Texas A&M defeats Kansas, 61-7

  • 11 a.m., Nov. 19, 2011
  • Kyle Field, College Station, TX

FINAL: Texas A&M stomps KU, 61-7

Texas A&M had six touchdown drives in the first half — with each of those drives lasting less than 2 minutes, 3 seconds — in a 61-7 demolishing of Kansas on Saturday afternoon at Kyle Field in College Station.

The Aggies extended their lead to 61-0 at the end of the third quarter before emptying the bench.

KU's first half was one to forget. The Jayhawks had a snap over punter Ron Doherty's head for a safety and also a lost a fumble when a snap hit running back Tony Pierson, who was going in motion before the play.

The Jayhawks also surrendered a 72-yard punt return for TD to Dustin Harris in the second half.

A&M's Ryan Tannehill finished 21-for-26 passing for 280 yards and three touchdowns before getting taken out in the second half.

KU's Jordan Webb finished 19-for-27 for 133 yards passing with an interception.

The Jayhawks (2-9) will close the season with a 2:30 p.m. game on Nov. 26 against Missouri at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

KU coach Turner Gill postgame audio

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Cshjhawk in reply to Kent Wells


Duane Rice in reply to Kent Wells

the new muppet movie comes out wed.

Alex Berger

I know almosts don't count, but to make myself feel better after this game I'm going to pretend we are 5-6 and we didn't blow those three leads. These blowouts are demoralizing.


Has HJTG been fired yet?


Gill is the rare combination of Forrest Gump and Token from South Park.


Sherman said that KU layed hard!

Seth Nesmith

Thanks Jesse! Safe travels.

Kent Wells

What was the former head coach Gill looking for after the game. A trap door? A helicpoter. What's up with the Beaker hair cut on Sherman???


Can we get all of the local tattoo parlors to pool some money and hire Jim Tressel?

Brian Haase

thanks again Jesse! Talk to ya Monday! rock chalk!!!

Kc Ticketguy

this is just downright hillarous at this point

Kay Jensen

gill just looks lost

Brian Haase

i wish the post game press conference was on tv!


Bring back Terry Allen!

Seth Nesmith

We are going to win the 4th quarter! Beer and brats for everyone!!!!



741hawk in reply to Theshot122293

Can't believe any coach could be higher /lower rated than Gill.

Kansas 7
Texas A&M 61

Jesse Newell

That ends it. KU drops to 2-9.

Kenneth Terry

Let's bring on postgame with Turner Gill. I need some more humor

Seth Nesmith

does barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe


Prior to the start of this game our defense was 120th in the country! I bet we improved on that today putting distance between us and #119!

Kc Ticketguy

i just feel sorry for the kids playing on our about an utter waste of your college years


Squib kick out-of-bounds?

Peter56321 in reply to Kc Ticketguy

Well, they'll be eligible if they can hold on today.

Kip Reiserer in reply to Brian Haase

I sure hope not.

Duane Rice

Will there be any fans at arrowhead next week. If not maybe that will get gill fired

Seth Nesmith

what's our BCS ranking now that we've scored today?

Brian Haase

was that supposed to be an onside kick?

Theshot122293 in reply to Theshot122293

OK, he's only beating our coach by 54. Dodged a bullet.

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Kc Ticketguy

When you are a team in the bottom 25, I'm not sure the opponents rank matters all that much

Seth Nesmith in reply to Aznhawk

You are way too nice to this coaching staff. Bless your heart.


Lol. Out of bounds. Figures


good enough for me! gill gets another year

Kc Ticketguy

we are getting hammered by a team that is not even ranked in the top 25

Aznhawk in reply to Seth Nesmith

Not me in particular. I was mainly referring to the ku athletic dept. Sorry about that.


against the 4th string D


the players are still working hard. they can be happy about the score.

Kc Ticketguy

do you all realize we are playing a team that is not bowl eligible yet?

Seth Nesmith in reply to Aznhawk

how are you eating the cost of firing gill?

00:46 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas 7
Texas A&M 61

Jesse Newell

Fifteen-yard TD run by Sims.


Anyone else notice that when Sims runs the WC it performs much better than when Lewis or Matthews does? Why did they go away from Sims running it so much this season?

Kent Wells

Seriously, they are celebrating after that score. Really?


The number 7 coach on is beating our coach by 61 points. Why is Gill only number 3? He shouldn't even be on this list, because he shouldn't still be coaching.

741hawk in reply to Chipmunk1956

At the Dixie Chicken!


against their 4th string

Brian Haase

TG "we outscored them in the 4th quarter, essentially we beat them, we won"


Glad to see some jayhawk faithful out there supporting the team in the stands.


