Box score: Kansas 74, Texas Tech 72

Source: Texas Tech Athletics

Box score: Kansas 74, Texas Tech 72

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Greg Lux 3 years, 1 month ago on Box score: Kansas 74, Texas Tech 72

Congrats to the team for a great win and for the 14th straight Big 12 title. It is amazing to me that we can win an away game against a top 10 team with only 4 starters contributing. Vic was almost a total no-show for this game... Played 39 minutes and went 1 for 5 from the field, 0 for 3 from the 3 point line, did not shoot a free-throw, no offensive and only 1 defensive rebound, had 0 assists, 1 turnover, 1 block shot and 2 steals. IN 39 MINUTES !!!! I watched his entire game and I couldn't believe how little effort this Junior player showed in this important game. I am totally baffled as to what has happened to this promising player.


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