Virginia Commonwealth defeats Kansas, 71-61

  • 1:20 p.m., March 27, 2011
  • Alamodome, San Antonio, TX

FINAL: VCU stuns Kansas, 71-61, to advance to Final Four

Kansas made just 2 of 21 three-pointers (9.5 percent), falling 71-61 to 11th-seeded VCU on Sunday afternoon at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

VCU, meanwhile, made 12 of its 25 threes (48 percent).

"It's a disappointing day, obviously. We're crushed," KU coach Bill Self said. "But also, I think at the end of the day, we tried real hard and just came up empty against a team that was better than us today."

Marcus Morris led KU with 20 points on 8-for-19 shooting with 16 rebounds. Tyshawn Taylor added 14 points, while Markieff Morris had 13 points and 12 rebounds.

KU fell behind 39-21 in the first half before closing to within two with 13:13 left in the game. The Jayhawks didn't get any closer.

"Probably one of the poorest shooting nights we've had as a team," KU guard Tyrel Reed said. "But credit to VCU. Our shots weren't falling."

The Jayhawks made just 22 of 62 shots for 35.5 percent, their lowest field-goal percentage in the last two seasons. The team's 9.5 percent three-point shooting also was its worst outing in the last two years.

KU ends its season with a 35-3 record.

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No surprise at all. Without a great guard, it is difficult to compete at this level. Twin brothers are great, but a star-level guard is the key. Terrible free throw and 3 point shot. KU reached its full potential with current players. Hope for next when Josh runs at his full speed.


No surprise at all. Without a great guard, it is difficult to compete at this level. Twin brothers are great, but a star-level guard is the key. Terrible free throw and 3 point shot. KU reached its full potential with current players. Hope for next when Josh runs at his full speed.


Why is it when a game is lost that every idiot has to find someone to blame? Self to blame? Get a life. MStar to blame, where have you been all year? This is the elite 8, where the difference in a "5 star" player is negligeable, and a bad shooting game and an unconscious shooting game by the opposition can kill you. Remember, 67 team's fan base will find someone to blame every year. Fu@k,enjoy the season ride...35-3...greatest program in the country. Do your part..act like the greatest fans in the country!


No surprise at all. Without a great guard, it is difficult to compete at this level. Twin brothers are great, but a star-level guard is the key. Terrible free throw and 3 point shot. KU reached its full potential with current players. Hope for next when Josh runs at his full speed.


No surprise at all. Without a great guard, it is difficult to compete at this level. Twin brothers are great, but a star-level guard is the key. Terrible free throw and 3 point shot. KU reached its full potential with current players. Hope for next when Josh runs at his full speed.


No surprise at all. Without a great guard, it is difficult to compete at this level. Twin brothers are great, but a star-level guard is the key. Terrible free throw and 3 point shot. KU reached its full potential with current players. Hope for next when Josh runs at his full speed.


A lot of hacking under the basket not called when we had the ball.

I don't understand why Self did not run full court pressure until the VCU team puked. They were tired at the point we got within 2. Self should have put the hammer down. We let up at that point. Marcus falling out of bounds with the ball in his hands when we were within 2 was the turning point of our great comeback.

Mike Gammill

Sorry gang, but we choked again. Too hyped up at the beginning of the tourney, and way too tight playing it. We just can't beat mid-majors in the clutch. We'll do this again next year, and all of us will be right in front of the tube watching. See ya then!

Darrel Stice in reply to Larry Evans

33-3. You're right, he sucks. We are terrible. You're an idiot. If you can't back that up with some facts, then get off the boards. At the very least, shut it!

Rockchalk1225 in reply to Highelitemajor

Hard to blame anyone. Sh*t happens. They shot lights out first half. I am sure Self told our kids they shoot the 3. We didnt defend but they also made shots. Offensively we were awful. Too many empty possessions, and that was the whole game. Down 6 we had three in a row. Sad

Dan Harris in reply to Lance1jhawk


Gregory Newman in reply to Jan Rolls

Self needs someone to blame in case they don't leave early and they are not close to being good enough to leave early.

Larry Evans

Self needs to man up and take some of the blame .

Darrel Stice

Hawkfromhays and bbhawk,

Why don't you go lash out somewhere else. You're welcome to your opinion, but we don't suck and we have never sucked. Get off Brady's back already. He put more blood, sweat, and tears into this program (along with ALL the other guys) than you'll ever put into anything. It's a game. We didn't play well. VCU executed very well and beat us hands down. We are still the better team, we just weren't today.


I know that BM will be forgotten in one week and know that he was the worst started in KU history. Can someone tell me another guard that started for KU that you would rather have Brady over throughout the years? Please tell me what starter has been worse that BM.

Lance Hobson

Reed, Mr no contribution to winning teams. Today he was a downright liability. All he had to do was hit one three in the second half. And he turned it over against the press when we were on the verge of catching them.


There are worse things in life than losing a basketball game, like getting hit with a tsunami, or getting transferred to Columbia, Missouri

Dave Seefeldt

Better COACH?!?!?! I just puked

Robert Lewis

Choke city! That was one of the most embarrassing losses in NCAA history! 2 years in a we have a new streak going..

