Missouri defeats Kansas, 24-10

  • 2:30 p.m., Nov. 26, 2011
  • Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

FINAL: Missouri dominates second half in 24-10 victory over KU

Missouri scored 21 unanswered points in the second half, rallying to take a 24-10 victory over Kansas on Saturday night in the season finale at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

KU led 10-3 at halftime, helped by three first-half interceptions of MU quarterback James Franklin. Bradley McDougald had KU's biggest play, a 57-yard interception return for touchdown with 10:36 left in the second quarter.

The Jayhawks — as has been a theme most of the season — collapsed in the third quarter. Following a bad punt snap by Tanner Gibas, MU took advantage of a short field with a Kendial Lawrence four-yard TD run.

Wes Kemp added a 25-yard TD pass with 5:34 left in the third quarter, then Marcus Lucas contributed a 53-yard TD reception on the first play of the fourth quarter.

KU once again struggled offensively, as through three quarters, the Jayhawks had 41 plays for just 79 yards. The Jayhawks finished with 137 total yards.

Quarterback Jordan Webb finished 9-for-20 for 60 yards with two interceptions. No KU player rushed for more than 35 yards.

Greg Brown and Tyler Patmon also had interceptions for the Jayhawks.

KU (2-10) finished its season with 10 consecutive losses.

KU coach Turner Gill postgame press conference audio

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Plane originating in Boca Raton Florida expected to Land at Forbes in the next few minutes.....just an observation.

Charles McPheeters

I hope the matchup continues KU needs to even up the series again.


Commentators encourage KU and Mizzou to keep the series alive. Okay, KU gets 75% of the proceeds!


Don't let the door hit your asses on the way out Misery.

Kent Wells in reply to Shelleysue

Oh no. I see you're onto my lies. That never works!


Missouri-End of an era Kansas-End of an Error


Over under on number of pockets containing a flask on Gary Pinkel's coat?

79ictjhawk in reply to Babyjay1

The barrel was his drink


It's been a drum as long as I can remember.


Pinkel's post game drink of choice?

Eric Williams

the border war trophy is a drum?


Pinker staggered there at the end... Still drinking.. No lesson learned!

Jeff Coffman

Jesse are you making an announcement

Kent Wells

Congratulations to Coach Turner Gill. Tonights winning Lotto winner.


I think they dumped water on Pinkel to wash off the booze smell.

Brian Haase

bye Gill!! you will not be missed!!!!


GD man! This is might be one of the most painful losses in football I can remember. So much at stake!


Pinkel just offered Gill a job next year in Columbia

Micky Baker

Why did the server reset?


Mizzou might give Mississippi State a good game. Too bad they won't be able to spell Mississippi St. to brag about it.


Gary Pinkel also resurrected his liver.


Even the national announcers recognize that this game was the tiebreaker.

Stupid Misery.

Missouri 24
Kansas 10

Jessenewell staff

Missouri runs out the clock to take the victory.


It really willbe funny to hear A&M fans complain about how tough the SEC West is and I think the same will be said for MU in the East. South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia recruit SOUTHERN players that are on a completely different level from the guys MIZZOU gets.


Why there's no basement in the Alamo.

Hank Cross in reply to Mrpilot

Exactly right - let's see the real character of Gill. If he is an honest person and doesn't want to burn him the first school that gave him a shot in FBS - he'll resign.


Covered the spread. Take that Vegas!

Lawkan in reply to Geekinout

someone no one has heard of like Roy Williams and Bill Snyder?


The only snap Jordan Webb should ever take again in a Kansas uniform is from a wet towel in the locker room.


We beat the spread! Victory!

Babyjay1 in reply to Babyjay1

"new teams"


Looks like a KU cover....Rock chalk....Thats a victory in itself.


Good God mizzou will get destroyed in the SEC. They struggled against us for the love of their sisters...

Geekinout in reply to Benjamin Simon

i sure hope so... i'm just too familiar with decision making from the hirer ups. i have a horrible feeling if they do fire him, they'll just replace him with some other person that's just as bad. some mid-major nobody no ones heard of

Gummby in reply to Eric Williams

Haha, I know! I so can't wait.


KU clearly expecting the pass.


Kyle Sybesma

I wish I could have KU's opponents defense every week in fantasy football

Eric Williams

Mizzou fans think they'll dominate the SEC East. Florida, Georgia and South Carolina will destroy them


Loving the SEC chant... No love lost... Ready for some new blood in Big 12. Maybe a couple new tema who will appreciate our conference!


Baldinger should just send Richardson a bouquet of roses after this. He really likes him.

Lajayhawk in reply to Kent Wells

Exactly what I was thinking. His decisions certainly couldn't be worse...

