Kansas defeats Colorado, 90-83

  • 6 p.m., March 11, 2011
  • Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO

FINAL: Morris twins score 20 each in KU's 90-83 win over Colorado

Markieff and Marcus Morris scored 20 points apiece, leading the Kansas men's basketball team to a 90-83 victory over Colorado on Friday night at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

With the victory, KU (31-2) advances to Saturday's 5 p.m. championship game against either Texas A&M or Texas.

Markieff posted his 20 points on 6-for-10 shooting with eight rebounds, while Marcus made 5 of 12 shots to go with 13 rebounds, four assists, three steals and four turnovers.

The Jayhawks were outstanding from the free-throw line, making 29 of 33 shots there (87.9 percent). KU also outrebounded CU, 41-26.

Alec Burks led CU with 23 points on 9-for-18 shooting. Cory Higgins, who had 28 points on Thursday against Kansas State, posted just six points on 1-for-11 shooting.


100 9 years, 12 months ago






100 9 years, 12 months ago

Well true...

We all know our offense can be beautiful to watch...

Keep in mind at one point in the game, we had a 30 point swing...

Against an incredibly defensive minded, quick, athletic, leaping, smart, well coached CU team....

We have offense.

But the D today.... For a big chunk of the game was very impressive....

We are finally starting to see our boys play some NCAA championship D...

And with this team...

You put incredible D together with our twins on offense, Morningstar or Reed (or both) hitting an average number of jumpers, to go with TT finally slashing at the right times...

Or Morningstar slashing at the right time (funny but true)....

Or Taylor, slashing at the right time again...

Or Little slashing & twisting & pivoting at the right time....

Or Taylor... Again. Slashing. Again. And scoring. Again.... Negating any plans Tad Boyle had for stopping our interior passing game....

And add in a splash of Releford playing some D with Selby beginning to hit a big shot here & there....

With an incredibly impressive EJ, with stud defense & increasingly accurate 3,point shooting & smart quick passing...

And a Trobb whose game will only improve over the next seven games....

And Mario Little just clamping a rebound, punch squeezing the air out of the ball!!!!!!!!!

Add all these players together, splash in the overempowering concept of "team" to go with a fantastic & hungry coaching staff, a fanbase second to none & Doctor Naismith looking after us after knowing his rules are coming back home....

And this is our squad boys.... A real squad... A squad that just finally, after 33 games.... Just "realized" what it's gonna take to win 7 games....

But it all starts with D.

And the twins. Cant say enough about these two.... 2 hearts in one. If the twins really really really want to win the next 7 games....

It's gonna happen...

I love this team.

jaybate 9 years, 12 months ago

Lace'em up. Let's play seven right now!

MrPilot 9 years, 12 months ago

Come from 12 points down to win by 7. Great poise and toughness guys! Now you just need to work on playing from the tip instead of 10 minutes in.

Quality win over a dangerous little team, though. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

MrPilot 9 years, 12 months ago

I'm probably going to root for Texas A&M. Texas would be a good re-match, but I'd rather see Turgeon get into the championship game than Ricky Bobby.

KU_FanSince75 9 years, 12 months ago

I was thinking the same thing, too. Would love to see Texas again, but Turgeon making the CG would be sweeter.

KU_FanSince75 9 years, 12 months ago

Much better today VS yesterday----big time!

KU_FanSince75 9 years, 12 months ago

Yep, totally agree. Still lots to work on.

TanMan 9 years, 12 months ago

I can't say how much I appreciate TT today... just a great effort. Also the Twins were great from the 15:00 mark on in the first half. Against Texas, we need to draw fire from the poor performance in the last 25 min. and put them in their place

Brian Powell 9 years, 12 months ago

TT still had a few bonehead plays, but there was a HUGE difference tonight when he put the ball down and made up his mind to GET IT DONE. He finished well.

We still look like we're shaking tourney cobwebs out though -- I can't tell if it really will be 'good for us in the long run' to have grinder games like that, or if this is a symptom of something we need to fix.

I just hope we didn't peak too early or something like that. Or if we did, we peaked early and now have some time to get up to another peak :)

I'd love to see Texas ..and beat 'em. I mean BEAK 'EM!

Helen Gross 9 years, 12 months ago

I don't think I can take another full game of Bobby Knight!! The man drives me crazy. He is all for the other team I don't care who it is!

