Road Hawks

College Station, Texas


Fly or Drive?

Fly to Houston and drive to College Station. American Airlines also has the option of connecting to College Station out of Dallas.

Stadium Info

Football Stadium: Kyle Field
Capacity: 82,600
Basketball Arena: Reed Arena
Capacity: 12,989
Traditions: When football coach Jackie Sherrill arrived at Texas A&M in the mid 1980s, he created “The 12th Man” Kick-Off Team, a special teams unit made up completely of student walk-ons. That variation of the tradition has since been altered, but fans still consider themselves the team’s “12th Man," while Kyle Field sports a large sign containing the term; “The Bonfire” is an annual bonfire on campus in which students symbolically show their disdain for rival Texas. It became a big enough event to set a world record in 1969.


Ryan Wood 11 years, 5 months ago

Not sure why but this was one of my favorite trips for football. You MUST go to Dixie Chicken and drink the night away. Fun place. When you wake up at noon, absorb all that alcohol in your system at FreeBirds burrito.

You could also stay at Dixie Chicken Friday night until about 11:30 and walk over to Kyle Field and watch the midnight rally. Even if you're a fan of the enemy, it's cool to see.

The stadium is a sight. It may not seat as many as Texas or Nebraska, but it's absolutely enormous.

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