Kansas defeats Missouri, 70-66

  • 11 a.m., March 5, 2011
  • Mizzou Arena, Columbia, MO

FINAL: KU clinches outright Big 12 title with 70-66 victory over Missouri

Marcus Morris posted 21 points and 10 rebounds, while Thomas Robinson had 15 points and 13 rebounds, as the Kansas men's basketball team held on for a 70-66 victory over Missouri on Saturday afternoon at Mizzou Arena in Columbia, Mo.

KU clinched the outright Big 12 regular-season championship with the win.

The Jayhawks (29-2) will be the No. 1 seed in next week's Big 12 Tournament.

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it sounds like people lost the game all across the country. regardless of where you're at, CBS blows!!!

JHawksince1950 in reply to Bbhawk234

That's bad, but worse still, in San Diego we also missed the entire first half. CBS apparently thought cartoons were more important, because that's what we had. Yes, complain! Complain! COMPLAIN!


Shouldn't some of the blame be on KCTV5? If WIBW in Topeka can keep the game then KCTV5 should too.


please everyone, flood the cbs site with negative comments to let them know how unacceptable that was....


I will not watch any CBS programming any more... I left a very long, very displeased feedback letter. GO LEAVE FEEDBACK!

Mispay4ku in reply to Brooksmd

That's hilarious...I already did.

Lonnie Ross Dillon

Jesse, I came in late and can't get to earlier posts (this blog is really bad that way), but any comments on antler behavior?


Even having to finish the game on radio was OK. Outright, undisputed Big 12 Champions...AGAIN!!! Woulda liked to see more of a beatdown, but will take the ugly W.


Here's a link to CBS feedback. Already left them a piece of my mind:


calling for a boycott of CBS until the tourney begins... luckly other stations are now in on the march madness deal so CBS can't indiscriminately switch games whenever they f'ing feel like it. F CBS... the biggest loser in sports broadcasting


Choose Other - no category as the subject


Kudos to T-Rob... 15pts 13boards in 17 minutes. That's a MAN right there! On the other hand, Selby is going to have to ride the pine a bit more. He is just not that good.


Please go to and leave feedback... this bias is unacceptable. A rivalry game between the #2 team in the nation gets bumped when its less than 2 minutes and less than a 10 point lead for a rivalry game against two -12 teams from Michigan WTF not acceptable Please go to CBS and leave negative feedback

Lonnie Ross Dillon in reply to Yahweh

Notice they have no selection for Sports...cuz they know they suck and are tired of hearing about it

Beware0fph0g in reply to Just_another_bozo_on_this_bus

Complain to CBS, everyone:


Big 12 champs!!! Jesse, sorry for the crappy location!

Bbhawk234 in reply to Yahweh

Thanks for the link! All Jayhawk fans so send a complaint. We deserve an apology and for this to never happen again. 4 minutes left and they switch. I am also looking for a phone number to call as well. Everyone should voice their fustration.


70-66 KU wins KU Wins The BIGXII outright!!! 7 titles in a row!!!


Actually, that's probably a good guess, Bcraven.

Mike Ardis

CBS = Can't Broadcast Sports...FYI apparently the end of the game was on in the Dallas area...


CBS truly sucks. The announcers were among the worst I've heard all season. But it would have at least been nice to finish the game.

Aron Hayes

we are need to post to cbs how dumb they are i did already


Simply unbelievable. Absolutely no respect from CBS. I'm sure they have some fat ass producer that is a Mizzou alum.

Kansas 70
Missouri 66

Jesse Newell

KU holds on to claim Big 12 title outright.


Charlie Sheen was right about CBS: trolls and losers


Here's a link to complain. I already have. It doesn't seem sports-specific, however.


See twitter feed. Fun stuff :)


They going to present the trophy in Columbia? That would be awesome


I hate CBS


Whew! Game over. Big 12 champs!

Fljhk in reply to Beware0fph0g




Back now---the live post went down but now I am back. Lots of traffic.


I'm angry, this is ruining my day


Jesse - thanks for the blog. Well done as always.


link to email CBS:

Starlight in reply to Akl6593

13 is on the KU-MU game.

