Advertisement expands online partnership with Google

Beginning today, users of occasionally will be asked to answer a survey question or two to gain full access to a story.

The surveys are a partnership with Google and provide a new, innovative way for researchers to perform Internet surveys. The surveys will be completely anonymous, and Google will not collect personal data through the surveys. The World Company is paid by Google for participating in these surveys, providing a revenue stream to augment our advertising revenue and support the operation of the site.

The Google Surveys program works like this: When users visit pages on, they will see some of the content; to view all of the content, readers will be asked to first answer a simple survey question such as, “Do you drink soda?” or to share the content on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. After the user performs either of these quick actions, all content will appear. The survey question will be displayed only on the first story the reader views. Users will be asked to answer only one survey every 24 hours on each of our sites. At other times, stories will appear as they are normally presented.

Again, the information collected in these surveys is aggregated from many participants, and no personally identifiable information is collected or shared with Google or the companies who are paying Google for the survey results. You can review Google's privacy policies here.

If you have any questions or comments about this program, please contact The World Company’s Chief Operating Officer Suzanne Schlicht by phone at 785-832-7208 or by email at