2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

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Tom Keegan’s bracket Rank: 1,212 out of 2,962. Points: 85

Elite Eight (2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament)


4 Wisconsin


Final Four (2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament)

Championship (2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament)

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Tie breaker

Kansas 83, Duke 80


jayhawkintx73 9 years, 2 months ago

I have Pitt losing to KSU in the third round. Pitt lost 3 games out of its last 6, all to ranked opponents. I do not see Utah St. beating K-State, as they aren't Colorado and don't have a first team Big 12 type like Colorado did. I think K-State wins that game big and will meet Wisconsin and win that game too. However, I think Pitt would lose to either Wisconsin or KSU given that they have very recent losses to teams ranked lower than them and that will be on their minds in close games. Pullen is a guy that can hurt them in a big way if they switch like they did against UCONN in their one and done in the Big East tourney. I have Kansas State losing to BYU in the Elite 8. BYU will have a chip on their shoulder and I have a sneaky suspicion that the suspended big man has made amends and will be suited up and will play in their tourney opener. If I'm wrong about that, then that is a risk I'm willing to take to win a 42 inch Plasma TV.

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