Kansas defeats Ohio State, 78-67

  • 2:15 p.m., Dec. 10, 2011
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: T-Rob comes alive in second half of KU's 78-67 victory over No. 2 Ohio State

Thomas Robinson scored 21 points — including 14 in the second half — to lead the Kansas men's basketball team to a victory over No. 2 Ohio State on Saturday afternoon at Allen Fieldhouse.

OSU played without preseason All-American Jared Sullinger, who sat out because of a back injury.

Robinson, who was held without a rebound in the first half, grabbed seven after halftime.

Kevin Young came off the bench to score 14 points on 6-for-8 shooting, while Elijah Johnson added 15 points on 5-for-7 three-point shooting.

Tyshawn Taylor added nine points to go with 13 assists and seven turnovers.

KU made 28 of 48 field goals (58 percent) while holding OSU to 24-for-62 shooting (38.7 percent).

After the game, KU coach Bill Self announced that Tyshawn Taylor will be out for one to three weeks after tearing his meniscus in his knee during Tuesday's practice.

KU (7-2) will face Davidson at 8 p.m. on Dec. 19 at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

KU coach Bill Self postgame press conference

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w000t! Rock Chalk Baby!


Good to see the real Trob for the last 12 minutes of the game. He was fantastic.

Gridironhawk in reply to Marchphog88

I was agreeing with you. It's the people that say Self should bench TT that need to really think about that.


It's kinda different being the team that hands out an opponent's first loss, rather than being the one with the target on the back.

Lajayhawk in reply to Gridironhawk

Much the same as Sherron... even though I would prefer Sherron if I had the choice...

Marchphog88 in reply to Gridironhawk

Um.... Self seems to understand Taylor's value.

So I'm not calling Self an idiot.

Lajayhawk in reply to Marchphog88


Gridironhawk in reply to Marchphog88

Self's not an idiot. If we had someone better on the bench Self would have him in the game. TT gives us the best chance to win. He's the only reason we were in the Kentucky and Duke game. It's true he's also the reason we lost to Duke but without him we weren't close

Duane Rice

its nice having a defensive stopper in travis relaford that will come in handy later this year


Big win.


I give TT his credit, but we could be a whole lot better if he would just cut out a handful of bonehead plays. Would have won by 20+ today


Wow 2003 huh? That's something.

Marchphog88 in reply to Lajayhawk

This is absolutely true.

He's nowhere close to a "finished product", and he might never be.

But he's still a very talented guard as the "unfinished" Taylor.


Young was the player of the game...


Rock Chalk Jayhawk

Ohio St. 67
Kansas 78

Jesse Newell

KU closes out an impressive home victory over No. 2 Ohio State.


Ohio lost!!! yowwwwwwwwwwww

Lajayhawk in reply to Marchphog88

1 million% agree


Would love to have seen us play against Sullinger!

Bwag in reply to Marchphog88

Agreed, just want him to figure it out.

Mouseclicker in reply to Bwag

Probably, but also largely responsible for it being so close in the first place. And he was THE reason we didn't get blown out by Kentucky.

John Liddell

hahaha, that lady behind the OSU bench mouthed "What the hell is Rock Chalk??"


There's no "woooo" in the Rock Chalk Chant!


I give him a TON of credit for having a very good game today... but he HAS to know to run the clock at the end and not force up an awful shot with no one under the rim...


You can be frustrated by him to no end, and still recognize that we need him.

It's the people who think we should get rid of him that are stupid.

Jason Wilson

If one of the Morris twins would have shoved someone like that away from the play, they would have been ejected

Duane Rice

that sounds good

Ryan Mullen

TT has 13 assists dude is a stud.

Andrew Bary

Good win. Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!!!!!!


Good win today, but we've seriously got to improve on the turnover situation or that will kill us during conference and beyond.

Gridironhawk in reply to Marchphog88


Bwag in reply to Marchphog88

And maybe responsible for the loss to Duke too.

Lajayhawk in reply to Marchphog88

I said that earlier... without him, we would have gotten hammered today. But his horrible decision making is very frustrating for a senior


Take Tyshawn off this team and we are lucky to have a winning record.

You're stupid if you think otherwise.

Marchphog88 in reply to Theutus


Mouseclicker in reply to Marchphog88



TT is talented by no discipline

Theutus in reply to Marchphog88

No he's not.


No one seems to understand that, in spite of TT's frustrating plays, he is one of the BIGGEST REASONS WE ARE WINNING GAMES RIGHT NOW.

