to me that we have some some guys who could make all conference honors under other coaches.

Joey Kuebel in reply to Nuleafjhawk

Ya, is that the improvement Gill mentioned?

Kristen Downing

At least MU is losing...


Losing to KU by a gigantic margin was enough for KSU to fire Ron Prince. I wonder if KU has that kind of commitment to the football program.

Peter56321 in reply to Yakihawk

I don't think anybody has that much character. I know I don't.

Cshjhawk in reply to Aznhawk

It could very well slow things down.However, the talent is not that bad. It is the coaching.


How much time left in the abbatoir?


Jesse, are we still paying Mangino? How much is the buyout for Gill? Not that we will fire him because he probably will get a 3rd season but am curious

Ed Noyes

Also, do remember that the team and coaches utter no curse words; therefore only a few have DUIs and other charges.


Embarassing loss to the Mildcats TWO years in a row . . . at home no less!

Micky Baker

I'm paying for KU All Access, and the only reason I have Directv is for the sports. I follow Kansas through the thick and the thin, but I think I still have to be honest about how bad of shape this athletic department is in.

Now if Allen Field House had 60,000 seats, we wouldn't have trouble with revenues. But, we can't even sell out a 50,000 capacity football stadium, and if this persists, I wouldn't be surprised to see less than 10,000 KU fans at the games next year. It has to be entertaining, and this isn't. Value is what consumers demand for their hard earned money.

Steve Corder

Hate to admit it, but this is one poorly coached team. It's hard to know how much talent KU has watching this terrible display of football.


Time for everyone who CARES about KU and our sporting teams to sit down and write letters/e-mails to both the chancellor and AD and tell them its time to FIRE GILL before he destroy's whats left of our reputation.


Any chance Gill has enough character to leave without the payout?

Cshjhawk in reply to Ed Noyes

That's a lot of wings!

Aznhawk in reply to Hihawk

We already changed coaches in 2009 and change can be slow, can be fast, can be good, can be bad, and can be ugly. I went through a similar pattern in my personal life and I just took it as it came and dealt with it one day at a time.


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