Hawkfromhays in reply to Travis Warner

I did go there...and played there.

Jan Rolls

Everybody's blaming reed. What did brady do besides nothing

Dave Seefeldt in reply to Gregory Newman

Give me a break...


KU team reached its full potential at this point. Without a great guard, it is difficult to compete. Twin brothers are good, but none of guards are close to the star level. Terrible free throw and 3 point shot!!!


Two for 22 from three and 15 of 28 from the line...end of story!!!

Larry Evans in reply to Alan Mills

mental midgets is right. we know who they are. unfortunately one will be definitely back and UNFORTUNATELY SELF WILL KEEP HIM AT STARTING POINT GUARD.

But seriously this was not one the top 8 teams in the nation.Mainly because of having someone like Taylor playing point. the talent was lacking at the guards to go to the final four.

79ictjhawk in reply to Larry Evans

you suck


no surprise that we're all hurt now but we're spoiled and lucky to have a great elite team year after year

and to the Jayhawks mens team, keep your heads up! keep your swagger... don't let all the barking puppies keep you feeling down. Through all the ups and downs this season, only one thing matters... FOE

Thanks for a great year! RCJH

Bbhawk234 in reply to Eric Williams

Agreed...I just dont understand. I know and have hit at least 7 out of 10 FT that I have taken and I suck. Just dont understand why these so called elite athletes cant hit a damn FT.

Gregory Newman in reply to Alan Mills

Self is not a great coach and folks need to quit believing that. If Aaron Affalo dont leave early we dont win in 2008. Remember UCLA 68-55

Dave Seefeldt

Reed played the EXACT same game he did against NIU btw. Took every shot like he was scared to miss it. We lost b/c of missed 3s and FTs period...

Jan Rolls

can anyone tell me why the twins were sitting on the bench in a close game

Alan Mills in reply to Rockchalk1225

I agree, Rochchalk1225. The fact that HCBS left them in is the problem. Reed should have found his way to the bench in the first half, if not early in the 2nd half. He was terrible all day. Couldn't shoot (OK, sometimes you are off), and couldn't guard. What else is there? No loose balls. No assists? Releford had a uniform on, didn't he?

Eric Williams

It's completely obvious to me that Markieff Morris thought VCU were a bunch of chumps prior to the game.

Secondly, when you miss 15 free throws (whatever the number is) you don't deserve to win.


Noticed it before the game. Bradford Burgess! The BB curse continues.

Hawkfromhays in reply to Travis Warner

Have fun watching the football team.


Yes, great site. Thank you.


So much for senior leadership. Brady and Tyrel sucked. Tyrel 1/10 from 3. Horrendous.

Dan Harris in reply to Robert Lewis

Why dont YOU leave. It just amazes me how the roaches come out of the dark after a tough loss!


Jesse--- Many thanks for all of your analysis this season. Got to see the Hawks in person----just wasn't meant to be this year. Take care!


All the people blaming Brady and Tyrell are idiots. You know absolutely nothing.

Highelitemajor in reply to Ku_fansince75

It's not fair-weathered fans. Idiot. It's fans that have the right to expect a #1 seed to be prepared and beat a team that barely made the tournament. This highlights to difference in fans. Those that are fans .. fanatics, live and die .. and folks like you.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Lance1jhawk



Thanks Jesse. Great Host!


This looked like a reality (scripted) show. 8 on 5. Hawks couldn't buy a basket, but calls were really suspect at times. Committee is just showing everyone that they know best.

Good season 'Hawks. Sorry it ended.

Jan Rolls

It won't change until self starts playing his best players. Same thing last year. He kissed brady's dad's butt all year. Look at the kc star today. A full page story as if he were the mvp of the team.


Jesse- Thanks for all your hard work this season. You and Eric really have done wonders for this web-site.


It's embarrassing. Rock Shock, definitely.

Travis Warner in reply to Hawkfromhays

Then quit. I wont


I just can't see for the life of me how coach cost us this game. He doesn't shoot the ball, and he certainly doesn't leave the shooters open at the arc.


We deserve to lose. What was that shoving match with Richmond? The taunting? We were so full of ourselves and we get smacked in the head. Good lord. Bill Self needs to get this team under control.

Larry Evans

Self sucks


Now we have to endure all the pundits with their two cents worth. Like Charles Barkley. Please, just kill me now.


You can't judge the season by the last game. It is always going to end with a poor shooting game unless you win it all. The Jayhawks had a really good season, one of its best. I am proud of our Midwest Jayhawks. 33-3 with another Big 12 championship regular season and Tourney champions. Not bad at all.


Hope this is a lesson, we can no more play 9 and 10 man rotations like a hockey team. Too many players and not enough playing time to work through problems. I knew this was going to happen. I hate moringstar and always have. Morningstar was never going to lead us to anything. Selby should have had majority of his minutes this year. Now we lose everyone. This was the worst backcourt on college basketball this year. Goodby Morningstar and dont let the door hit you on the way out...