Gridironhawk in reply to Doug LeMoine

I agree. Releford was the MVP. Buford had some points in the second half but that's what good players do. I think Releford did a fantastic job on him.

Lajayhawk in reply to Rockerschalk

Agree. It was really bad. His decision making is ridiculous for a senior.


imagine what we could do with a good point guard


Give the TT criticism a rest people.

Good grief. He's still a Jayhawk.

Pathetic, some of the attitudes on here. It's not like the kid is getting paid.

Mouseclicker in reply to Matt Lacey

I figured, I just wasn't sure that was the call the refs made, I didn't see them.

Rockerschalk in reply to Lajayhawk

the fact we're going to win makes this disappear, but that was one of the worst plays I've ever seen him make and I'm not exaggerating.



Jesse Newell in reply to Mouseclicker

Yep. Deserved, too. Just shoved T-Rob with two hands.

Brian Haase


Matt Lacey in reply to Mouseclicker

Because he didn't have the ball.


Mother F$#^%&e TT.... why the hell are you forcing that shot with SOOO MUCH time on the shot clock???


why take that shot then Taylor




Taylor needs to work with a doc on increasing his dose of ADD medicine


I don't care that Sullinger was out. OSU is a good team.


Big board from Robinson...

Matt Lacey

OSU not fouling?

Doug LeMoine

That was the rebound of a man.


That was a push off on the offensive board by OSU


serious push off down low, no call...

Rockerschalk in reply to Jesse Newell

I wish he woulda caught that rebound

John Liddell in reply to Lajayhawk


Doug LeMoine

Releford has been everywhere on D. Good stuff.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell


Mouseclicker in reply to Brian Powell

He turns it over more with the ball in his hands less, and while not being tasked with running the offense OR driving to the basket...

Jesse Newell

I caught T-Rob for you guys. You're welcome.

Lajayhawk in reply to John Liddell

That literally made me LOL

Ann Oneill

Knight and Bilas want to totally blast TT, but they are biting their tongues and just hinting that he is plalying like krap.

Matt Lacey

Close to lane violation on the left side on the FT

Theutus in reply to Brian Powell

Not to mention EJ isn't a Senior who's played every year leading up to now...




Ref's no where calling an even game.

01:26 left in Second Half
Ohio St. 67
Kansas 74

Jesse Newell

Robinson makes one free throw.

John Liddell

Taylor's new name is face palm

Brian Powell in reply to Lajayhawk

disagree. EJ has better handles and makes better decisions overall -- so considerably less 'careless'


Taylor is HORRIBLE



Lajayhawk in reply to Rockerschalk



35 more seconds


That no call was hilarious, given the call they made on Taylor with Craft shooting on the other end.

Whoisjohngalt in reply to Larry Evans

Cause he's a Jayhawk


great luck on our part. jump ball gives us a new 35

Jesse Newell

Really unlucky break for Ohio State there.


EJ is just as careless if not more so...

Matt Lacey in reply to Rockerschalk

But if we score with more than 10 sec left on the play clock I'll be mad.


Hey Jesse, can you do one of those math columns on KU with Tyshawn on the court vs. without?


again no switch by taylor

Larry Evans in reply to Whoisjohngalt

why love him? he has been a problem for Self off the court as well.

Cshjhawk in reply to Lajayhawk


Marchphog88 in reply to Cshjhawk

He's also not hustled on defense, hasn't rebounded with authority and has had a general bad attitude for most of the game.

Rockerschalk in reply to Lajayhawk

agreed. That's why he's so frustrating.


Taylor is the worst point guard to ever have played for KU. He's also the dumbest. If he ever used his head he'd be the best.

Kristen Downing

Very bad time to bring it up, Jesse.

Jesse Newell

Buford was 1-for-7 in the first half. He's 7-for-12 in the second half.


need a bucket here to keep the pressure on

Lajayhawk in reply to Whoisjohngalt

See, I'm actually the opposite, I DON'T like Tyshawn, but think he is good... just REALLY careless...

Cshjhawk in reply to Marchphog88

TRob has 16 points!

Doug LeMoine

Buford is a gamer.

01:54 left in Second Half
Ohio St. 67
Kansas 73

Jesse Newell

Buford has come alive in the second half.


Between Robinson and Taylor, Robinson is far more worthy of criticism for this game, and yet the KU faithful continue to bleet and rail on Taylor.

Kupride4u in reply to Mouseclicker

and Darren Williams


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