TanMan 9 years, 12 months ago

Could be worse... could be Clark Kellogg (the worst!)

Robert Lofthouse 9 years, 12 months ago

Bobby and Brent, what a pair of unexcited know-it-alls that have nothing better to do on Friday night than to broadcast a game neither of them is interested in. Knights' only fleeting interest is that someone, anyone would beat KU.

Tried to watch the game on justinTV but the feed was too choppy, delayed and the audio wasn't in sync with the video so had to watch ESPN3 out of desperation.

Glad to hear the chant at the end!

slowplay 9 years, 12 months ago

It's tough, you just have to focus on the game. He mixes Reed and Morningstar up all the time, rambles on through the play by play and hasn't said anything fresh or interesting in years. He absolutely refused to recognize KU's tremendous run after being down 22-10 to go up by 4 at the half. A 16 point swing in less than 7 min.

Jon Battle 9 years, 12 months ago

cant agree more Knight brings nothing to the broadcast except bias and obvious commentary. Brett is worse. Rock Chalk.

wyansas 9 years, 12 months ago

In the interview with Holly, Marcus admitted that the team didn't respect Colorado early on. That's gotta be a huge concern going into the NCAAs, as we didn't respect the team that knocked us out last year.

tis4tim 9 years, 12 months ago

Don't know how to start a game or put a team away, but enjoyable game overall. It's going to take a hell of a set of circumstances and planetary alignments to knock these boys out of the tourney this year.

Now, I think we have a little unfinished business with Texas to take care of (though I won't be upset if A&M spoils that opportunity.)

lovemyhawks 9 years, 12 months ago

MUCH MUCH better than last night although the beginning nearly destroyed me and we can't keep starting out so poorly!! GREAT middle then not so good at the end to blow an 18 pt lead but still a good win!!! my favorite part? the free throws!!!!! WOW! that is HUGE if we are going to go anywhere!! loved the twins. releford played 30 seconds and that is it. that part i HATE..... just don't understand it..... 30 seconds is a slap in the face!! anyway..... huge win..... RCJH!! 7 more!!

TanMan 9 years, 12 months ago

Texas or A&M? Personally, I would love to have another shot at TX but feel better about a B12 CC over A&M

lovemyhawks 9 years, 12 months ago

me too but a&ms momentum is already slipping away.....

Ron Franklin 9 years, 12 months ago

Im happy I paid the 125 for full court at the beginning of this year. I can't believe these games aren't on regular cable.

I really can't believe how self can still be so uncomfortable on camera.

Tomorrow is gonna b tuff if the hawks come out flat again.

slowplay 9 years, 12 months ago

I'm glad they moved the final to Sat. from Sun. These boys could use a few days to heal. You could really see Reed's pain when there was a stoppage. Selby showed a little flash. EJ only 10 min., but TT was playing very well. That little sit down for TT has made KU stronger at the point. Self can go with the guy whose the playing the best. Robinson only played 9 min. but I think it was more about the twins playing so well rather than anything he did. All in all a good game; behind early, fought hard, hung on and won.

jaybate 9 years, 12 months ago

"Gentleman's Wager Pool: How Many Forearm Smashes Will the Twins and TRob Deliver on Texas Bigs Tomorrow?"

jaybate bets three.

jaybate 9 years, 12 months ago

"Gentleman's Wager Pool: How Many Forearm Smashes Will the Twins and TRob Deliver on Texas Bigs Tomorrow?"

jaybate bets three.

theend 9 years, 12 months ago

Jaybate is up late! Lets hope KU starts better tomorrow. Although I will say they seem fired up for UT!

jaybate 9 years, 12 months ago

"Gentleman's Wager Pool: How Many Forearm Smashes Will the Twins and TRob Deliver on Texas Bigs Tomorrow?"

jaybate bets three.

theend 9 years, 12 months ago

This is the Tyshawn Taylor that I keep hoping for but doesn't seem to ever show up. But he did tonight. If he would just stick to drives to the basket.....he will pick up about 14 points a game.......maybe more since he is a good free throw shooter.

They all looked pretty good for I would say 30 to start better.

Tonight I'm about to settle in with a few Dewars....blended scotch.

