Chat with 6Sports' Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

March 28, 2008

Got a question in the hours leading up to KU's Sweet Sixteen tilt versus Villanova in Detroit? 6Sports crew Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter will join in live from their Motor City hotel Friday at 12:30 (CDT) to answer 'em.

This chat has already taken place. Read the transcript below.


Hello everyone, and welcome to today's special NCAA Tournament chat from here in Detroit. I'm Ryan Greene, and I'll be moderating today's chat session, featuring 6Sports studs Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter. Gentlemen, thanks for taking the time today before we pack our stuff and venture through the blizzard to Ford Field...

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

(D.J.) Thanks Ryan. Glad we could make the journey three floors up to your hotel room for this affair. (Kevin) I can't type so D.J. will relay my answers. Fire away Jayhawk nation. P.S. I'm tired of blizzard conditions in Detroit.


All right, here we go.


What did you guys think of the Ford Field setup? Is Bill Self going to fall off the stage when Darrell Arthur picks up his fourth foul?

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

(D.J.) Thanks for the question Mr. Rice. It's going to be interesting because the court is elevated! Coach Self like to sit on the bench with his assistants, but wants to be close enough to yell "That's pitiful!" to Darrell. He has a dilemma tonight. He can sit on a stool on the court, or be two feet off the floor and ten feet away from the court. I say Coach paces by himself most of the night. (Kevin) I think the court will be fine for the players and coaches. It's the fans I'm concerned about. I think several will show up to Ford Field and be surprised how far their tickets are from the floor. Just having a low numbered aisle seat, doesn't mean you're close to the action.


How difficult will it be for KU to adjust to shooting at the Ford Center? I know the Wildcats have compared it to playing in the Carrier Dome. Is there any arena the Hawks have played that is comparable or will it even be a factor tonight?

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

(D.J.) Hey milehighhawk. To be honest I don't think the Carrier Dome even compares, although psychologically Villanova may think it has an advantage. At the Carrier Dome, the stands move upward offering some background. But at Ford Field, it's 100 rows of almost level seating. The court is truly at the fifty yard line and on a stage. No setup compares. That said, Kansas is the better shooting team. I think they will be fine tonight. (Kevin) Hawk, I've been to the Georgia Dome, The Superdome, and the Ed Jones Dome, and this place is much different. It doesn't compare to any arena I've ever seen. I'm interested to see the place full tonight.


We all know Nova is not a "12" seed. However, do they have the depth to run with Kansas?

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

(D.J. and Kevin) Even before Drummond's injury (post player) Nova didn't have the horses to keep up with KU's depth. Scottie Reynolds is amazing, but for the Cats to win, he'll have to have a career night and get help. The number of bodies Coach Self has should be a factor tonight.


What player do you think will step up and be the go to guy in tonight's game.

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

(Kevin) I think it is Darrell's night. Nova is too small overall to hang with the Jayhawk's stud post player (assuming he stays out of foul trouble). (D.J.) I'll go with Brandon Rush. He was really having a good time in the shootaround, and hit a majority of his deep shots yesterday. He loves the big stage and seems to have adjusted quickly to the basketball game in a football stadium setup.


All the talk this week seems to be about the layout of the court at Ford Field. While we all know the rea$ons for this layout, what is the NCAA doing with all this extra revenue? Who benefits from the extra 50,000 tickets sold to the fans who need binoculars to even see the floor?

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

(D.J.) Hey richter3! I'm with you. I'm not convinced there is any good reason for this setup outside of dollar signs. That said, I'll reserve judgement until after this evening's games. As for the extra money, I hear the NCAA will build the biggest dome in the history of the USA, where 180,000 people can gather to watch tournament games with binoculars. No truth to the rumor that they will build it where Allen Fieldhouse is now located.


All right, we've got time for two more before these guys have to trek through the slush...



I know today is focused on mens basketball, but what are your thoughts on Bonnie and her fine bunch of ladies from this season?

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

brando, truth be told, I'm a little disappointed. I thought Bonnie's bunch would win closer to 8 games in the Big 12 and make a serious run for a spot in the NCAA Tournament. I think Coach would tell you she's disappointed as well. However, if the incoming point guard from Oklahoma(Angel Goodrich) is as advertised, I think the ladies can break into the Big Dance next season.


What is your prediction for tonight? And maybe Sunday night?

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

(Kevin) I think the game will be close for about 15 minutes. Both teams will struggle to shoot in the early going because of the environment and nerves. KU takes a single digit lead to the locker room then opens it up in the second half. KU by 15, 83-68.
(D.J.) I like KU by 20. 77-57. Scottie struggles all game against the Kansas guards. Jayhawks head to the final 8.


OK, final bonus question...


I think they should build a new arena in Detroit and call it the D.J. Whetter center

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

Big6Baker...Thanks for the comment. But, I don't plan on hanging around in Motown long enough to have anything named after me. It's cold, it's snowing and they play basketball games in football stadiums. I'm hoping for two swift victories so we can move this train on to the final four in San Antonio. And get back to work Baker!!!


All right guys, thanks for the time. Any final comments for your adoring fans?

Kevin Romary and D.J. Whetter

Thanks for having us. We both thank our moms for sending in all the questions to make us feel loved! Let's keep the ride going. Two wins away from a showdown with Roy! Enjoy the day Jayhawk fans!


And thank you to all of our readers. Enjoy the game, and we'll see you again soon on another chat session!


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How much stock do you put into the severity of Sherron's injury? Do you think this is something to worry about? He is a huge X factor.

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