Box score: Texas Tech 85, Kansas 73

Source: KU Athletics

Box score: Texas Tech 85, Kansas 73

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Bradley Sitz 3 years, 3 months ago on Box score: Texas Tech 85, Kansas 73

This current KU team will lose any game that they fail to make better than .40% 3FG%. Why? They are totally passive and soft. TT guards, all same size as KUs, 6 OF Rebounds. We got 1. The entire KU team took zero charges. Graham did a better job of driving the ball. No one else bothered. The lack of aggression is obvious by the simple fact that two decent FT shooters, Svi and Lagerald, did not drive the hole once. In more than 68 combined minutes they shot zero FTs. Their passing is an abomination- total lack of focus. A senior throwing a lazy in-bound pass? Imagine what Bob Knight would of done to Svi! TT plays a BK type hard nose motion offense where everyone is constantly moving with a purpose, setting down screens, driving the ball, crashing the boards and getting to the line. A very simple offense. KUs 4-5 stars can not be bothered diving for loose balls, setting screens or crashing the offensive boards. They just stand along the 3 point arc chucking up jump shots. Get ready, because TCU, WVA and OU all have the same toughness -with bigger and better athletes than TT. And, they all rebound and get to the line at a high frequency. And, WVA is playing really good pressure defense - better than last year's team.

Bob Navarro 3 years, 3 months ago on Box score: Texas Tech 85, Kansas 73


I'm not sure if you watched all those teams play but TT has far better athletes than TCU; I'd also argue their athletes are better than all of OU's except for Trae Young.

I imagine you'll see KU make a strong rebound against TCU, and both TCU and OU willl end up with several more losses as the season moves forward.

TTU's coach is the real deal; they made an incredibly good hire with him as he also built up the Little Rock program in one season to be a giant killer in the NCAAs. If TTU manages to hang on to Beard they'll be money for years to come. He's a master recruiter at both finding talent and utilizing them the right way.

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