KU-Swiss national team, Game 1

Source: KU athletics department/media relations

Box score from KU's 79-76 victory over the Swiss national team on Aug. 7, 2012.

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championhawks 6 years ago on KU-Swiss national team, Game 1

Would love to see McLemore bounce back and have a better showing offensively in the second game.

It's nice to see the rebounding from the guard position though. Elijah with 8, McLemore with 7, White with 5.

Also nice to see Releford getting to the line 7 times.

The 28 turnovers doesn't scare me... yet. 15 of them came from McLemore, Adams, Doyle, White and Traylor, all young guys seeing their first game time in a KU uni.

Is it October yet?!

PSM 6 years ago on KU-Swiss national team, Game 1

McLemore skipping the honeymoon phase and going all out Selby. Traylor not even attempting a shot?

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