00:10 left in Second Half
Kansas 69
Missouri 64

Jesse Newell

KU has the ball.


isn't it redundant for missouri coaches to call for the foul? don't they instinctually foul on every possession


Oh no goggle earth has just blacked out Columbia. FEMA cog just declared martial law in Fizzouri. It is a replay of Naismith having to sneak the team out of town after a win at Fizzouri!


cbs cant even put the score of the game up on the bottom?


TIme and score?


Channel 13 doesn't help much when you are recording the game because you are at work. ARGH!


CBS is a piece of crap for taking the game off to goto Michigan game just starting.


Damn Dixon is UGLY


Reed & Morningstar 1-4 free throws in the clutch.


channel 13 has the game

Beware0fph0g in reply to Andrew Bary

Writing an email now.


Your computer better not die!


WTF??? this sucks so so bad!! Who care about the start of this stupid game. they should still be on KU MU.. CBS sucks!!




I wanted to say Daggers, when Reed hit that 3 but computer is very slow. Man, gotta hit FT's.


C'mon boy.. make those FT's

Jesse Newell

Bowers misses the free throw. Reed fouled. KU up 66-61.


Morningstar is going to have to be de-loused after getting knocked in those mizzery skanks!


Jesse, type faster!!!!!!

Jesse Newell

Morningstar misses two free throws. Bowers makes a layup with a foul.

Andrew Bary

everyone make sure to contact CBS as soon as possibly to let them know they should NEVER cut a rivalry game with 2 minutes left. unreal


What's happening?

00:42 left in Second Half
Kansas 66
Missouri 59

Jesse Newell

Morningstar shooting two.


I live in Omaha and I'm getting Arizona-Oregon. Are you serious?

Dynamitehawk in reply to Rockchalk1990

That's because gravity doesn't hold Jesse down. Jesse holds the Earth down.


I want to rage and murder right now.


how much time?

Jesse Newell

Reed with a three. He screams to the student section.


Anybody have a radio stream on the internet?


no worries - milk another 15 seconds here and let the tiggers miss and it's over


WTF CBS!?!?!


I am in Kansas City and i'm watching the MSU game????????????????WTFFFFFFFF

01:16 left in Second Half
Kansas 63
Missouri 59

Jesse Newell

Timeout Self.



John Liddell

OMFG, how do they switch games like that

Bbhawk234 in reply to Yahweh

same here what the hell.

Darshana Benhur

Anyone have a link why would they switch it from 2 ranked teams to two unranked teams

Jesse Newell

Denmon three cuts it to four.

John Liddell

Fuck CBS


13 point lead with 3:30 to go.


Jesse's posts are beating the broadcast I'm listening to


Is the radio streaming online?

Larry Evans

WTF isd going on?


Self relied on the d and just kept trying different schemes of attack. I've never seen him nibble around the edges of an opponent this much. I did not even realize KU could attack in this many ways. It is an amazing team and coaching performance. KU was not sharp, or hitting, and MU defense was good, but KU just kept looking for the weaknesses and chipped them away till they broke. Brilliant coaching and play compensating for an off day in a very big game on the road!


A guard takes the ball up the court. Thank you.


and justin went to mich game

Jesse Newell

Denmon missed three. KU boards.


If you're not listening to Bob, you need to be. He is beside himself!


please god, someone send me a video or tv link, they just switched us to az vs or


in NYC and they went to Zona game. BS!


These officials really need to be reviewed after this game... There should be disciplinary action.


I LIVE IN LAWRENCE and the game just switched to a Big 10 game... wtf?


abs.olutely ridiculous call


This is unreal.


Kansas forward Thomas Robinson tries to break free from being restrained after tempers flared against Cal during the second half as Tyshawn Taylor (10) and Cal’s Harper Camp (22) hang out on the periphery.

Kansas forward Thomas Robinson tries to break free from being restrained after tempers flared against Cal during the second half as Tyshawn Taylor (10) and Cal’s Harper Camp (22) hang out on the periphery. by Nick Krug


chump call


r u kidding me.. that was not intentional foul

Brian Powell

nevermind.. it's the MSU game


Damn, cbs just switched to zona game here in louisiana


Intentional foul?

Jesse Newell

Marcus gets stripped, then called for intentional foul.


I am on the East Coast....I guess I should not be surprised because MS vs MU does have national implications.....LOL

Runningbeakers84 Piloi password

Brian Powell but I don't konw if this guy can find another channel?


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