Box score: Oklahoma State 86, Kansas 67

Source: Oklahoma State Athletics

Box score: Oklahoma State 86, Kansas 67

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Linda Peschka 3 years, 10 months ago on Box score: Oklahoma State 86, Kansas 67

Once again, it is the same pattern and trend with total lack of desire thus poor play. They looked as if they did not want to be there. NO PLAYER PLAYED WELL. Mason, Ellis, Selden, Graham, and Svi stunk. No defense. Not one of those players mentioned played defense. Svi is useless when playing defense. How many times did Mason, Graham, Ellis, and Selden go one-on-one in a drive towards the basket that produced 0 points with a half baked shot thrown NOT SHOT, ,most erratic. Statistics from earlier games played do not need to be quoted as so many of you did. It is not what you did, but what is happening NOW!!!. The last 4 games stats are abysmal. Poor passing, soft on the boards, lack of team effort esp. on offense, and an aloof demeanor from the team resulted in another projected loss AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT MAKE CHANGES. THE CHANGE IS MENTALLY. COACH SELF IS ALSO AT FAULT AND HE KNOWS IT. Remember, he called the home court win over TCU "a dud game". KU won by 7 points, but led by 19 late in the game. PLAYERS QUIT. IT IS THE NOW TREND WHETHER ANY ONE WANTS TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT. IT IS BETTER TO PLAY A MUCH LESS TALENTED PLAYER, THAN ONE WHO LACKS HEART SHOOTING: Mason,4-12 and 2-5 3pt; Selden, 3-8 and 1-4 3pt; Graham 4-9 and 1-4 3pt, and the worst shooting, Ellis,3-10 and 0-3 3pt; finally Svi, 1-7 and 1-5 3pt, he really has a long way to go to be the player the coaches think he can be. I seriously doubt it. Conclusion: More defeats in the Big 12 and certainly no Championship with an early exit from the NCAA tourney IF, AND A BIG IF, THEY DO NOT FIND THE EARLY SEASON SWAGGER AND WANT TO PLAY THE QUALITY THEY HAVE AND ARE STILL EXPECTED TO EXCELL COACH SELF MUST OPEN HIS MIND TO TRY DIFFERENT DEFENSE,ESP. A MATCH-UP ZONE DEFENSE. OSU MADE 11-21 3PT SHOTS THE BEST THIS SEASON WHILE WE MADE 6-22. THAT IS A 15 PT DIFFERENCE. It is time to start over and play like they did in the 1st part of the season.

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