If KU wins tomorrow vs Texas.......I'll get out the single malt.

theend 9 years, 12 months ago

Jaybate-How can we get TT to play like tonight from here on??

Selby looked somewhat better......but not great.

jaybate 9 years, 12 months ago

"Analysis TT, Analysis Josh"


~RE: TT--Board rats sometimes forget that how a player plays in any specific game depends a lot on the kind of opponent KU faces. Player A's game may work better against one style of play and opposing player, less well against another.

Tyshawn rarely plays well against really physical teams. He's very strong for his size, but he is relatively slight. He still fades some driving the paint against block bullies. And a muscle baller guard is a real challenge for him. CU had none of the above. CU's guards are tall, smooth types. Their size can stifle his outside shot, but they really aren't very good sliders defensively, so that was why Self was ordering him to drive, drive, drive on them. He was flat out quicker and faster than CU's long tall guards. Couple that with a weak big man presence and that was the ideal kind of team for TT to play well against...when his head is in the game. It was much of the time, but he still struggled with ball handling a couple of times.

Tyshawn played 29 minutes against CU, because it was a good situation for Tyshawn and because doing so allowed Self to rest EJ for the Texas game. The Texas game will present the opposite kind of a team--the kind Tyshawn struggles against. Lots of muscle and lots of application of muscle inside and outside. So: EJ, a good "side to side" player, as Self described his role with the team, is ideal to go against theory. I say in theory, because Texas is EJ's first chance to go up against a really tough and talented bunch and see if he can do his orchestration thang and his three point thang that he has been doing so well of late.

~RE: Josh--He's just a monster talent, but Self has played him very, very sparingly the first two games of the B12 tourney. A healthy Josh proved to be a game changer and an instant starter, and he was even getting his pop tarts under some control before the ankle went on the verge of cracking. So: out of the blocks, I don't buy the "he's slumping and just doesn't have good enough game" explanation. That leaves me three plausible explanations for Josh's sparing play and two of them revolve around the stress reaction and the boot he wears.

jaybate 9 years, 12 months ago

The first, and most probable, explanation is that with the boot completely immobilizing his ankle, as the pace and ferocity and quality of play and opponents increases late in the season, Josh just can't keep up, no matter how gutsy he is playing on a near fracture.

The second possible explanation is that Self has been resting Josh as much as possible the first two games of the B12 tourney so he has as much gas in his tank as possible for the Texas game. It is clear against CU that Self was holding EJ in reserve. He may also have been holding Josh and Releford in reserve also. Remember, Texas is not as deep as KU, at least as a healthy KU. Remember also this is a three game in three day tourney. It is amazingly grueling physically. Self holding EJ, Josh and Releford in reserve vs. CU could give KU a huge edge in endurance and energy against Texas today.

The third, but perhaps least likely explanation, is that Self has been saving Josh; that he has been buying the ankle time to heal, while continuing to give him some minutes to keep him from getting too rusty.

The third scenario, might play something like this: though not a doc, I know that weighting and unweighting of bones triggers calcification. So: all walking and even some play might actually accelerate the healing of the stress reaction, if the ankle wer sufficiently immobilized to prevent any torquing or bending of the bone related to the usual high stresses of cutting on an ankle without a boot, which appears to be the case. So: it could be that Self and the doctors have worked out a rehab regime that trends Josh to a point sometime down the stretch that Josh finally gets to take the boot off and "go."

This third scenario is a best of all possibilities scenario for KU and for Josh. In case it did in fact explain what is going on, then the question would be: when will he get to take the boot off and go? It would be nice if it were vs. Texas tonight, but my hunch is that Self would not want to waste Josh's coming out party on what is essentially a meaningless game tonight in all respects except pay back. Strategy would dictate that if one were protecting Josh to get him to the maximum level of healing before taking off the boot and letting him "go," then wait at least to the second round of the Madness, or even the third.

In any case, even the currently limited Josh buys team 10 minutes of rest on the perimeter for starters and first backups. He provides 5 fouls and he still has his streaky trey gun.

jaybate 9 years, 12 months ago

Wow! Was I behind the curve or what here? Josh has had the boot off for both Tourney games?

Two thoughts:


Man his foot looks bad for having the boot off.

Here's hoping Hudy has something like instant weight conditioning.

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