Save some money buying FF tees.

Hank Cross in reply to Highelitemajor


Steve Jacob

Truth for 2011-12 season is not a very good class coming in, yet.

Brian Powell

any chance they all come back to play another year and guarantee us to get past this hump?


I am bummed just like a lot of Jayhawk fans but disappointed in some who fair-weather fans. I will be rooting for VCU, too Chuck!

Ann Oneill

Tears from all the smack talk before the Spider game.....

Highelitemajor in reply to Rockchalk1225

The blame goes to Self ...


Huge turning point when the block instead of a charge was called, then the phantom foul on the 3.


Death, taxes, winning the B12...and choking it off to a nobody in the tourney.


maybe this will bring the twins back. i for one will be rooting for vcu the rest of the way. and for kentucky to get blown out. you have no idea how many texts i've gotten in the last five minutes.

Ku_fansince75 in reply to Rockchalk1225

+1---As a coach, how can you say to Brady and Tyrel that you both are idiots?

Christopher Hauser

At least CBS will get their ratings considering all 4 teams in the final 4 are pretty much from the East coast. We choke yet again in the tournament. The officiating was horrible as well but that is not what cost us this game.

Travis Warner in reply to Hawkfromhays

I will. And I'll be back next season to watch the basketball team. True fans..people who actually went to KU will always cheer.


and missed a nap for this game. at least the bb team got to take one

Alan Mills

How can this group coming back "guarantee us to get past this hump"? This group has been upset by lesser teams two years in a row. You really think things will change? Our boys are soft, mental midgets. We cut it to 2, then the twins foul two straight plays. We continue to shoot 3s. It's not hard, after 2-10 in the first half, to make it clear that nobody shoots a 3 in the 2nd half. We cut it to 2 without 3s. Better team and better coach won today.


Can no one on the bench see all that happens when the posts switch or help and recover slow is allow the other team to score. They recover too slow and their bigs were getting wide open 3s, and hitting them, or the guards are left guarding bigs. Straight up D and they were getting stops.

Brooksmd in reply to Bbhawk234

Stupid comment. They weren't the only one's shooting 3's. How about lousy shooting from the line?


where is jaybate with his usual bill self only amped them up to a 5??

Dave Cook

only satisfaction is next week if VCU gets knocked out in the Final 4, it's gonna hurt a lot more than this week.. :)


Great season, everyone. Hate to see it end like this, but that's why it's called madness. Thanks, Jesse for everything.

Jayhawkinatl in reply to Larry Evans

Self can't play the games, you idiot!!!

Hawkfromhays in reply to Beator

Yep. I wonder how he would look without a few missed free throws from Memphis.

Alan Mills

We have played some very good games this year, but not today. Our true colors showed. We've also had plenty of games like this one. Poor play, poor shooting, mental midgets. What is most disheartening is how poorly coached we've been today.

79ictjhawk in reply to Larry Evans

idiot, one of game at the wrong time, great season

Rcaltrider in reply to Dan Harris

Fair weather because I don't want to see those two come up short when it counts again?

Runningbeakers84 in reply to Currahee

We were tight.


Damn right!

Lance Hobson

The only thing Self did wrong was keep Reed in the game when it was clear he was scared to death out there.

Joe Satterwhite in reply to Lance Hobson

+1 they're here for 2 reasons defense and 3s

Steve Jacob

In my bracket, I had KU losing this game (to Notre Dame).


How many times has this same story played out. C O L D S H O O T I N G.

Bcravenjhawkfan in reply to fansincewilt

How do you figure?


You play like sh* deserve to lose!!!


This wasn't even competitive. We got our asses whipped.


15-28 Can someone please explain to me why we can't shoot FTs?

Lance Hobson

I like the ending, very apropos. Two three point bricks by the choke duo of Morningstar and Reed. They tubed this bigger than any choke job in KU history, and that is no exaggeration.

VCU 71
Kansas 61

Jesse Newell

VCU shocks Kansas, advances to Final Four.


Theebest - Seriously!!!??? IF he didn't have atleast one of them on the floor at all times, the idiots ran amuck!

Alan Mills

This should not be a huge surprise. KU was outplayed by UNI last year, too. When you have mental midgets, this is what you get. We didn't take opponents seriously all season, and we should expect the boys would not take an opponent seriously today. No shock.


This is the worst team in the country to cheer for.

Larry Evans

Self has taken a big hit on the recruiting trail after this game. He will be lucky to get any decent future players. The way he had his team prepared to play today is simply uncalled for. Poor offensive guard play was going to do this team in eventually.


We did so much better this year than anyone expected. I hope the guys can appreciate their season. They did us all proud. A season should not be judged by the last game of the season. This was a great season.

Bryan Swan

The better team won today....Horrendous free throws, terrible from 3 point land...marginal inside...We deserved this loss.


thank god we don't play in the colonial conference. we would really be screwed


I was looking forward to the next game... Oh, MM is crying. sad.


Sure like to thank everyone for saying what an easy road we had. Too many players listened and believed it.


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