Road Hawks

Lincoln, Neb.


Fly or Drive?

Drive. The question is whether to take the two-lane highway up from Topeka or the interstate all the way via Kansas City. Choose the interstate so you don't get a ticket going too fast on 75 North.

Stadium Info

Football Stadium: Memorial Stadium/Tom Osborne Field
Capacity: 81,067
Basketball Arena: Bob Devaney Sports Center
Capacity: 13,595
Traditions: After each Huskers football victory, the team joins the student section in singing “There is No Place Like Nebraska”; “The Tunnel Walk” involves the football team making its trek from the locker room to the field and is filmed by cameras and broadcast on the team’s JumboTron. On the way to the field, players traditionally touch a lucky horseshoe hanging from above a doorway.

Celebrity Fans

Larry the Cable Guy Comedian Larry the Cable Guy, aka Daniel Lawrence Whitney, was born in Pawnee City, Nebraska, and grew up a Nebraska football fan. In an interview on, Larry admitted that all his trucks have Huskers items on them at that his home in Florida has a half-court basketball court that is painted red with a large Nebraska “N” on it. In recent years, Larry has purchased a luxury suite at Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium.


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