Kansas defeats Fort Hays State, 101-52

  • 7 p.m., Nov. 8, 2011
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Thomas Robinson scores 22 in KU's 101-52 exhibition victory over Fort Hays State

Thomas Robinson posted 22 points and 12 rebounds, leading the Kansas men's basketball team to a 101-52 exhibition victory over Pittsburg State on Tuesday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

Robinson — who returned to the lineup after suffering a knee injury in an October practice — added five assists, four blocks and a steal with just two turnovers in his 28 minutes.

Naadir Tharpe contributed 19 points on 7-for-9 shooting with seven assists, five steals and just two turnovers.

Conner Teahan added 14 points on 5-for-5 shooting, while Justin Wesley (12) and Travis Releford (11) both notched double-figure scoring.

KU will open up the regular season against Towson with a 7 p.m. game Friday at Allen Fieldhouse.


JayDocMD 6 years, 6 months ago

Perfect situation for Nadir to learn behind TT this year with no pressure before taking over next year.

JayDocMD 6 years, 6 months ago

my bad...add one more A above to Naadir - after all, we did see his A game tonight.

Bill Shaw 6 years, 6 months ago

Now that's more like it, 100+ points per game!

Steve Kubler 6 years, 6 months ago

Naadir showed another gear tonight, I am impressed! So much for not being a scorer he has every thing he needs to be one special point guard. I think the team will be in good hands hopefully for the next 4 years.

Darshana Benhur 6 years, 6 months ago

I agree! From what I saw from him tonight is that he learns to not make Knuckle-Head mistakes but wants to Improve. He looks better than Tyshawn or Elijah at this point

KANSTUCKY 6 years, 6 months ago

Could Conner maybe work on his efficiency? 5 for 5? Keep it up shooters.

Andrew Moore 6 years, 6 months ago

Naadir and Teahan are going to be battling for the 6th man spot. Shooting or handling? In essence, Naadir showed us everything offensively. He just needs to improve the entry pass and then of course his defense. I'm confident that with Self's coaching, Naadir will be a special, special player for us.

I'm very excited for this season. I thought we'd have a depth issue, but it just seems to me that we will have a trimmed rotation earlier in the season than usual. We usually settle on an 8 man team, but don't really settle until conference play. This year, the rotation may be set at the jump. With Tyshawn, Elijah, Travis, Thomas and Jeff all starting. The bench looks like Naadir, Connor and Wesley. Young in for foul trouble.

I like this team a lot. However, we do have a tough schedule and will be building team chemistry for a couple weeks.

texashawk10 6 years, 6 months ago

I actually think Wesley will end up being the first man off the bench the most times by seasons end. It has nothing to do with him being a better player than Connor or Naadir, but bigs tend to need a break the quickest so I think Wesley will likely be the first off the bench more than Connor or Naadir. It is nice to know that KU already has a pretty solid 8-9 man rotation right out of the gate.

JayDocMD 6 years, 6 months ago

Someone let TRob know he just got hosed over on's pre-season All-American rosters. He didn't make 1st or 2nd team. Jay Bilas, Eamonn Brennan, Doug Gottlieb, Andy Katz, Joe Lunardi, Dana O'Neil and Dick Vitale all left you off both their 1st and 2nd teams.

Go ahead and play with a chip big fella.

kesmithstl1 6 years, 6 months ago

I saw that too! A lot of love for Marcus Denmon too.

Darshana Benhur 6 years, 6 months ago

T-Rob is a beast and deserves to be on there but I think Its the style of play we play under coach Self. We are team orientated not player first mentality

Olathekstater 6 years, 6 months ago

KU looked impressive tonight but T Rob won't be able to flow like he did tonight against tougher competition.. he is still a little rough with the down low game, in my opinion

cool_beans 6 years, 6 months ago

J. Withey first round draft pick by the end of the year. you heard it here first

JayhawkerStL 6 years, 6 months ago

How did Withey do? I think he is the key to any consistent success for the team. They are awfully shallow along the front line if he doesn't pan out.

Curtis Stutz 6 years, 6 months ago

He had a solid outing, wasn't near as much the focus on offense with TRob playing tonight, but made a few nice moves. Seems like there is a little on-court chemistry in the post with him and TRob, so that's a huge positive. Biggest problem I had with the bigs tonight was playing against a smaller team they got a little sloppy not moving into good defensive position and just standing back looking to swat away for blocks, that was mostly TRob though and I'm sure he was wanting to crush a few for the fans. All in all I think Withey has a solid body, bigs seemed to run well tonight in transition. You can only tell so much from FHSU, but I think Withey will learn to shoot through some contact and generally work well with TRob in the post. Wesley looks like he's on the right track in those phases of the game too. We don't need Withey to make a lot of things happen on offense, we need defense and rebounding with the ability to finish around the hoop and so far so good. He got up in the air early in the game and committed a foul, which kind of surprised me as he usually seems good about keeping his feet, but that's what the great coaching staff is there for.

mikehawk 6 years, 6 months ago

We will know one week from now just where this team is and how far they will need to go. This game is fool's gold. Fun for fans and players, but it is sober up and learn who you really are during the next week. Should be interesting to watch coach bring this team along over the course of the year. If they will listen, he will teach them.

Curtis Stutz 6 years, 6 months ago

I just hope Releford quickly gets to the point where he's relaxed and handling the ball better. Too eager to get rid of it with a quick and sometimes sloppy pass and just not handling it well when he does put it on the floor. I think just from the defensive stand point he's gonna have a spot in the starting lineup (even with Teahan shooting like an absolute maniac) but hopefully he picks things up on the offensive end too. I think Tharpe and Teahan are going to be great punches to throw at people coming off the bench and Wesley had a very strong performance tonight. I agree with the earlier comment, I was worried with all the academic issues about depth, now I feel like if we can avoid the injury bug (knock on wood) we'll be fine with the depth we have as Tharpe, Wesley and Teahan are all surprising me to the upside. Now the concern is we don't yet know what TT and EJ look like on the floor and can TRob and Withey play hard, for a lot of minutes without fouling. Not having seen TT and EJ I still have high hopes for our starting 5 being able to match anyone's, but not as much hope as I had before these exhibition games. Great, quick moves by TRob though, showed some good scoring touch tonight.

Curtis Stutz 6 years, 6 months ago

It's been great. Even though they're just exhibition games he got a chance to face some real pressure knowing he had to start and play a lot of minutes in these games, so it's been more real world than Self just playing him a lot of minutes with TT and EJ in the game as well. His ability to score the ball is going to go a long way for this team. Hopefully his confidence doesn't get rattled if he has a few bad games as sometimes is the case with freshmen. Only problem has been how nervous it makes me TT and EJ only get one game to work out the kinks before UK as well as our starting 5 only getting one game to work together beforehand, that's kind of rough.

Tony Bandle 6 years, 6 months ago

Please note that our junior class [TRob, Elijah, Jeff, Travis amd Kevin] was rated the 2nd best Junior class in America,

Add Tyshawn and Conner from above and Justin and Naadir from below and, presto, Coach Bill has his nine man rotation.

Next season you trade out Tyshawn, Conner and TRob for BenMac, Jamari, Perry, Zach plus who knows who else and the Big Crimson and Blue Wheel keeps a'turnin'

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