Sims still playing hard


Even if a good DC could be hired, he would still work for Gill. In other words, nothing change3s.

Brian Haase

OHHH TD!!!! there's gills out... god i hate that

Ray March

Wow! How is Gill still employed here? I say they fire him even before the game is over. Just bench him like they would a QB that sucks. Then start the new coach search tomorrow.

Jesse Newell

James Sims with a touchdown run.


Did they pull a Texas and put the starters back in to preserve the shutout?

Chipmunk1956 in reply to Seth Nesmith

Ding! Ding! Ding!... winner winner, chicken dinner!!!

Aznhawk in reply to Alex Berger

Which is why i have been preaching hire a DC and stabilize the defense and get the kids in one defensive scheme and try to have some consistency. I'd rather eat a 6 figure number for the hire of a Dc rather than a 6-8 mil figure for a buyout

Brian Haase

kick the FG gill!!!


Gill needs to just quit. Save some face and do the right thing.

Seth Nesmith in reply to Dxjhawk

'it's a new 1 week season'

1_jaydoc_1 in reply to Brian Haase

When he says that, and I fully expect that he will, one of the journalists needs to ask him if he was aware that we were playing their 3rd string offense at the time.


Getting Lewis some valuable experience before his last game.


How much time is left?

Dxjhawk in reply to Brian Haase

Gotta keep working, keep improving

Alex Berger

I think the biggest problem with our defense is our defensive line. Texas A&M is absolutely dominating the line of scrimmage. This is embarrassing.

Seth Nesmith in reply to Brian Haase

"we moved the ball well"

Brian Haase

TG "well we made a really strong stand in the 4th quarter, we did some really good things"


That dog is from Topeka? Way to drop the recruiting ball there Gill! That dog is probably more disciplined than any of our players.


Furman down 2 at Florida but we cant even score.


Most impressive thing I've seen this game was that rawhide.

Seth Nesmith

61-0 is much more fengshui than 61-7


Might finally get into positive rushing yardage here.

Seth Nesmith in reply to Manginorh00lz

and let them stay up past 10

Brian Haase in reply to Observant

ha, highly doubtful


The new coach's first order of business should be to put the names back on the jerseys.

Seth Nesmith

if we can keep getting to the sidelines and stopping the clock, we still got a shot at this one

Observant in reply to Brian Haase

and he will take it and start his own church, assuming he has the skill.

Cshjhawk in reply to Dxjhawk

Pop Warner!

Aznhawk in reply to Lshawk

Dave Doeren is a good mention for DC, but he is in his first year at NIU. I would think that'd he like to get his time in as a HC and honor his contract for Northern Illinois


Good lord this is like General Patton going against Colonel Mustard

Aznhawk in reply to Kuhawkhead

Where is that Nebraska blackshirt defense? Wonder if Tom O is getting pressure from fans to fire Pelini. Wasn't Pelini hired to clean up the nebraska D?


wonder if Dave Doreen would be interested in HC job??

Brian Haase in reply to Jaminrawk

why would he even care? he just made 10 mil. in 2 years. He'll probably take a vacation for a couple years and let everyone forget

Dxjhawk in reply to Jaminrawk

Not as an HC or coordinator


Christ...we lok worse than Nebraska. Who is now down 45-17 in case anyone is still watching our game.


November is much like October. Anyone surprised?

Nick Nelson

Looks like they let the clock run an extra five seconds after Showers ran out of bounds there. Hmm ...

Setshot in reply to Seth Nesmith

"...and we really moved the ball in warm-ups."

Lawkan in reply to Headjoketurnergill

well he is up against a top 90 defense.


I wonder if anyone will hire Turner Gill on the collegiate level for awhile.

06:52 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas 0
Texas A&M 61

Jesse Newell

Bad spot by the officials give the ball back to KU. Unless A&M challenges the call. Honestly, I might.


Still within 21 field goals.


1.9 yards per play and some of you think Gill has any OC skills either?

Brian Haase

I think Jesse boarded his flight to Hawaii early... can't blame him

Sheahorn in reply to RXDOC



I thought this team was improving?


Is that A&M 4th or 5th string offense in now?

RXDOC in reply to Sheahorn

Awesome! And it's only against the second team!

Brian Haase in reply to Seth Nesmith

its highly unlikely they don't end up scoring in the 4th haha


WOW. I got filtered. That wasn't even that bad.

Seth Nesmith

from that standpoint we look good

Seth Nesmith

postgame- 'uuuhhhh well we finished with positive rushing yards and didn't let them score in the 4th'


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