Larrynative in reply to Marchphog88


Hank Cross

That's it - chant S E C. Watch what LSU and Bama will do to MU,


9/20, 60 yards, 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. All but one of those completions were passes to the flat. Pretty much any backup qb from any team in the nation could have stepped in for Webb today and done as good or better.


There you go, guys! Could be your last shot of Turner Gill and that headset!!!

Seth Nesmith

bring in leach


If Gill has any scruples, he will tender his resignation after this game.

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

Tan, rested, and ready. Coach Fam in 2012.


Gill prolonging his career with timeouts?

Kent Wells

Chanting - not changing. I need to change to water.

Haps in reply to Jessenewell

From MU fans? What morons.


SEC chant. They'll sure love getting their teeth knocked in there next year.


Chat with you guys Wed. Another year of KU Football is over. Still Rocking and Chalking here in Wisconsin.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jessenewell

From mizzou fans?

Kent Wells

Who is changing SEC. MU or KU fans?


Webb has to deal with a broken play every time he drops back

Benjamin Simon in reply to Geekinout

disagree - zenger is new, this is going to be his first big play at KU - and being a football guy, he'll get his ducks in a row quick and make this a homerun hire


We should hire Coach Fam... again.

Eric Williams in reply to Larrynative

If you've been around College football for 3 seasons you need to be further along than Webb is


Beatty who has done nothing with Shepherd and Jackson except wasting thier redshirts

Kent Wells in reply to Shelleysue

Shelly Sue takes road trip to San Antonio Texas and enjoys margaritas on the Riverwalk with kuwells. I have connections, we can get into the basement of the Alamo. Oh, and Turner GIll resigns...

Jessenewell staff

"S-E-C" chant.

Jeff Coffman

Wow...I had flashbacks of a 99 yard run

Andrew Bary

thought he was gone


Would've been fitting to give up a 98 yard TD there.


Only we could have an 18 play drive for 42 yards hahaha aha this is comical


Its faster on the field then in looks to make decisions.

Rockchalk1990 in reply to Cmhjayhawk

I think Gill is gone, and the next coach will be an assistant from the defensive side of the ball. It wouldn't surprise me that much if that led to the new coach keeping Long and Beatty.


I don't blame Webb at all, I blame the coaches for continuing to put him in


Zenger is only going to look at his W/L and say that he needs more time... We will be stuck with Gill for another year or 2... Just my prediction with the historical incompetence of the KUAD.


Well, at least the season will be over after this quarter. Just can't take any more of this.

Marchphog88 in reply to Larrynative

He knows he has that offensive line. He needs to make his reads quicker.

There's no sense in taking your time if your line can't support it.

Lajayhawk in reply to Cmhjayhawk

Bear Bryant?

Liljayhawker15 in reply to Haps

or: Angered football fans vow to pitch in money to help pay Gill to leave Lawrence.

Jeff Coffman in reply to Haps

Hopefully hiring some lawyers to trigger the for cause clause in his contract.


Hard to blame Webb with that offensive line.


Matthews has looked good. Where was he at QB in week 3?


Tressel? Leach? Mangino? Dr Lou?

Benjamin Simon

i dunno about y'all, but i'm glad there's less than five minutes left of turner gill at kansas

Liljayhawker15 in reply to Lawkan

Or just put Christian Matthews in?

Haps in reply to Liljayhawker15

Naw, it'll say something about Zenger evaluating the state of the program (read: trying to find the money to buy him out)


We could find a better quarterback through walk on tryouts.


I'm not sure Matthews would have been the answer over the long haul, but in this game, he was moving the team towards the endzone and Webb was moving it the other way. It seemed so logical to let Matthews finish out this one...

Eric Williams in reply to Hailtoku

your score prediction was wrong...just sayin

Andrew Bary

Hey guys, to be fair had Mizzou scored 72 on us, we would have gone down as the worst defense in CFB history. I count this as a big win for us.

Liljayhawker15 in reply to Shelleysue

Yes, it will read: Gill is fired.

Robert Brown

Bad play by MU. They should have dropped the pass

Lanny Welch

Intercepting at the 1 is something we'd do.


If Matthews had stayed in there we would had a better chance of scoring


Have a nice Saturday everyone.

$%^& this season and $%^& Gill.

Paul Christiansen

Now we know Webb can throw the ball down field. Just to the wrong guy.


Stupid pick! He should've knocked it down. Way better field position!!

Cshjhawk in reply to Jessenewell

And zippo to show for it.

Robert Brown in reply to Kent Wells

I was thinking the same thing


Had we punted Missouri would have recovered the snap at the 50


Intercepted on the one... wasn't it just 4th down???

Nathan Mattison

can we change the locks asap


I have zero sympathy for this coaching staff if that can't figure out that Matthews brings positive energy and Webb plays scared, unbelievable


hey we pinned them inside the 1..That something Gill can talk about


Now all the Mizzou fans can celebrate by making out with their sisters.


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